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  1. Memory eternal. I'm so sorry. ::hugs:: I'm so glad you are fine, though! Do be kind to yourself.
  2. As far as I can tell, the entrance or baseline test are one minute timed quizzes in math, reading, and one other area (I'll have to dig out my notes this evening). The only one either of them bombed was youngest with reading. And yeah, no one told me they did that quiz or what the results were. Communication is definitely lacking, and shouldn't be foisted off onto the kids. But they cited state requirements, so I didn't see where there was much of a choice. I'm waiting to get feedback from the charter school. Maybe they have more flexibility than the PS seems to. Otherwise...meh. I may have to disappoint my 11-year-old.
  3. Oh dear; I'm sure it could, but it does sound exhausting, especially with the age spread. I hope your summer is restful! DD was still home during this time. It was fine because she's largely independent and generally cooperative. So far we haven't had the middle school drama I keep hearing about. And the other two were at the same school, so it was probably the easiest scenario of "some in, some out" that could possibly be. But it felt like family life had to be squished to each end of the day; it was just new and uncomfortable. My youngest let me know tonight that he doesn't want to go back to the same school so that he won't be embarrassed there. The oldest boy (middle child) is fine with going back and making new friends with the rising 5th graders. DD most emphatically does not want to go at all. She tells me nearly every day.
  4. Because it will test the changes I made and it will test me. Then I can reassess and adjust.
  5. That thread was deleted, Pen. I'd rather not derail this one with topics that seem to set everyone off. I really didn't need some of those comments at that point, and I could do without them now. However, I'm willing to PM a little on that topic. As for what I need, as I already said upthread, this summer will test the changes I've made and will tell me what I need to know in that regard. *editing to make clear* I know not all those comments came from you; I'm not laying all of that at your feet.
  6. I'm happy they're home for the summer (DD feels the opposite; I don't even make her do much with them). I don't want them to be in school; I just needed them to be (or thought I did? No clue). I was breaking down pretty badly and did need the mental and emotional break, one way or another. It also helped us all start getting up at the crack of dawn, which I like. The past few months have shown me a lot of traps I was falling into, and there's been a lot of evaluation going on--what would I do differently if we could start over, what can we do differently going forward? What are my must haves for self care? How can I keep track of all these perennial to-dos that are never to-done? What do I really have to let go? So on and so forth. And I agree, school is highly inconvenient; I have felt much busier while they've been in school than I did beforehand. I have no idea how families have two working parents and kids in school and do all the things. I will say, though, this house stayed soooo much cleaner and tidier these past two months. Something needs to give there, or I need to get over the idea that my house can be clean and tidy with kids and dogs in it.
  7. If nothing else works, I recommend allergy testing. It is not cheap, but it will tell you exactly what is bugging him.
  8. I signed their paper already; can it be fought after that? Their justification for my 5th grader is that the good grades he got were gotten with a lot of help from the teachers--small groups, modified assignments, etc. And I have our stuff for summer. We weren't computer-based, so those things don't tend to occur to me. I'll look into it, though. *edit* I also think I have cold feet. I'm feeling tons better than when I dumped them in in April, and have been realizing I'll lose a whole year of homeschooling. Maybe I just want this to be a convenient excuse to keep them home?
  9. Oh wow, the subtitle. ❤️
  10. Thanks! I think I responded before reading the whole thread.
  11. Thank you. 🙂 I'm mainly worried about their self-worth, especially because this is not their fault at all. And the instructional coach said they didn't meet state requirements for advancement, so I'm not sure pushing or fighting come into play. 😕 I mean, if that's how they do things, that's how they do things. For youngest, I'd probably make the same call, too. He flat out failed. And probably, I should have stuck him in 2nd and not 3rd; he's really young for his grade and I essentially "held him back" a year from the start. That was a bad call on my part; he wouldn't have been tested or stuck on a Chromebook if I'd done that. My older boy failed one out of the four subjects. And they both had to retake the standardized tests. I'm just...idk. I do think it's ego. And the fact that there's no "back a year in math, ahead a year in content" for B&M schools. Especially for the 11-year-old, since it's just one subject. 2019-2020 was supposed to be a sabbatical. Should this new development change that? I guess that's what I'm wondering, for whatever reason. They don't want to go to the charter school; they want to go back to the PS, but also don't want to be in school "forever." My older son says it takes up too much of the day (I agree). But I needed the break; I'm pretty sure I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown for a whole bunch of reasons. I've made many changes, so we'll see how it holds up when I summer school them. I don't think so, but I didn't ask that question. My impression was it would simply to give them a better start for their current grades next year. And as far as I can tell from the papers they've sent home, it's just two 4-day sessions, and we'd miss two days, anyway. I'm not sure what they plan to do in that time. I'm giving us a break next week and one before school starts, and will still have a full 9 weeks for seatwork.
  12. One for a task management app or website that is free or very cheap, and allows both subtasks and recurring settings for the same task (I'm using Google calendar and it doesn't allow both at the same time). I looked at Trullo and it seemed to want to charge money. I'll keep looking, but was curious if anyone had one they loved. And one for books or websites for parenting/teaching bright, strong-willed children. We're also dealing with emotional immaturity. I'm turning to this late, but hopefully late is still better than never, and I can salvage the next 7 years. I don't know if there is more to it than that; I figured it might be a good place to start.
  13. They said both boys need to be retained in their current grade. And summer school has been mentioned about three times already. Whether they go to the charter school or return to the public school, this will be the case. idk. The Mama guilt is threatening, but I also want to defend homeschooling, and myself. They're upset they won't move on with their friends (though for my older son, that wouldn't have happened anyway--it was either charter school or home). Neither wants to go to the charter school, and this may affect their wait list status, anyway, as they are wait listed for specific grades, not the school as a whole (emailing the registrar soon). Anyway. Feeling low, I guess. Hormonal, too. I guess the good thing is they missed most of the school year, so most of it will be new? But I think putting them in was a mistake for them; apparently most of the last quarter is review and testing of materials they were never presented. I needed the break, but now they feel less than. Youngest said they were stupid, and my middle said the prophecy of going to school and getting bad grades came true (I'm not sure whose prophecy that was). 😞
  14. Level 7, Lesson 9, Day 3--for anyone who happens to have the book. This worksheet asks the student to write examples of hyperbole. DD's: 1. The train was louder than a tornado. 2. The cheetah was faster than a bullet. 3. The horse was bucking higher than a wall. 4. She jumped as high as a kangaroo. 5. That building is taller than the sky! Thoughts? I think #2 and #4 are ok. The others seem borderline. Also, fine output in general for 7th? I'm concerned about her writing, but have little basis for comparison.
  15. Do you have links handy regarding those studies?? I'm curious.
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