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  1. Thank you. 🙂 I'm mainly worried about their self-worth, especially because this is not their fault at all. And the instructional coach said they didn't meet state requirements for advancement, so I'm not sure pushing or fighting come into play. 😕 I mean, if that's how they do things, that's how they do things. For youngest, I'd probably make the same call, too. He flat out failed. And probably, I should have stuck him in 2nd and not 3rd; he's really young for his grade and I essentially "held him back" a year from the start. That was a bad call on my part; he wouldn't have been tested
  2. One for a task management app or website that is free or very cheap, and allows both subtasks and recurring settings for the same task (I'm using Google calendar and it doesn't allow both at the same time). I looked at Trullo and it seemed to want to charge money. I'll keep looking, but was curious if anyone had one they loved. And one for books or websites for parenting/teaching bright, strong-willed children. We're also dealing with emotional immaturity. I'm turning to this late, but hopefully late is still better than never, and I can salvage the next 7 years. I don't kno
  3. They said both boys need to be retained in their current grade. And summer school has been mentioned about three times already. Whether they go to the charter school or return to the public school, this will be the case. idk. The Mama guilt is threatening, but I also want to defend homeschooling, and myself. They're upset they won't move on with their friends (though for my older son, that wouldn't have happened anyway--it was either charter school or home). Neither wants to go to the charter school, and this may affect their wait list status, anyway, as they are wait listed for specific
  4. Level 7, Lesson 9, Day 3--for anyone who happens to have the book. This worksheet asks the student to write examples of hyperbole. DD's: 1. The train was louder than a tornado. 2. The cheetah was faster than a bullet. 3. The horse was bucking higher than a wall. 4. She jumped as high as a kangaroo. 5. That building is taller than the sky! Thoughts? I think #2 and #4 are ok. The others seem borderline. Also, fine output in general for 7th? I'm concerned about her writing, but have little basis for comparison.
  5. ::hugs & prayers:: I know that's not what you asked for, but that's all I've got.
  6. Communist Russia. edit: I guess you could argue that one either way, actually.
  7. Down, regardless. Split floor plan in a ranch. I just want s-p-a-c-e. When they were babies, though, I slept with them on the sofa until they were only waking up up once per night or not at all. At that point, a baby monitor, I guess. Our houses have both been so small that you can hear just fine if you left the doors cracked. It's like 20 ft. from our door to the kids' doors. In the first house it was 3 feet. I like the aging in place angle, too. I was thinking more in terms of in relation to the kids' sleeping quarters.
  8. Khan Academy? ETA: I don't know how the higher levels are with timed review, but it's got all the maths, as far as I can tell.
  9. Weeds. I'm just now starting the whole weeding/mulching process I was supposed to be doing all winter. Although, it was a wet winter, but that doesn't prevent me from feeling like a lazy bum. I had 10 yards delivered today; got tired of waiting for the tree company to be working in my area. So that's the plan as it warms up. Weed. Mulch. The ultimate goal [is] to try raised row gardening, but we'll see what actually happens. 🙂 edited for grammar
  10. We're looking at Pentecost! Now I have to really think about sponsors/god parents, and that's kind of intimidating.
  11. Today was our first day of this. It was a lot quieter, and I got all the extra things done I never get around to. But yeah, weird. idk. I think I'm the only one bothered by it, though. But then again, we've become pretty unfun in the last couple of years, anyway. We have the issue of middle not working for me, and that means there isn't much time to do anything but seatwork, navigating meltdowns, arguments, and do all the things living requires. I think DD was glad the boys were gone. edited for spelling; good grief.
  12. ::hugs:: It's an easy thing to put off.
  13. I'm really, really hoping for one for my boys soon. Hoping school will help it along. idk. We're all kind of needing one over here.
  14. I can't tell yet. And me too. 🙂 I'll still cry, though. I sort of feel like I'm firing myself from the only job I wanted.
  15. I'd rather reside the house than paint brick, personally. But it's also not something I'd buy/not buy a house over.
  16. The fear being it will automatically turn the reader in to a miniature Nazi? I can imagine one of my parents flying off the handle at such news, even now. I think it really depends on the reader and how suggestible they are; I think that's at least as much of a personality/psychological thing as an age thing.
  17. Just posting to say I somewhat feel your pain. I feel like mine's too small, too. And we have 5 with (as far as I know) no neurological issues. Sometimes I wonder about some of us, though... Hope you find a solution. Blessings are still responsibilities, and that can still cause real frustration. ::hugs:: edited for clarity
  18. The two boys really liked the elementary school when we toured. They'd been apprehensive before, so I decided to run with it and did all the paperwork yesterday. They'll start after spring break, diving into testing. Since it's the last two months and they'll be out at the end of May, it's ok. Still sad, but mostly I have peace. Mostly. My educational philosophy is totally different from schools. I guess my ideal at this point would be a secular classical hybrid school nearby, but there isn't one. And unlike the homeschooling pioneers, I am so not up for starting my own when I can't fi
  19. OP mentioned a loom? idk what that could be besides the things from the Middle Ages that wove tapestries, lol.
  20. nvm; didn't read the whole thread, lol. I vote for under sink filters.
  21. Glad you feel positive at present, and ::hugs:: for any moments you don't. 🙂 Hope it's a smooth transition and great year.
  22. What do you do when you make informative statements and it's taken as a request for an opinion? Like, "I'm doing X and I feel Y about it." Where Y is not a fuzzy feeling, but a natural one given X.
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