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  1. Dd has enjoyed Sheriff of Nottingham. There is also something dd and ds play using various electronic devices. One person is the host and the others have to figure out the clues. It's very interesting in that they use the electronics, but there's still a lot of interaction between them.i can ask them the name of it if you're interested.
  2. Thank you both! I'll look into those! How do you see if the info had been removed when you post?
  3. Last week I realized all my pictures are tagged with the date and the location the pic was taken. I don't know if that transfers to pictures I share or post, but I don't like it. I've tried to turn it off, but to do that, I have to turn off all location apps, including Google maps, which I use frequently.
  4. According to this NY Times article, there are apps that would allow someone else to see private texts. Is there a possibility this young man is monitoring the dd's texts as well as her location? If so, he likely knows she's upset and on to his shenanigans if she's been texting about it.
  5. I would be concerned that dad having a talk with him wouldn't matter because he'd still know where she is, even if he isn't following her as much. My friend called the police when her friends warned her the stalker drove to her city to find and talk to her. She happened to be out of town, but called the police as she was driving in. They told her they couldn't do anything until the guy did something to her first. They were useless helping her. I hope if the op's dd goes to the police they will have some suggestions or otherwise be of help.
  6. If he knew what he was wanting to do and he had access to her unlocked phone for a couple of min, yes, he likely had time. Did he actually take the pic? I like the idea of going back and doing a factory reset to see if it solves the problem. I also wonder if she should tell him to knock off following her via a group text. My DD had a friend who had a male stalker who was part of their friends group. She tried to handle things privately and was very specific when she told him to stop, but it wasn't until she told him off publicly via group text that the other men friends realized how bad things were getting and started running interference for her. Sometimes peer pressure can be used for good.
  7. I usually use Google Maps, but one time I needed to see roads in a restricted area that Google didn't have., but Mapquest did.
  8. My freshman is stressing a little now due to upcoming midterms. A couple of his classes have only 2 grades-- midterms and finals--so they count for a lot. He's settled in very well with his roommates and other students. They apparently have a schedule for evenings Monday through Friday. One night is game night and includes other friends, one is DND night (it's only a 4 player game right now), one is laundry night, usually at midnight, and the last they all go grocery shopping together. I think it's pretty awesome that they've worked together to come up with something that works for all of them. I was a little concerned he would be left out since his roommates all live within a couple of hours of campus, but that hasn't been an issue. He's enjoyed having the room to himself when they all leave and he has other friends down the hall who are also from out of town he hangs out with. He'll be home for Thanksgiving, but opted not to come home for fall break. It will be so nice to see him again! Both daughters will also be home, so that's special. One dd decided not to come home last year, so I wasn't expecting her to be home this year. It will be a treat! Despite his distance, I feel like he's in a good place. Makes having him 15 hours away much easier!
  9. Wow! Listening to the video from the CT link, Mother Allison is a very eloquent speaker. (I read one of the links that referred to her as Mother Allison, so I'm doing the same. If I need to edit her name, I would be glad to.) I'm not sure I would have as much composure as she had following the sentencing of her son's killer. I wish both members' perspectives were equally shared on mainstream media. Of the two, I believe the message that is more important is Mother Allison's. But it's also the more difficult message to hear. Will DPD take it to heart?
  10. Have you looked at a bike shop? I know price is a concern, but it's the end of the season and they may have bikes that fit your criteria or they may be able to find one somewhere else. They could also put the kickstand on the bike for you. Bikes that have training wheels don't need kickstands because the training wheels keep the bike upright.
  11. This is something that, in my mind, should have been private. It is between two people, not an entire country, and should not have been in the media at all. I wonder if the judge gave Mr. Jean's mom or other family a hug. Seems to me she and they are the more deserving people. I'm a little confused why the media and some of the people in the courtroom seemed to be fawning all over the killer. In my mind, if anyone should be fawned over, it should be the family. If they don't want to be in the public eye, then leave them alone, but don't choose the defendant to focus on instead. I'm a little disgusted that she only received 10 years. It seems way too little for the death she caused and the selfishness attitude she displayed.
  12. Here's one I found. The Mission Reach is the trail that runs between all the missions. Temps in the mid 60's should be comfortable for bike riding if it's not raining.
  13. I'm curious. Does he own all these chains or only the ones in the Houston area?
  14. Honestly, I'd avoid anything at the 1604/281 exchange or the Stone Oak area. There's a lot of road construction there. OP, City Data Forums may have additional information about the cities you're looking at from locals. Here's the one for San Antonio. I agree with getting a hotel on the Riverwalk. If you can afford it, try to get one with a balcony that overlooks the Riverwalk. I've always thought it would be fun to see all the lights from above. I think you can rent bikes to ride to all the missions through the greenway. They're not very far from each other If you'd like further info about that, let me know and I'll see what I can find.
  15. I purchased a stainless steel water bottle I can put hot tea in and have it stay warm 12 or 15 hours. I sip it as needed throughout the day It does help my cough better than cold water.
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