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  1. That one had me :lol: . I can't do this because I'm doing something else. And after that, I'll be doing something else; and after that... ;) To be fair, I often wonder if "something else" is really necessary. This week I told DD, "I can't be <insert Whatever She Wanted> Mom this week, I'm busy being Builder Mom."
  2. I'm not sure what to tell you. Anxiety? You could try saying something to him gently, but I think for you to even be able to deal with a doctor, you need to prove incompetency on both their parts. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, though. And if you can't deal with doctors, then unless either your mom is willing to say something, or he is willing to go, there's not much you can do on that end. :( Can you intercept at all? Anticipate what he wants and translate before it gets loud and repetitive? I know that may be an unpopular suggestion, but that's what I'd be inclined to do, es
  3. I'm sorry. :grouphug: Vent away. I guess you've explored a possible tipping point? I mean has it always been like this from day one, or did something change at some point? Is there perhaps something the adult said or did that bugged your DD? I know I had to apologize to a teen several years ago at church for something her mom didn't even notice or think was a big deal when it was explained, but I could tell the teen did and appreciated the apology. It was unintentional belittling, basically. What does DD think about herself? If it's generally negative, this adult's negativity
  4. Nope, not nuts!! But then I'm the one who will sleep on the ground just fine and DH is the one who wants an air mattress. ;) My best friend camped with her babies. Just make the accommodations you need to--whatever fits your situation.
  5. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Despite the burden, I do hope it's nothing serious!
  6. I wasn't, I'm not, but we are. But it's a completely 100% different situation to yours; I'll likely be an empty-nester at 45. Hope you come to a consensus with DH. :grouphug:
  7. I don't have a firm response, but fwiw, we just went to a family reunion and I basically just sat around for 8 hours and soaked up the peacefulness (140 acre farm), and I didn't feel guilty. But that side of the family is pretty laid back; if you look like you're just dandy in your little corner, they'll leave you alone. By "just" I mean like 6 weeks ago, lol.
  8. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  9. We still have "nap" time. It's tempting to abuse it, I won't lie, but something, half an hour to an hour is the only time I am not on-call and on-demand for someone all day. How I use it varies from yard work to message boards to tasks I need complete concentration and/or quiet for (finances, phone calls, etc.). Other times I'll Netflix or nap (usually Netflix if I'm behind on folding). Just the quiet and personal space is very helpful. And I let them have their 2DSes during that time; they're older and don't typically nap anymore.
  10. One thing that does help me is to remember the practical assists that the go-getters typically have. Or even that Charlotte Mason had. She could spend hours outside with children every day because someone else was mother, yet another person was cooking/cleaning, etc. SWB's kids are (probably?) grown at this point. When they were younger, her husband helped teach, and iirc, so did her mother. Someone else held down the fort while she was teaching classes. She has a staff at Peace Hill Press, too. If it's all you all the time, there are less obviously productive things you can get done.
  11. When they were little bitty, it was mostly oatmeal, bananas, and sometimes Cheerios. These day's it's Honey Bunches of Oats, granola bars, and bananas (or whatever other fruit we have on hand). When our hens are laying, I'll scramble eggs. 1 cup of apple juice, some kefir. Apple juice and kefir (in separate cups, lol), and coffee for me. Any more cooking than that and it's going to be a "breakfast for dinner" meal.
  12. My dad found this: https://murphybeddepot.com/products/panel-bed-frame-free-shipping-to-cont-48-u-s-states?variant=31108645073 I've googled for hardware kits for king size beds multiple times; I conclude I'm not good at internet searches.
  13. Thanks! If I were building for a full, or maybe even a queen, I'd absolutely use the boat swivel; that's genius! I will probably use the basic design from the videos though; it's really nice looking. You can tell in the first video, though, he builds a lot. But the king mattress I want is around 150 lbs. plus I don't know how much weight in wood for the frame. I can lift 50 lbs. of feed or grit or whatever, but 200 lbs (which I know it wouldn't be the whole 200 lbs because of physics I can't figure out, but heavy enough that it concerns me). I need what I guess are called gas hinges. I
  14. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: BarbecueMom, :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: for you and your extended family. I'm sorry for both your losses.
  15. Not for a king. They have every other size, though!! I looked at that. The kits are around $300 just for hardware (that's on my line of "do I really want to spend that?"). But they do make it so the bed is way easier to lift and lower. I've suggested a queen mattress for just that reason; I don't know if that will fly, though. Probably for the hinges it won't matter, but for the bar at the foot of the bed, I'm not so sure. I have not thought of ropes and pulleys, actually! I'll look into that; I have to study on other people's DIY jobs to get ideas. I mean, I'm able to build a
  16. ...for a king size mattress....For daily use....That I can lift up and down by myself....After I already designed a regular slatted frame and bought and cut lumber (2x6's, so I'm not re-purposing wood).... :svengo: I realize I could just buy one, but I can't make myself spend the $$$. The $$$ needs to go to a good new mattress. Just had to whine a bit, thanks for listening. :D
  17. If I let them, my kids would stay at the library all day. I usually limit a browsing trip to an hour, and if there are specific books I want, I put them on hold so pick up takes 5 minutes. The grocery in-and-out time is 30-60 minutes depending on how much I need, how collected my brain is, and how the kids are behaving. I day I think we hit our storage unit and two grocery stores and home again in 90 minutes. But all of that is within a 10 mile radius (suburbs). 30-40 minutes of that was driving time, and I didn't need much at either store. But we haven't gotten much of anything els
  18. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug: Thank you.
  19. I think DH would unfriend them even if they were family...
  20. I've noticed the general hot cakes price is 10% - 25% of the original purchase price. /shrug. I'd rather just give stuff away. Aren't there sale and swap boards here?
  21. So my middle was scandalized that I decided to mow today, in between viewing sessions. He was seriously convinced that the eclipse would blind me. Nothing he got from me. I blame their grandparents... :lol:
  22. Sandal; I can handle down to about 40. Otherwise, ankle-height Sloggers with a super tacky design on them. :D Edited for grammar; I do have two feet. ;)
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