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  1. Ever had one of those moments where you realized that your life is full of cracks and you might fall apart at any moment, but that who cares because there's a heck of a lot more earth shattering things happening to billions of others? Tonight is that night.

  2. I have conquered video upload! Yaaay!

    1. mama25angels


      Well, now you have to prove it by teaching me how to do it, lol! Just kidding! Glad you're able to do it now



    2. EMS83


      Well I had to use Youtube and Facebook. And I still can't download it to my computer from Facebook, but at least it's off my phone!! I'm very tech un-savvy. ;) You can make videos private on Youtube, by the way. Who knew? :D

  3. We got my youngest a new hamster. Praying this will go better. I did not properly educate myself with the first one and we did literally everything wrong. :(

  4. If I didn't already think I was nuts, reading some of my writing circa '92 - '01 would surely have convinced me! :D

  5. To do: bake 5 dozen cookies and 2 pans of brownies from scratch. :D

  6. I think my youngest's hamster is dying and I'm not sure there's much else I can do. :(

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    2. EMS83


      We buried him this morning. :*( I'm one of those "I'm sure I could have done something different" people, so I'm double sad.

    3. MerryAtHope


      Aw, I'm sorry. There likely wasn't anything you could do. (((Hugs)))


    4. EMS83


      Thanks for the kind words, y'all. AT least we know more about hamsters than we did before.

  7. My very mundane daily life is teaching me that good timing and good tools are 95% of everything. Also, that I'm incredibly impatient.

  8. Appreciating a financial cushion for the first time, and hoping it's not tested anytime soon!

  9. Today I processed my first chicken. I may have to stick to plants...

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    2. Melissa in Australia

      Melissa in Australia

      I find wearing gloves helps. There is something about the smell while processing them that stays on your hands for a long time even after numerous washes that is awful. Gloves eliminate that.

    3. EMS83


      Yeah I noticed the lingering smell; I thought it was psychosomatic, lol. We have a nail brush I used multiple times. I'll have to remember to get some gloves and keep them on hand. Thanks!

  10. Another group of plants in the ground (finally); that was...hopefully worth the effort.

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    2. EMS83
    3. marbel


      We went to a native plant sale last weekend and picked up a few things. We have a poor track record but... we'll see.

    4. EMS83


      Me too! I just keep trying. I have learned that house plants are safer with others, though!

  11. Got a new denim skirt from The Skirt Outlet. I am super excited! Here's hoping it's durable. :)

  12. On days like this, I can't tell if I'm the most awesome ever, or the biggest loser...maybe a bit of both. :D

  13. Ok update: it was not an auger that DH made; I am dumb. It's a mini PVC well drill. And it is still beautiful. :D

    1. Angie in VA

      Angie in VA

      Well, that is impressive! And way cool. :)


  14. My beloved DH made me a water auger for my birthday; this is genuinely the most beautiful thing I've seen in a while. :D

    1. EMS83


      No? Maybe I have the word wrong, lol. It wouldn't be the first time! Google says I did. Ok it's like a mini PVC well drill, lol. It's still beautiful! I'm trying to set t-posts and our dirt is tougher than my sledgehammering skills (which are decidedly lacking).

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