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  1. This is how I convinced dh to get a sleep study done. I had been the one to move so as not to disturb his sleep, but once I started kicking him out of bed and it was inconvenient for him, he got it done. However, I can't get him to try a CPAP. He says it's noisy and uncomfortable and I won't sleep well if he uses it. He lost some weight, so that helps a bit, and he frequently sleeps in a recliner, which also helps some. But I don't believe they should replace the CPAP.
  2. This is what I tried this morning. I've been putting mosquito bits on my soil and watering it in for several years, but this year, for whatever reason, it's no longer effective. I've been allowing my plants to dry out between waterings, but that's not helping, either. I'm on several local fb plant groups and it seems everyone is having this problem. BeachGal, do you know how often the mosquito bits can be soaked? Do I need to remove them each time because they lose their effectiveness or can I add more water to them and reuse them?
  3. My mom got something similar to these one year for Christmas. It was kind of a funny/strange gift because I'm blind without my glasses (magnification doesn't help) and I don't wear makeup. I ended up giving them to my dd. However, I could see them being very useful for the right person!
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I in part disagree with you. In a vacuum, each person's maturity wouldn't be affected by their peers. Unfortunately, no one lives in a vacuum. Our experiences are what give us growing opportunities Our responses to those challenges then affects our maturity. When we are in high school, our peers are what provides us with challenges. How we respond to those peers and situations allows us to mature and grow into adults. Each of my dd's were influenced by their peers. In my oldest dd's case, because she was a year older, she had an extra year of experienc
  5. This is true for college seniors, too. My dd is graduating in 2 weeks and has very serious senioritus! OP, we held my oldest back a year in 2nd grade when we moved from a different country back to the US because she started a year earlier in that country than she would have in the US. Even so, she was one of the oldest graduating in her high school class. We didn't want oldest to be the youngest driving and dating and relying on friends who could drive or were just that much more mature than she was. Being one of the oldest in her class, she was much more mature and able to make good deci
  6. Would it be that different at an air bnb or a different rental? You'd still worry about the same stuff, but if it's your house, you know the paint color and can touch up if needed. You're familiar with the house and yard, so it would be easier to repair than a different rental. I understand your concern, though. I was concerned about my appliances breaking when we rented back. They turned out to be unfounded concerns.
  7. Could you sell the house and rent it back for 6 or so months while you look for a new house? We did that when we were moving and the buyers were glad to let us rent for a few months. We set it up in the contact. It worked very well. Our neighbor also did that. The builder of their new house wanted the old house to be sold before agreeing to financing. They're renting back until their house is finished. In a sellers market, it might work well.
  8. It's beautiful, but I wouldn't want it over my bed, either. Don't we have a boardie who received a major concussion and has ongoing problems because something fell off the wall on her when she was sleeping? I don't remember who it was, though. Before hanging it, I would make sure the welding is solid at the points you want to hang it from.
  9. I think I may have several different accounts going. When I couldn't log in with my first username, wilrunner, I started using wilrunner2. Again, I had a problem logging in, so wilrunner3 was created. At some point, I was logged in as wilrunner3 on both my phone and computer. Now, on my phone, I'm just wilrunner. Can the accounts be merged? I think they may have different email addresses. Thank you for your help!
  10. I can't see it sigs in landscape mode, either, but I can on the computer.
  11. This could make your old username searchable and connect you with your new one (if it's something you're concerned about.)
  12. Could you use one of the cell phones (yours or sil's) as a hot spot for your iPad? Or just buy a hot spot? I have no idea on cost, but that might be another option. I'm sorry to hear your il's are declining so quickly.
  13. Thanks. We are looking for a new mechanic. Dh didn't tell them it wasn't their fault, just that he didn't want them to cover any of it. I will let it go. It just makes me mad that I was the one talking to and emailing them and the manager seems only willing to talk to dh, not me.
  14. Changed my mind. I think I'm being whiny.
  15. The first year my dd was at a private university, we completed the FAFSA. Later when we spoke with the financial aid office, they told us that her scholarship didn't require us to complete it anymore, but that they would take care of the additional paperwork necessary to ensure she receive it. I would speak with the fin aid office and see if this might be a possibility.
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