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    I live with my DH and two DSs in South Brazil where we are missionaries.
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    Porto Alegre, Brazil
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    Homeschooling my kids, running, cooking
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  1. Thanks so much!! My son is in 7th grade, and will be in 8th by the time we hit Alg 1. Don't know if that counts as "older" or not...
  2. Hi all, I need some advice. I have been using TT for math for 3 years now (4th-6th grade). I discovered last fall that TT runs about a grade behind the other curriculums, so we're doing two years this year (we'll finish Pre-Algebra in July or late August). My question is: do I stay with TT for the high school math? It seems to me if we switch it needs to be now, and it would probably be to Potter's school. My kid is smart and good at math. No learning disabilities. He wants to go into programming or engineering, so this is important. Has anyone had a kid go all the way up with TT and how did they do on the college entrance exams?
  3. My 12-year-old loves Teaching Textbooks. It's bite-sized lessons and a spiral format and fun presentation. We've used it for 3 years now and really enjoy it. They are about 1 grade level behind the other homeschooling maths, but you take a placement test before you order.
  4. I had also been wondering about this series. thanks so much, folks!
  5. Does anyone know how TT students test for college? I want to go all the way through HS with it because my son, who it good at math, likes it. There's a lot to be said for that. I am concerned about the college entrance exams, tho.
  6. We used Option 3. I found an accountability group that would basically give me credit if I followed the SC rules and stated to them that I did (180 4-hour workdays, Journal, portfolio, in the required subjects) I didn't need advice or testing (our employer provides that, since we live overseas most of the time). I did find the SCAIHS bookstore to be a GREAT place to shop, tho. THey aren't expensive and you can see things before you buy.
  7. We're doing Rosetta Stone homeschool and enjoying it. For my older kid (7th grade), I have him do the worksheets. For the younger (2nd grade) we do just the computer work. They enjoy it.
  8. We did K12 for 4th grade science. It's a beautiful presentation and lots of good information. the only thing we didn't like was it had a TON of experiments. A TON! If you like experiments, it would be a dream come true.
  9. I ordered the PDF files of the tests for each SOTW book. DS fills out the test "open book style" as he reads the chapter--that way I know he's read it and got the main ideas. It also gives me a basis for grading. With my younger son, I find that he takes awhile to "warm up" with each book--to get accustomed to the language of the book and then his comprehension picks up after a few days...
  10. We started Sonlight history, readers and read-alouds (they go together) after HOP. We order it for "advanced readers" and do it in addition to the reading that comes with K12 language arts... The advantage of sonlight is you get a ton of really good books. The disadvantage is they don't stress comprehension or critical thought as much as some of the other LA programs. BUT, you can still read them in your independent reading time (we call it our DEAR time -- for Drop Everything And Read).
  11. We really enjoyed Timez attacks...I paid for the full version and my kid really enjoyed it.
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