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  1. This is me, too. Though to be fair, when I was 16, I got a 2-year-old purple corduroy sofa from a boyfriend's neighbor and JUST replaced it about 5 months ago with a nice leather reclining sofa.
  2. Testing... Default emojis are small, "text" emojis are huge?
  3. My theory is that it's both account and emoji specific. I'm on Chrome on a laptop, fwiw.
  4. That sort of thing is just...really unfathomable for me. It's someone else's stuff...you could just give it back...
  5. Holy wow. Ok. Thank you for sharing your stories. ::hugs::
  6. Thank you. And just to clarify in general, it's not an aspersion on anyone here or meant to undermine; I'm thinking of people I know and myself in particular. And I think of specific things like gaslighting, and am trying to square that with things like faulty human memory, different perspectives/perceptions, etc. e.g.: Do I just think I have a bad memory and am really gaslighting? Am I narcissistic toward my children? etc.
  7. Is it possible for narcissistic generation A to abuse their offspring (generation B) and essentially turn them into narcissists who then abuse generation C? And if so, how is C not also turned into a narcissist? edited for grammar
  8. Really great (sorry!). But ours was straight forward, we never itemized, and they withheld way too much in 2018; I'm having it adjusted.
  9. Well in swimming the guys get the rawer deal, so to speak, so there's that... 😄 And I guess tights for both in things like gymnastics, ballet, and ice skating are the most equitable; the case for seeing the muscles makes some sense. But I don't understand the purpose for the disparity in the volleyball uniforms. All you want to do there is avoid impeded movement, so what works for the guys ought to work for the gals as well. 🤔
  10. Prayer if it was irreplaceable; either doing without it or buying another one if it was mass produced. There's very little I'd turn the house inside out for, though; I think things like this used to bother me a lot more than they do now, fwiw.
  11. Help her learn to love herself, and quickly. I say because I know. That wasn't the right way to end a relationship on his part, and I'm so sorry she was hurt. ::hugs::
  12. Are people more mature in college? 🤐
  13. We clean up messes made by meal prep and meals after each meal. The kitchen only gets a thorough clean once per week...appliances wiped down, etc. the counters get tidied and wiped once every day to day and a half. It's not ideal, really. Dishes depend on who's doing them. The kids tend to only have two dish sessions per day when they do it; I try to keep the sink empty these days (has not always been the case). And I vacuum almost daily (we have a Lab), so that's how the crumbs are taken care of (whatever the dogs missed, anyway!). I guess that's it? Trash goes out when it needs to.
  14. ::hugs:: I'm glad no one was seriously injured!!
  15. I like Dagny. I've never heard of it, and I like new and interesting names. So I'm voting for (to me) novelty. 😄 Adorable kitty, by the way!!
  16. Every other night; I'm trying to get my tween to go daily and it's like pulling teeth.
  17. I must have picked up some Japanese tendencies somewhere!! I'm constantly telling the kids, "If we don't love it enough to take care of it, then maybe we need to give it away to someone who will!" 😄
  18. I do mine and DH's, not the kids. I guess it's a "you're at work all day, so I'll do the stuff around here" thing, though I realize if he were on his own, he'd have to figure things out himself, lol. What I don't do is move his clothes from the floor to the hamper. I wash what is in the hamper (though this is a relatively new practice).
  19. I'd hotel hop, driving as close to 6 hours/day as possible. But that's just what my theoretical starting point would be.
  20. Rinse & scrub, but usually without soap on the sponge. They're foodless before going in.
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