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  1. I forgot about wipes! Yes, very necessary. Just don't flush them.
  2. In general, I try not to have anesthesia when I can avoid it, so when I had my colonoscopy, I was awake. It was so cool to see what they were doing. The dr. did a great job of explaining what was happening, what he was looking for, and why he chose the samples he did. He had told me prior to the procedure the colon has no nerve endings, so I couldn't feel anything when he took samples. The prep, though, wasn't pleasant. DH slept upstairs so I would have use of the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom without disturbing him. Keep Aquaphor or Vaseline handy in case you get sore.
  3. I tried Waze by itself, then with Google to compare them. I couldn't figure Waze out. It wasn't intuitive for me and took too much time to look at. That said, there are some things I wish Google had. Or maybe it has, I just couldn't find them. I would like to be able to see on the app which cities I'm travelling through or are nearby and what the distance between cities is (without adding a stop). I would also like to be able to add multiple stops (which I can do), but also eliminate more than just the upcoming one. I googled that last one and Google couldn't tell me if it was possible. In fact, on the Google Maps forum (or customer service FAQ's), someone asked that same question and Google answered it by telling the person how to eliminate their history. Totally not what they (or I) were looking for. I have an Android phone, so maybe it's different on an Apple phone. I have had some frustrations with Google Maps. Sometimes the directions are inaccurate, but if you close the app, then reopen it and input the same info in, it will correct itself. We noticed that when we used Maps with 2 different Android phones in the same car and received different directions to the same location. One took us directly to our destination and the other took us on a very roundabout backwoods route. Sometimes it will take you the wonkiest way possible, using small back roads that look like they don't go anywhere (and sometimes they don't!). Sometimes it takes us in circles, right back to our starting point. I'm with the pp who said she likes to see the entire route planned out before I head out so I know where I'm going before I start.
  4. I use my Pyrex only at home where I can put plastic wrap over top. I'm frustrated with the lids cracking so easily. I've switched to using Snapware when I need to take a lunch or for something portable. That's not what you are looking for, so I'll follow along since I have the same problem. I'd love to find lids that fit that also stand the test of time!
  5. Congrats on the job! It sounds tailor made for you! Regarding the above, be aware that usually it's interest free if paid off in a certain amount of time. If anything is owed on it when the due date arrives, you'll owe all the past interest plus the current principle. We frequently use free interest, but we make sure to pay it off before it's due.
  6. That's good to know. I've never changed mine from friends...I'm afraid of posting something to a particular group of friends and one of my friends discussing the info with an irl friend with whom I'd chosen not to share the info. I figure if I don't want the world to know, I shouldn't post it (even though FB assures me my info is safe.) ETA: I'm not sure this was the problem because she didn't know she could change the settings until I showed her.
  7. FB sometimes changes settings on my account and doesn't tell me. My sister wondered why no one was posting on her pictures/videos. I realized I wasn't getting any on my feed and when I went to look on her page, couldn't see any, either. Turned out somehow fb had made the pictures/videos private and didn't add any friends. Once she changed her settings, others could see her postings and commented. So she was in the same boat you're in, but it was something she needed to change when she posted.
  8. She was 79 and walked with a walker. She would have loved getting the meals and having someone visit briefly with her, but for whatever reason, she was told she couldn't have them delivered. It's possible she was told she would need to pay for them and understood that as not qualifying. Now that I think about it a bit more, maybe it was because she lived in assisted living and had access to a dining room, though she didn't want to pay extra when she could make less expensive meals e in her own apt. That would make more sense to me.
  9. When MIL moved to our area, she inquired about Meals on Wheels and was told she didn't qualify. I don't know if it's different by state or city, but I wouldn't count on it unless you've confirmed he qualifies. TBH, I had no idea there were qualifications other than age and being housebound.
  10. That's interesting. I didn't know that. One of the things we were told when she had heart worms was that continuing her heartworm med would be dangerous for her, so we stopped until she tested negative. It sounds like either the medication has changed since the 90's or the recommendations have changed if an option is to give a heartworm positive dog heartworm medication. It's been interesting to follow this thread and hear different information than what was given to us.
  11. It wasn't until she developed heartworm that we started the preventative year round. The vets at the time suggested not giving the med to dogs from Oct to about April. It sounds like many vets don't give that advice anymore.
  12. This is a WaPo article in which Rebekah Sanderlin discusses the realities of a homecoming. As much as we would all like, it's a very difficult transition. The last line is incredibly sad to me. "The audience applauded the family. They cheered and chanted. But among them were two Gold Star widows, themselves in a sea of elation, witnessing a moment they could never have."
  13. I haven't read past this yet. DH was in the military for 22 years and deployed many, many times. The shorter 6-8 week deployments were in some ways easier, but the 12 month one was hard and was part of the reason he chose to retire. I don't like the surprise reunions that are videoed by the TV crews. In my area, there have been quite a few. The emotions are so raw and overwhelming. I know each parent needs to decide what's right for their kids, but I think it's unfair to the unsuspecting kids to publicly video and show over and over such an emotional time (at the 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 news and advertised throughout the day). As far as the SOTU, I'm not sure what I can say. It made me very angry that such a moment was politicized. It made me very angry that a mom, who was in an unfamiliar place with 2 children who were probably tired, was put on the spot for an emotional display. I was thankful for the cameras who showed the immediate reunion, but very little afterward. I wondered if her dh was actually scheduled to come home at that time or if someone else had to replace him or had a deployment extended to accommodate the returning military member. I wonder if he's actually home for a while or if he's on just back for a brief visit (which would be a horrible stunt!) I would like to read the back story on this. I am disgusted with the way this reunion came about and was politicized.
  14. I remember the thread, but I thought it happened in the last year or two. 2016 was three and a half years ago. Time sure flies by!
  15. We had a dog test heartworm positive when she was about 8. Due to the winters in Nebraska, we didn't need to give preventative during the winter months and I believe somehow that's when she contracted them. We completed the treatment and she was healthy until she passed away about 4 years later. Because keeping her so still was so important, she spent most of her time in a kennel. We let her out to eat and go to the bathroom outside, but that was the only activity she was allowed. If you have general questions, I'd be glad to answer them, but specific questions probably should be directed to your vet. I know the guilty feeling!
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