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  1. Steps 3 and 4 are the same for Spotify. We had the free version, but dh wanted to download music to play on his way home, so we have monthly subscription now. It's very easy to use and when we had a problem, customer service was very helpful. I wish Spotify would offer other songs with similar music styles to the ones I like. Pandora does this well, but Spotify doesn't seem to do this. I'm getting tired of the same music playlists.
  2. Have you used these? We've been having problems with one of our dogs anger peeing/pooping in the house when we leave. Are they really waterproof? It would be nice to be able to toss the rug in the washer when she does that!
  3. We make our own hot chocolate using powdered milk and creamer. The powdered creamer comes in several different flavors (mint, Irish cream, hazelnut, etc.), so my ds has been known to make 5 or 6 flavors for his at college sisters. We like it better than the packets.
  4. I had to provide a copy of it when I applied to become a substitute teacher. Like happysmilylady, my college diploma or year of teaching wasn't sufficient. My mil got caught needing her marriage license for her name change when she needed a state ID, too. She married in the 40's and wasn't sure she could find it when she moved here.
  5. Ds flew home for Thanksgiving. It sure was good to see him! He's done well this first semester and seems to have a decent group of friends. I'll be flying to him in a week and a half and he'll drive home. I'll be sitting in the passenger's seat keeping him company. This is a trial run to see if I can handle him driving 15 hours by himself. He's driven 2 or 3 hours at a time when we've driven long distances as a family, so he's convinced 15 hours will be the same.
  6. My swimmer dd preferred OB from day one. My other dd preferred the cleanliness of Tampax and its applicator. I think a couple of different styles would be helpful to get.
  7. So this is an odd question. How exactly does the steam clean? I have textured walls that have spots from the dogs' ball bouncing off it. Steaming the walls only loosens the dirt (?), so I would still need to wipe them down? And same with upholstery? When I used the Bissell, there was a compartment to collect the dirty water. It doesn't look like this steamer has one, so would I need to have a cloth to quickly wipe off the walls?
  8. I sometimes ask if my explanation is "clear as mud" if they don't seem to be understanding what I'm saying. Some people stop to think about what that means while others just nod and smile, clearly not understanding what I'm asking.
  9. Christmas Eve now is always enchiladas. One year, the power went out while our enchiladas were cooking, so we ate lukewarm enchiladas. For whatever reason, now the kids want enchiladas every CE. Its funny the things they pick up on to turn into traditions! For Christmas Day, I'd like ham. However, one dd doesn't like ham and I've never been able to cook it without drying it out. I don't know what we'll have this year.
  10. I have to laugh that "free Amazon tech support is available" for this item! Wonder what kind of tech support it is... Looks like something my dd would like.
  11. I, too, was going to recommend ACU. It's an excellent school.
  12. iTunes gift card if he uses Apple products? Those can be purchased in stores.
  13. I found with my first 2 students they didn't use the bike they took to college with them. 2nd dd is on a large campus. It took longer to unlock the bike, ride across campus, and find a spot to lock the bike up than it did to walk across. We're waiting to hear what our 3rd decides about taking his bike. I think it depends on distance around campus (and sometimes specifically where the classes will be), climate, and how friends are getting around. My ds is on a campus where they can rent a bike for the semester if they sign up right away. There's always somewhere to lock the bike up (vs. needing to search for someplace) and there's no maintenance. Will your ds be living on campus or off? Sometimes the students may take their bikes into their apt.
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