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  1. My son played the trombone through middle and high school. One of his favorites on YouTube is Christopher Bill. I don't see the one ds really likes, but this is the guy. The song starts at about 2:25.
  2. One dog won't go outside on the grass if it's wet. She'd rather do her business on our patio. We call her Princess Paws. Our other dog Shadow likes chasing spots of light. We'll be going about our business and suddenly he'll sit and stare at the wall or try to climb the wall. That's when we notice there's a reflection from something like a mirror, our watch, or our phone. Princess Paws is a shepherd mix and will herd Shadow. If she notices a light before Shadow notices, she gives him a preemptive bark, drawing attention to and letting him know he shouldn't react to the light. If Shadow notices and tries to catch the light before PP notices, PP will bark at him and herd him away from the light.
  3. Thank you. For whatever reason, I missed the "FB".
  4. Does anyone have a link? For whatever reason, I can't find it.
  5. If that professor has terrible reviews, could she take biology at online at another university or community college? If you're in Texas, I believe there's a required agreement that allows community colleges' classes be accepted at 4 year institutions. My dd did this with a calc class over a summer. She doesn't like online courses, but it was the best way for her to achieve her goal. Good luck to your dd!
  6. I have that, too! Mine is the base of the back of my neck and my wrists, not necessarily at the same time. So I have to wear a sweater to bed so my neck warms up (jammies aren't warm enough) and I have to pull the sleeves down so my wrists warm up, but my arms and the rest of my body are uncomfortable hot. I've debates getting some wrist warmers like tennis player use (or used to use?) to help. Then I could wear short sleeve jammies with my sweater. 😂
  7. Our district is working on having some online options based on a survey they sent out, but need to know how it will be funded. They're not sure how and if they'll receive funding for online schools. (They are expecting TEA and possibly the legislature to offer guidance this Tuesday.) I wonder if those who want to keep their kids at home will need to go the homeschooling route or if the individual ISD's will be allowed to offer online school.
  8. We made annual driving trips with 11-12 hours total time for 2 or 3 days in a row. We stopped at McD's for the kids to play, then back in the car they went to eat. It was too expensive to fly and rent a car on the other end. My kids couldn't have done that in a rear facing seat.
  9. My kids were rear facing until they were a year old and a certain weight. If my 4 year olds had been rear facing, we couldn't have taken the many long distance trips we took. I would think their legs would be totally cramped. Don't 3 and 4 year olds get bored watching the back of the seat? Or have the seats changed so they can see out the windows? I can't imagine trying to have a conversation with a child I couldn't see. It would make conversations much more difficult if I couldn't see where they were pointing to or if their voices were muffled due to facing away from me. Do they just read books or watch devices when they're in the car? Do they only interact with older siblings sitting next to them? (I'm not being snarky, but am sincerely curious.) OK, so I googled some images. It looks like the kids are more reclining (almost laying on their backs) than sitting upright. Their feet are up the back of the seat. Maybe enough kids are driving now who find sitting upright uncomfortable and that's why they make those front seat headrests so uncomfortable for those of us who don't like to recline when driving.😂 It still doesn't look like they can see out the window easily, though.
  10. Do you know if they're doing any contact tracing? I haven't heard anything on the news.
  11. I've had this issue. What I've done is to acknowledge it to my kids and tell them I'm struggling with X (sometimes adding why), but that's my struggle, not theirs, and they need to make their own decisions. Somehow letting them know I'm actively trying to let them lead their own lives, but it's hard for me, eases the strain. They also know my philosophy that we continue to learn all our lives and I see this as me growing and learning. I've also been known to tell them that parents don't need to know everything the kids do. Some things I just don't want to know! 😂
  12. I put the quotes in the wrong order, but they are actually changing the name and image. The Onion (satire) article came out first, then the article from NBC (linked above) is from this morning.
  13. Thanks. I use "saved for later", but thought y'all might know something I needed to learn. 😂
  14. Does that mean they aren't purchasing for years, too? I put things in my cart that I want to keep in front of me, but may not want to buy right away. But when I want to purchase something else, I move it to my wish list. Is there a way to put something in the cart, but not purchase an item or two when buying other things?
  15. My dd has a pair from Athleta and would like us to get her more for her birthday. She said they have some kind of reward system that you pay $60 for upfront, then get 2 pair for an additional $15. I've never used Athleta, so I don't know if the rewards program is a good deal or not, but she thinks it is.
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