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  1. I hope the op was able to find insurance in 2019. Profile pic looks like the zombie!
  2. Most of what we like has already been mentioned. A couple things of not yet mentioned are their Christmas wrapping paper and cards and the frozen tilapia. As someone else mentioned, if you see something you like, buy it. If you don't need it, you can easily return it, even without a receipt. But many items disappear Within a few days or a week and aren't restocked.
  3. We started with a company in the early 90's that is supposed to help military and often had local FA's in the areas where we were stationed. They recommended a 3 prong approach: retirement, investments, and life insurance. I've been dissatisfied with the FA we currently have for a myriad of reasons since we started with him. With the info given last week, dh is also dissatisfied. (We were led to believe one of the 3 prongs was different than what it is. I don't believe life insurance should be used as a retirement tool.) However, he feels we should stay with this particular company because he will likely pass away before me and he wants someone to help me navigate the military system when that happens. This FA isn't a man I would trust to act in my best interests if I'm widowed and I'm lobbying hard to change to a different company. All that to say, I'm following along to glean information.
  4. I really like this idea. It allows for a little managerial follow up with the waitstaff, but doesn't penalize anyone. Because of the pandemic and loss of jobs, we've been trying to tip very well overall. Restaurants are running on fewer staff and we'd rather err on the side of giving too much than giving too little. I usually tip about 30% for good service and 20-25% for ok service.
  5. My dd worked at Chipotle through college. She said it was the after church crowd who demanded free extras and left the tables and area around them a mess. Their "tips" were religious tracts or cards with bible verses on them. She didn't like working that front of house shift because of the entitled attitudes.
  6. The Yahoo article I read quoted parts of the dad's letter. He said he's checked with Japanese officials and the IOC (?) and they both told him they didn't deny the caretaker. So dad believes it's the US OPC who made the denial. For all 34 Paralympians, 9 who are visually impaired, there will only be 1 personal care assistant, though the 6 coaches will be able to assist as needed. https://news.yahoo.com/paralympic-swimmer-becca-meyers-leaves-181820274.html I don't see the excerpts of her father's letter in the article anymore, maybe because I'm on my phone instead of pc (?).
  7. I've heard over and over that the extended warranties are well worth the purchase of appliances, in part because they aren't made to last long. Don't buy a Samsung refrigerator. They are known to be defective and Samsung is a very difficult company to work with. We purchased a French door model with an icemaker/water in the door and an icemaker in the freezer when we moved into our house 8 years ago. Both ice makers stopped working after about 2 years. The bottom icemaker has been replaced, but stopped working again after about 4 months. We won't try replacing the top one because it seems that after the very common replacement, the fridge doesn't hold it's cold temp consistently. I live in a city of 2.5 million people and they have only one Samsung approved repair company. Most other companies won't/can't service Samsung appliances in part because Samsung won't sell the parts to non Samsung repair companies and Samsung requires only Samsung trained techs to work on their appliances. I feel very fortunate our fridge still holds it's temp.
  8. Dh works on a military installation. If they don't want to mask, they have to carry their Covid vaccine cards with them as proof of vaccination.
  9. I tucked them in until circumstances changed. For ds, it was when he got a loft bed when he was a sophomore/junior unless he requested it. One dd was when she was out later than I was. My other dd frequently requested a tuck in when she came home from college. When they asked me to tuck them in, I think it was mostly because either they wanted to talk about something private or they just needed the comfort after a difficult day.
  10. I've taken evening primrose oil for about 10 years now. I find it takes the edge off my ragey emotions. I haven't heard of it for anxiety, but it helps keep my emotions more upbeat in general, so it makes sense it would work.
  11. We had that here until we let it go. Dd would make purchases because she knew dh didn't want her to. Eventually she got a credit card so he couldn't see what she was purchasing. He could only see the amount. It was her way of rebelling and it was a difficult transition to her autonomy. When it was time for each of our kids to start budgeting their own bills, we told them they would put the bills in their name and pay it, but we would continue to put money to cover their bills in their checking accounts. The first to go was the cell phone, They were responsible for ensuring the bill was paid, but each month we deposited money to cover their cost. Next was the car. We reimbursed them for maintaining the car, but they had to set everything up where they live. Eventually, we signed it over to them and they had to find their own auto insurance policy (with our assistance). We then transferred that money to them monthly. We pay a little less each year of college with the goal of no financial assistance after graduation from college. We're 2 out of 3 and it seems to be working well. Doing this allows them to create and keep a budget. Some of them didn't have a regular job, so even without the extra spending money, they could see where their money was going and how they wanted to handle it. The dd who pushed back hard had a job throughout college and had the spending money she wanted. She felt because she earned it, she should be able to spend it the way she wanted to. She was right, but it was difficult to back off and let her make her own choices. Now, she does very well creating and following a budget. (Totally as an aside, record keeping for budgeting is so different than when dh and I were young adults. My kids check their bank accounts frequently and know how much to spend based on the available balance. It scares me to think there could be a large withdrawal they forgot to account for when figuring how much they have to spend.)
  12. So, Scarlett, how is your finger doing 12 years later?
  13. My brother used Sherpa Auto Transport. 877.850.1231. He said they called him each night to tell him where they were stopping. He wasn't there for the delivery, but overall he was impressed. My mom picked up the car without any problems.
  14. 12 Years later from initial thread start...
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