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  1. I don't remember it being a percentage, but rather some ridiculously low amount for the total purchase, something between $1,000 and $5,000. I think our first one may have been only $500.
  2. We've bought houses in several states and have always had to put down earnest money.
  3. I wonder if you could incorporate this into your last class if the daughter and mother were willing. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of sometimes we discuss things in the class and it takes time for the conversation and personal opinions to sink in. When that happens, it can be good to revisit and/or clarify what was said. This would only work if the student and her mother were willing to be participants and say what they understood and why they disagreed with it in the class. I wouldn't do it if the student were not present. It sounds like you have an awesome class. My kids would have enjoyed it, especially because disagreements would have been handled respectfully. I agree with the other posters that it may have hit close to home in some way, shape, or manner.
  4. wilrunner


    I chose to add my credit card and pay the fee because of these concerns. We don't keep a lot of money in our debit accounts, either, but they may be linked to our savings accounts for overdraft protection. We don't usually opt for overdraft protection because we generally don't need it, but if the savings accts are at the same bank using the same social security numbers, I get antsy that they could somehow be hacked.
  5. One of the things we've done when we've sold houses is to leave a notebook with all relevant info in sheet protectors about the house: a utility bill, a water bill, distance between locations, etc. I believe one of our homes sold quickly because of this notebook. I wonder if you could acknowledge the quirkiness in a positive way and leave some information about different ways the room could be handled: as an office, as a playroom, a guest room, an art, hobby, or music room (away from the rest of the house), etc. Sometimes people need help to see the possibilities and visually seeing something might jump start their thoughts about how the house would work for their family.
  6. This. My family growing up hosted a student and I went to stay with her family for a year. I've always wanted to host one, but DH was never on board. When I found a young man who has many of the same interests as ds, I asked again and DH and ds both agreed. Unfortunately, the young man was also a swimmer and played on a water polo team, which is what he wanted to do here. He hasn't connected with DS on the things they have in common. This young man hasn't gelled well with our family and I think one reason is that dh resents having someone else in the house, even though last summer he seemed on board. There have been some other issues, some in part due to the language, some due to personality. There is another exchange young lady from the same country who lives in our neighborhood, but she's there for only one semester. She seems to have gelled with that family very quickly and I could see them housing another exchange student. I would recommend trying it out for a semester or 6 weeks and see how it goes. It's very different having someone else live in your house for a year. One thing I'm very thankful for is that he has another family he spends lots of time with who has a son who is very similar to our student. He is able to enjoy his time when he's with them more, I think, them when he's with us. I also found a different family to hang around with when I was a student because I didn't get along with my host family, either. They were a life saver for me and 30 years later, I'm still in contact with them. I didn't stay connected to my host family
  7. When my wipers aren't cleaning well, I will clean them before I replace them. I take either a damp paper towel if the weather has been dry or a dry paper towel if there's been rain and wipe down the blades themselves. I usually have to go over them several times. Generally they're pretty dirty. I've also been told (but haven't tried) that if you wash the outside of your windshield with coca cola, it will eat away the grease and grime and make it easier for the blades to clear the windshield.
  8. Do you purchase dandelion seeds or plants? Are they not considered weeds down under? I've often thought lots of dandelions would be beautiful in a field, just not in my grass.
  9. How many plants and years did it take to grow this? I'm thinking my 6" pot won't look this great this time next year. I can train the vines to go up the fence or trellis, but how do they look so full? Is it just more plants? Or does it just take time? Apparently I'm into vines this year. I bought what I thought was a bleeding heart plant to plant under my tree. I've been looking for flowering shade plants without too much luck. It was half price and didn't look great, but I thought for a bigger plant, it was a decent price if it survived. I dug my big hole (it came in a 12" pot) and planted it. When I went to put the plastic label in the ground next to the plant, I finished reading the end of the label: Red Wine Bleeding Heart Vine. That's a completely different kind of plant with different water/light needs. I replanted it next to my fence, so I'm hoping the leaves darken up and I didn't damage too many roots when I untangled them. (It was very rootbound!) If it survives, it should be a beautiful plant!
  10. Love your coneflowers! I've tried them in my garden, but after one strange bloom that seems to come straight out of the ground (despite there being leaves on the plant), it completely disappears.This year, only one of 3 came up. I'm thinking the snails may be eating them. I'm planting them again in a different bed, so we'll see how they turn out. Any ideas on how to get rid of snails? We seem to have a bumper crop. I put down some diatomaceous earth I had before considering the caterpillars I'm hoping to have. We've since had rain, so the de isn't on top of the soil anymore. Any other ideas?
  11. I used to like Ellen, but lately when I watched her show, she came across as very mean.
  12. Does this taste like coconut? I'm looking for an alternative, too, but don't like the taste of coconut.
  13. Gotcha. I agree that those sites are annoying. I also keep the volume down, but sometimes even just the movement catches my eye. It's also annoying when I have to wait for a video I don't want to see load before I can read the article.
  14. I think there's a way in your fb settings that allows you to turn off auto play. It annoyed me, too, but I was able to turn it off.
  15. Yep, I've had this one. Got it on each of the organization's 3 emails at about the same time Sunday morning. Mine didn't go to spam. 😞
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