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  1. Our insurance won't cover aba therapy even with the diagnosis. 😞 we can barely afford the one hour a week for speech therapy. He def has the oral motor issues, and he was also diagnosed with specific motor function disorder (or something like that) by an OT. And it all sounds terrible on paper, but everyone in my family thinks he's a completely normal six year old. 🙄
  2. Sadly, he can not recite verses. I gave up months ago bc it just wasn’t happening. He can’t even recite the alphabet, or sing the alphabet song even though I’ve sang it to him literally every single day since he was a toddler.
  3. I need help picking curriculum for my just-turned 6 yo son. I know this is a classical forum, but im definitely not limiting suggestions to classical if something better fits him. 😊 I’ve stressed over this boy for years, and I feel like I need to get a plan and put it in motion. Quick history: last year I had him evaluated by a psychologist and after spending literally five minutes with my boy he said, “all the questionnaires you filled out point to autism, the speech and language evaluations point to autism, and the vb-mapp done at the autism center points to autism. But this boy is too
  4. I’m following the Keto diet. I’ve lost 17 pounds since May 6th. It’s the only time I’ve stayed on a diet more than three hours. Lol. I’m not sure if it’s the diet, or the fact that I realized just how much weight I’d gained. I stay below 15 carbs and 1200 calories most days. Breakfast consists of bulletproof coffee. The only way I stray from the plan is with my Diet Coke.
  5. I made an appointment for Thursday with our pediatrician. They said she won't diagnosis, but she'll do her evaluation/screening and then refer me to someone. So, I need to prepare to go into her office with just the right symptoms, stories, and reports for her to take me seriously. Any tips on how to "present my case"? Should I just hand this list over: Developmentally: no waving, babbling, or imitation Speech: speech sound disorder, didn't speak until he was 2 and a few months Language: vbmapp showed"deficits requesting help, information using wh questions, and requesting
  6. After reading old posts here and other blogs and such, I was trying to figure out why people always wait years before getting started. I guess wanting the diagnosis before the child starts improving makes sense. I had never really thought about that.
  7. My insurance doesn't cover ABA therapy, and I hear there's a 10,000 person wait list for the waivers available. And state Medicaid is dependent on household income, so we wouldn't qualify. So I'd rather start now and just pay for it so he can get the help he needs.
  8. The ABA therapist told me I should at least ask for a copy of the ADOS screening sheet. To see what he marked off and such. He said he can't believe the evaluation report was barely two pages long. Tomorrow morning I'm going to call and get a copy of the actual test and then make an appointment with my ped to refer me to someone for second opinion. But for now the therapist is getting back with me for a time to schedule the ablls. Our goal is for him to perform the assessment and then teach me to teach my son in the least amount of visits necessary. At least until someone else is paying!
  9. The behavioral therapist is board certified that came to my house today to discuss ABA. The one that did the evaluation was a psychologist. Wait. The ped can diagnosis autism?! Mind blown. I didn't even talk to the ped bc we never see her and I just thought she'd refer me to a psychologist.
  10. Yes I'm getting more upset each day I schedule appointments knowing that insurance won't cover them bc I have no diagnosis. Yet the reason I'm making the appointments is bc HE recommended them for my son--social skills, speech, language!! I may call him up and see if he'll reconsider testing again. ?? That will be cheaper than starting over. Or do I need to cut my losses with him?
  11. I'm not done reading your response, but I want to quickly say before I forget again...he sent me home after the first appointment with three separate questionnaires that I mailed in. He said in his final report that those questionnaires actually TESTED POSITIVE (or however he said it) for mild autism!! Yet, bc in five minutes of observation my son was social he determined him to not have autism.
  12. He is actually a BCBA. I'm just getting used to all the letters. Lol. He said he has extensive training with the vbmapp and ablls.
  13. I have more questions and realized I never updated here. Btw, I have been enjoying and learning from the thread on "narrative language in autism" . That's a wealth of information, but I'm only on page 1. Lol The VB-MAPP showed deficits in social skills (asking WH questions, engaging in conversations with peers, etc), and academically he is behind--only knows a few letters and numbers. There was a lot more to the assessment, but I'm trying to give highlights. With the evaluator's report, and looking over the VB-MAPP scores, I was sure there would be an ASD diagnosis. So I scheduled a
  14. Thank you. I understood what you meant about the condensed sheet. I’m sure there’s more to it than just 4 checks. Lol. Will insurance pay if he needs some sort of social skills therapy, even if he doesn’t have a diagnosis? Or will I just work with him at home?
  15. He went to the first half of his VB-MAPP today. They had group therapy for part of it, so the BCBA was able to observe him with peers. When she was talking to me afterwards, I looked at her papers and there were about forty lines and only 4 checks! She said that while he did play well with the other kids, he lacked a lot of social skills—he never asked them questions and couldn’t or didn’t have any back-and-forth conversations. Other things I can’t remember. I did ask her if she felt he needed further testing, and while she made it clear she doesn’t diagnose she said testing would definitely b
  16. Thanks for the replies! I looked up a PROMPT person in my area, but they aren’t currently taking new clients. Boo. I’m putting a call in to the one other lady in my area who is listed on the PROMPT website. The place recommended to me for the autism testing has a long wait, and they won’t even talk to me until my doctor faxes them a referral. My girls had a well-check appt today and I asked the pediatrician about getting him a referral for testing, but she wants me to make an appt so we can sit and talk more about it. So I’ll be going next week for his appt. i called to sched
  17. My son is 5 years 3 months old. He's been with several different SLPs since he was 2 and a half. I think I've finally found one who knows what they're doing. ? He is only intelligible to other people probably 20% of the time, and to us about 75% of the time. This lady has noticed some oral motor weaknesses and mentioned apraxia, but says she doesn't want to diagnosis him until she's seen him a few times. That's not really my main concern, even though it probably should be. I have a good friend who suspects he has a learning disability, possibly mild form of autism. The thing is... He doe
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