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  1. I have received calls from Debbie, who sounds very concerned about problems with my student loan and wants to help me. She sounds so sincere that if I had student loans, I might be concerned. (But I don't have loans, so she quickly gets deleted.) I could see these scams (I assume they're scams) being very effective, especially if a college student who relies on student loans receives them. It could easily induce panic. I've also received calls from Dave, who apologizes that he missed me and talks to me like I'm his friend. He wants to pass on some info he just learned and asks me to call him. He gets deleted pretty quickly, too!
  2. I opted to do mine without anesthesia and would do it again. There was some discomfort as they went around the last bend, but I liked watching the procedure and talking with my doctor about what was happening and what he saw. The discomfort was due to the camera moving through. I felt nothing when he cut off the polyps. I had gas for about 30 min after it was done and could've driven home afterwards without any problems.
  3. This is us as well except we use FB rather than the HOA. Our HOA wouldn't care. There are always posts from someone who either says they received a package not belonging to them or someone asking if someone else received theirs. It was especially bad at Christmas. Our housing developer set up the same house numbers on 2 or 3 different streets, which adds to the confusion. Some people won't return misdelivered mail to the appropriate person, believing that there's a law that says if it's misdelivered to them, it's theirs to keep. I remember one time an entire new patio set was misdelivered. The people who ordered the set were out both their money and the furniture because the people it was actually delivered to didn't want to return it and the shipping company said they delivered the merchandise, so they weren't responsible either. It wasn't a case of delivering it to the right neighborhood, but to a house in a nearby community with the same house number. I don't know how it was resolved, but I would be spitting mad!
  4. We've found that sometimes the deliver companies, including USPS and UPS, will say they delivered something, but haven't actually. Usually it shows up a day or two later.
  5. We were told by Spectrum not to bother bringing in the remotes when we exchanged boxes. I would maybe call the billing office and ask if they really do charge for a remote before I purchase one. Time Warner was the same way before it was bought out by Spectrum.
  6. Thanks! I'm always game to learn something new! I would start from the beginning... I know binary for computers is made up of 0's and 1's and it's the series of them that's used in coding. Are those 2 things even remotely related?
  7. My kids understand binary and different bases, but it's something either I was never taught or went over my head when I was taught. If you have a really easy way to explain it or a rec for a site, I'd love to hear it.
  8. Is forking just sticking s bunch of plastic forks in the front yard? If so, I might prefer to be forked instead of tp'd. It would seem to be a lot easier to clean up!
  9. I think that to many of us, it's so out of our normal that it does seem odd. We never had grandparents nearby to drive or watch stuff, though my sister lived near my parents and had lots of help. We see the grandparents and extended families of other kids, but never (or rarely) consider what it would be like for us.
  10. We do Johnny Menjetti. Layer of meat sauce (tomato soup, cream of ____ soup, cooked ground beef, can of diced tomatoes), layer of cooked pasta (we do corkscrew), layer of American cheese, make one more layer, then top with meat sauce. Cook at 350* for 30ish minutes, then top with shredded cheese. Put under broiler until melted, then serve. It's not a very healthy meal, but it sure is good!
  11. When I was in high school, some friends were tp-ing a house and the owner shot up in the air to warn the kids to leave. Unfortunately, the shot came down on one of the girls and paralyzed her. I don't see it too much here. From what my kids have told me, if a house is tp'd, they like or are friends with someone living in it.
  12. We didn't use insurance. Didn't even think of it, honestly. I think when we went the chairs were on sale. As far as trying one out, it's more the size than the comfort factor. They were all more or less comfortable (to sleep in, too, which is what my mil did), but some were too tall, hard to get in and sit comfortably even with the lift factor. So for example, she would use the lift to help her sit down, but on the deeper chairs, she would need to scoot back to sit comfortably. Scooting back was difficult for her. Could someone take measurements of your mother's legs, from foot to knee and, seated, from knee to the back of her hips? I would think that might help you find one that would fit her better. Or if she's about your height, do you have time to check out a few chairs? I think that might help you have a better idea what might help your mother, even if you ultimately order online. A thought about ordering online. I'd there someone local who could take the chair inside and set it up where your parents want it? I've never ordered furniture online, so I don't know if the delivery includes that service.
  13. We purchased a Laz E Boy for my mil about 5 years ago. I just looked to see if I could find it and boy! their prices have gone up. One thing I would recommend is to have your mother sit in the chairs before purchasing one. The chairs are different sizes and fit people differently and the lifts are just a bit different, too, if I remember correctly. MIL tried about 5 or 6 before settling on the Laz E Boy. I think she had in her mind she wanted a LEB because of quality even though there were less expensive chairs available. (I'm not saying the other chairs were lesser quality, but just that in her mind LEB always equaled quality.) I will say the customer service at LEB was very good. Some of the stuffing moved off the wood on the arm rest, so it was quite sharp. They came out, took the chair, and fixed it. I wish they'd been able to supply her with another lift chair while hers was being worked on, though, because she really struggled to get off her old chair. I looked online at all the furniture stores to see what they had and if they were available in the right colors. We then took a couple of days to check out the chairs. Ashley Furniture carried some, as did Haverty's. I don't think Rooms to Go did. Sometimes the chairs weren't plugged in. If the salesperson wasn't willing to plug it in, we weren't interested in purchasing from them. Also, the controls might be in different places (on the side of the chair or a handheld controller that could get stuck in the chair if one wasn't careful about setting it on the arm before sitting down) or have buttons that might be confusing to an older person. MIL had to be able to sit in the chair and operate the controls before we would consider it as an option. Based on what I saw with MIL, I would be hesitant to purchase a chair used. She always had a disposable liner in case of an accident, but there would be no way to know if another person had many accidents or not in it. The lift recliner came apart in 2 pieces, which should make it easier to transport. I would also think you could ask for delivery if you (or your mother) don't have a big enough vehicle to take one home in.
  14. Just wanted to respond to the bolded. My bil has been a doctor since the 80's. He was forced to join one of the large groups, but didn't want to. He wouldn't have been able to keep his clinic open otherwise. He feels like his ability to care for his patients has significantly decreased, due in part to the required electronic records and the number of patients he's required to see daily. He doesn't like belonging to a large group at all and is looking at retiring about 10 years earlier than planned because, among other things, of the increased work load. I expect to see many of the older, more established doctors retire in the next 5 to 10 years. The new med students won't have the personal experience with the old way and won't be bothered by all the electronic stuff because that's the way they're being taught now.
  15. I had no idea that look had a name! I thought it was something Texans do to show off their large belt buckles.
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