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  1. My son loved both the village and museum at that age. Sitting on the same bus seat as Rosa Parks, seeing the chair where Lincoln was assassinated and the limo JFK rode through the streets of Dallas is worth the overpriced tickets in my opinion. There are not many hands on exhibits. Many things he loves are an additional cost, especially in the village. Making mini brass candle sticks on the lathe, eating in the Tavern and riding in historical cars adds up quickly. Every family is different but if you go I hope your family has a great time too!
  2. Here is what I can say about my limited experience (3 students with dysgraphia, dyslexia and various other issues) with this exercise... Did it hurt? No Did it help? Possibly All students showed improvement but this was not their only form of therapy. Unfortunately, there was no way to know what specifically helped. It might have been a combination of things or even a bit of maturity. I hope you find something that helps. It is so frustrating to wade through all the options.
  3. Would someone please list DVD versions of your favorites that are enjoyable? For example, the version of Les Mis with movie starts was a dud in my opinion but the PBS anniversary special was excellent. Thank you from someone that cannot buy live performance theater tickets at this season of my life.
  4. Hugs to everyone who deals with NPD family members! It's a bizarre world and easy to forget which way is up if you're not careful.
  5. Thanks for the review. It has motivated me to make time this weekend to check out the recording. I'm glad you found answers to your questions. This transcript thing is a wee bit intimidating!
  6. Thanks for taking the time to answer and post links too! Your suggestions look like exactly what he needs.
  7. Any suggestions for a book or program to fill in gaps for a typical teenage boy, who also has learning disabilities? Something that would make him appear more well rounded until he can catch up would be ideal. Even a top 100 things to make you look smart type list would be helpful. He feels left out like everyone can play conversational Jeopardy but him. He is a great kid and working hard on getting the basics done so please no "he should know who wrote Moby Dick by now" post. Thanks!
  8. Thanks Penguin, having a support system would be great. It is strange that a forum does not exist. DS has a local organization that he loves. If he had signed up for this award program earlier he would be close to the silver medal. It makes me sad that he missed that opportunity because we were not aware it existed. Now this local group might fold due to funding issues. Maybe you could present the 20 separate slips of paper to one validator at the end of his goal. They could sign one paper validating all the others. Good luck and keep us posted!
  9. My son just enrolled too. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Thanks, I needed to read that today. The tips mentioned are simple but easy to forget when you get caught up in the vortex! Hugs to everyone who deals with a narcissist. It is a soul crushing experience.
  11. We did too! Years later it is still stuck in our heads.
  12. I just looked through 2 catalogs and the DVD price is 59.95. Sorry, hope you find it!
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