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  1. Does the other country have a drastically different culture from the U. S.? Is the condo a one bedroom, by any chance? That would explain a lot. I'm also curious who initiated this visit.
  2. I'm Orthodox; I get it. May it be blessed. 🙂 And prayers for the last stretch of your pregnancy, and a safe delivery!
  3. So let's review the options... a) there is a morality, and in it fibbing is not harmless, and not ok (but may or may not be "excusable" for various reasons; this point hasn't been able to be explored) b) there is a morality, and in it not fibbing in order to make people feel better is mean and not ok (whether limits to this exist has not been able to be explored) c) there is moral relativism and it's all whatever works for everyone, yipee
  4. This is a perfect example of a lie with a point behind it. May his memory be eternal. ::hugs::
  5. True, there are caveats to what I said; I was going to edit and decided to shower instead. White lies are pretty big pet peeve of mine. I could also see Mom not feeling like she could; not giving herself permission to have both even if she had the money. I get both. To me, that doesn't justify lying about it.
  6. I've been so (over?) protective of my kids and they've only stayed with grandparents, but they're old enough now that I really just need a responsible adult I can call to supervise them for the random occasion so we don't overtax the grandparents (who already have a kid for a day each month and do overnights each month, plus hosting us for dinner each month). We live far from church, and don't know anyone in our area very well. So in that sort of situation, is there a site and/or screening process y'all use when you need actual paid sitters?
  7. Per semester. $8k-$10k per semester. I can't read. Like, I can't see the words on the screen.... That's still a lot better per year than many of the numbers in this thread.
  8. Lots of ::hugs:: and prayers!! I'm pretty sure I'd feel scared, too. It's so great you're doing it anyway!
  9. I wonder what makes the difference between persistence and self-resolution?
  10. Hmm... I'd still have kids. I'd do that over again, though I'd learn from my mistakes. Same thing for all my relationships, of course. Otherwise... Coffee house owner (original game plan; get a business degree and open a coffee house in "the city"), world traveler, homesteader, nun, house flipper, singer (not of idol fame, though; that sounds terrible), woodworker, maybe writer...I might think of others in time, lol
  11. I don't blame her. I'm torn between needles and books; surgery just seems pricey as the thing is not super inhibiting. It's on my right wrist and I thought it was one of those little bones out of place, but I just can't put too much weight on that wrist, so I'm in wait & see mode.
  12. I was told it needed to be surgically removed, unless I wanted to slam a huge book on my wrist, which I don't! The PA said that they could drain it, but there was a chance in would just refill.
  13. Other: it didn't occur to me to think about having a favorite, lol. But I'm generally not good at the, "What's your favorite..." game. Tan cloth is fine; it's what I'm used to.
  14. So this makes me want to send my kids to college abroad... Is that possible? Actually, a nearby college's tuition and fees are about $180 per credit hour, a grand in fees, and $600 in books. R&B bring it to around $8k-$10k per year. Not terrible. It's not a prestigious school, though. It's just a school. Public funded, fwiw. My private LAC is about $44k/year for the whole thing; $30k for tuition et al and $14k for R&B. It was around $23k/year when I was there. I don't have particular attachment to it, anyway. I think they'll be going to the public college and livin
  15. Aww. Here. edit: weird things are happening with my emojis!! My smiley was tiny the first time I posted, then after I edited the post, *poof* it was huge! Hmm..
  16. Yes, but not in that sort of way. My big changes have to do with interpersonal and faith stuff. I wouldn't mind traveling; I love seeing new places, but I'd want to spend several months in each place. I'd love to volunteer...my idea of mission work is more helping people build/repair houses, though. Spend quite a while in a women's monastery (months). Otherwise, it's changes I can make now--hike more, camp more, find a few live entertainment events, go to the beach...things I just haven't given myself permission to enjoy for the past 15 years.
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