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  1. Hi I was on Google looking at articles on women who paper thin uterus and came across this page and saw you commented that you were told this and were expecting a baby ( I know the post is old from 2012 lol) but I am curious as to how your birth and all went ? I had my youngest 3yrs ago and while on the table cut open my doctor pulled my bf to her and showed him my insides! lol told us while showing him you see this her uterus is paper thin I would strongly advice y'all not to have any more babies. If I did it would come down to a life and death situation choosing between me or baby ... My bf would LOVE to have 1 more since together we only 1 child but i have 3 from a previous ( 6yr old boy & 5yr old twin girl's) I am good with my 4 but i would like to give him 1 more baby. .. (Sorry for all the extra unnecessary info)

    1. BRITT22


      I joined this page specifically to ask this lol 😀

    2. Medicmom2.0


      Not Vcoots but I also had the same thing. Paper thin uterus in 2012 with it starting to split.  Emergency C-section and doctor told us not to have any more.  We planned on not having more, but I accidentally became pregnant in 2014.  I was able to carry that baby until 28 weeks, but had many, many complications and delivered prematurely.  It isn't worth the risk, in my opinion, and would not purposely ever attempt it.

    3. Changed


      I didn't have any complications during the pregnancy or the birth. But I don't think my situation/uterus was as bad as some women. 

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