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  1. I think I may have several different accounts going. When I couldn't log in with my first username, wilrunner, I started using wilrunner2. Again, I had a problem logging in, so wilrunner3 was created. At some point, I was logged in as wilrunner3 on both my phone and computer. Now, on my phone, I'm just wilrunner. Can the accounts be merged? I think they may have different email addresses. Thank you for your help!
  2. Could you use one of the cell phones (yours or sil's) as a hot spot for your iPad? Or just buy a hot spot? I have no idea on cost, but that might be another option. I'm sorry to hear your il's are declining so quickly.
  3. I prob wouldn't respond. For all she knows, you changed your phone number or otherwise didn't get the text. If she continued to try to contact me, I would probably block her number. I don't consider it ghosting if you hadn't been in contact for many years.
  4. I didn't need to show any proof of residency when I got my shot. There have been news stories about people from Colorado traveling to Amarillo and other Texas communities to get shots, so not everywhere has a residency requirement.
  5. I was wondering the same thing. I thought all Christian denominations' goals were to spread the word, which is what I think of as evangelical. I grew up Presbyterian, but my parents treated Sunday mornings like free child care, so I didn't take it seriously. As a married couple, we were with an SBC church, an independent baptist church, then another 2 SBC churches. The independent Baptist was excellent and one we keep in touch with despite having moved away more than 10 years ago. We're not currently attending and tbh, I don't think we could find one that would fit my dh and I. We ha
  6. My dd is currently in med school. Though she was homeschooled through 8th grade, she graduated from public school. She didn't take any specific high school classes to help her get into med school, but she did take all the upper level math and science classes her high school offered, and scored very well on the SAT. She also had opportunities to shadow some friends who were in the medical field. Your goal will be to help her get into a solid university that will be able to help her get into the medical field. Having a solid understanding of science and math will help her in her undergr
  7. I was lambasted by my aunt about so many things I did wrong, according to her upper class social etiquette, at my wedding. This was one of them. Our rehearsal included only those who would be in the wedding and she insisted, as an out of town guest, that she should have been invited. We have a family friend who will be marrying a man from an eastern European country next year sometime. They've decided to have their first wedding in his country so all his relatives can participate. Then they will have either a very small wedding or, more likely, a reception in the community she grew up in.
  8. Approximately every 2 or 3 weeks, it appears I'm logged out on my phone. I've been able to get to the site by clicking on "My Account" on confirm I'm logged in, and accessing the site after I've clicked on "My Account." However, today I'm not able to access the site on mobile at all and I don't see that I'm logged in. When I try to sign in, it tells me "Unknown email address. Check again or try your username." I tried clearing the cache and logging in with only my username as well to no avail. I'm able to use my desktop to get on the site, so it doesn't seem to be a problem on my end. Help!
  9. Dh and I went to get glasses today at a place we'd never been before. I knew I wanted the Chemistrie glasses again because I don't want to use bifocals. They have a system that layers lenses using magnetic clip-ons. So the distance vision is my regular glasses. Then I can add a clip-on for my reading glasses. I also added a sunglasses clip-on for about $75 more. My previous pair of Chemistrie glasses used the Chemistrie frames and this optician said I could choose any pair I wanted and they'll create the clip-ons based on the shape of those glasses. I'm curious about how well the clip-ons will
  10. Due to my prescription, including astigmatism and prisms in both eyes, I can't order online. Most online places won't take scripts with prisms. I need to go to a good clinic to ensure I'm looking through the right part of the lens. My glasses always run about $500, even with good eye insurance.
  11. When my dh was deployed, I found myself ramping up over every little thing the kids did wrong. I found myself flying off the handle with every very minor irritation. Someone here recommended evening primrose oil, so I started taking it. It took the edginess off and I became a normal human being again. This was 8 years ago and I've continued taking it. I've been told it's supposed to be good for breast health, but Quill, double check that it's ok for you given your cancer.
  12. That is crazy! We haven't fully moved to online statements, but I spoke with dh last night and we decided we will use online statements for everything we can. We'd talked about it years ago and decided against it because we wanted easy access to our paper statements. It's too dangerous to not know where our statements and bills might end up or who might use them for nefarious purposes.
  13. Our neighborhood has seen what looks like random mail dumps left in the grass. The mail doesn't have addresses in our neighborhood, but in several different ones and seems only to happen when we have a substitute carrier. Some of the mail pictured was from banks and governmental agencies. We're not sure if it's theft or problems with delivery.
  14. I would probably grow it, then dry it to put in my seasoning mix. I might see if I can find some now or this fall, plant it, and wait for spring. That's usually the recommendation for later planting here. It's too hot during the summer to plant, so we plant in the fall, let the roots take hold, and see our bounty from perennials in the spring before it gets hot again.
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