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  1. What do you do when you make informative statements and it's taken as a request for an opinion? Like, "I'm doing X and I feel Y about it." Where Y is not a fuzzy feeling, but a natural one given X.
  2. CES2005

    Before HGTV

    You are my hero. 😁 I'm going to live those days, because doing the staged home thing about sent me over the the edge of sanity, and we never even moved. So somehow, we'll have to be able to move out in order to sell this home. Also, I hate grey, greige, and open floor plans. If I had a partner in crime and the funds, I'd love to reno a 100 year old home. The only modern feature I like is master on the main with other bedrooms upstairs. I'm definitely wanting more of a "this room is for X purpose only, that room is for Y purpose only" set up. Smaller rooms to reflect the fact that you don't need much space to sleep or study, for example. Pipe dreams. 🙂
  3. I would think (totally off the top of my head) that Corazin and Bethsaida were Jewish towns, and Tyre and Sidon were Gentile towns. I could be wrong, but if I'm not, this just reinforces what I was saying about how the Jews were supposed to be the likeliest to recognize the Messiah, with mixed results. It would also testify to the spiritual sensitivity of the Gentiles, sort of like Nineveh repented, and Jonah was salty about it. And I'll warrant it's not written down much elsewhere because for one, Christ says in that passage that the miracles were met with unbelief. And two, the people who would have been following Him and seeing these miracles with belief were not very likely able to read and write. The people who could read and write were "the Jews," the Jewish leadership, who opposed Him. Also, in the first couple of centuries, word of mouth was supposedly trusted more than the written word. And the Gospel spread verbally for many years before it was ever written down. None of the Gospel books were even the first NT book to be written, anyway.
  4. I like the other responses here, so I'll just say that it can appear that Christ was "sent" to the Jews "first" because the nation of Israel was supposed to be a testament to God before the rest of the nations, and carried within its worship and teachings the prophecy of Christ Himself. This was the plan from the beginning. Because of this, he had to be sent through the Jews, as a Jew, and if anyone was to recognize Him, it should have been the Jewish people, and many did. The religious leaders were largely who opposed Him, and to whom "the Jews" is referring throughout the Gospels. Also, it's good to remember that Christ is Hebrew. That didn't ever change; He rose and ascended bodily. 🙂
  5. And if it is a friend, they should accept it and be supportive, even as they are disappointed and renew their search.
  6. Definitely this. I'd just skip their number next year.
  7. They do chores because chores need doing, but I do give them allowance and have recently considered docking it for attitude, lol. But I very likely won't. It's $20/month for the older two and $15/month for the 8 year old. But yes, they pay for their own screens and games, and any toys they want outside of birthdays and Christmas. They are supposed to pay for their own pets, but I struggle not to meddle there because they're living things. So they pay for food and the animals themselves, but after losing a couple of pets, I tend to deal with their habitats. There hasn't been an outing with friends to a place like SkyZone, so I'm not sure there, honestly. I might compromise and offer to cover admission, but they'd be on the hook for concessions or arcade games or whatever. /shrug
  8. Of course. That's true, too. 🙂
  9. Please don't do that. Bedtime is where he's safest and least distracted, so of course it all comes out then. He may not feel able to express those feelings at other times, for whatever reason. Let him cry. Hug him. A caveat is if he is keeping you up all night, then find a solution where you both comfort him and help him respect your need for separation and sleep. Yes, find a counselor; vet them, but find one. I'm actually going to counter the logical people on the thread; having experienced that state of mind, logic won't make it stop because it's missing the point. It's hard to say much beyond that, as the reasons for feeling that way can vary wildly, but please don't shut him down. It is both a part of growing up and in need of professional help/guidance; like wellchecks, exercise, and good diets. Some people need more help/guidance than others, but I think we all need at least some, really.
  10. I agree; they're little people, so it's a multifaceted experience for sure, not to mention running a household. And some people are just downright miserable that way, and that's ok, but I'd be downright miserable as a CEO. That doesn't mean I get to belittle their job, and I think the problem is that respect doesn't go the other way. But then, I wouldn't belittle menial jobs, either. We =/= our job, whatever it is. Society forgets that. We forget that, too. 🙂
  11. It's turning brains into mush precisely because of how huge the <deleted> load is. 🤐
  12. Pray, if you pray, and take care of you. ::hugs::
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