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  1. I was wondering if anyone has used "Early American and World History" by Rea Berg in high school? If so, what is the "spine" history book that is used along with this literature approach? Thank you, Denny
  2. Can you tell me why you dismissed "A Noble Experiment"? I was considering this as one of our options and I would appreciate your thoughts. Thanks.
  3. I'm looking for a one semester high school government course. Could you give me pros and cons of the programs you may have used?
  4. We've decided to use Economics in One Lesson, Whatever Happened to Penny Candy, and The Complete Guide to Personal Finance for Teenagers and College Students as part of our economics course for our 11th grade son. Do you have any suggestions for testing? I'm trying to come up with a way to evaluate him for a course grade....any suggestions?
  5. What precalculus course would you recommend for a high school junior?
  6. Has anyone here used schoolhouseteachers.com I recently learned about this website for online courses. I don't want to join it unless I've heard some feedback. Anyone care to share?
  7. I recently heard about Bridgeway Academy....has anyone used their services?
  8. Anyone using the Potter's School or Compass Classroom Visual Latin and Lingua Latina for online high school Latin instruction?
  9. I would like to enroll my high school 10th grader in an online Latin course Does anyone have any experience or opinion on the following options? - The Potter's School (Latin for the New Millenium) - The Compass Classroom (Visual Latin) - The Compass Classroom (Lingua Latina) Thanks, Denny
  10. Uggghhh. I am still so nervous about choosing a Latin program for my 10th grader. I feel like whatever we choose we have to stick with because he needs at least the 2 years of Latin and I don't want to jump around from program to program. Anymore thoughts....suggestions for me. As you can see I have decision paralysis :) Thanks, Denny
  11. What do you recommend for Latin in high school? My 9th grader has never taken Latin before. He would like to take at least two years of Latin to satisfy his foreign language requirments. (He took many years of Spanish and is tired of it). He is a sharp student so I know he could handle Latin, but I don't know which program would be the best. I've heard of so many different options and I am getting overwhelmed and now I have decision paralysis. Here are a few I have heard of: Wheelock's Henle Lone Pine Classical School Lukeion The Keystone school Artes Latinae Powerspeak 12 Memoria Press Scholars online Veritas Latin Trivium Carmenta Online Latin School I am open to your advice and suggestions. Thanks!
  12. Hello all: I would appreciate your input on this dilemma. I am home schooling my high school son. He is currently in 9th grade. He would like to attend Arizona State University (ASU). When I reviewed their admission requirements it says that any science lab courses completed in high school must be "live labs". No virtual labs on computer are accepted. ASU is not clear about accepting science labs done in the home environment. The labs we do are "live", meaning we use real equipment (i.e. microscope, slides, dissection equipment, etc.) in our home school science courses. My concern is that they will not accept these labs. I have talked with different advisors at ASU and received different answers. And there will be no guarantee that what they tell us today will be what they judge his transcript by in 3 years when he applies to college. This has been my plan. What do you all suggest? 9th grade: His first semester of Biology was completed at a local public high school. The second semester we decided to home school him. We continued with Biology by completing Apologia Biology. 10th grade: We plan on doing Apologia Chemistry 12th grade: We plan on having him take Physics at a local community college for dual credit for the 1st semester. The second semester we plan on having him take Anatomy and Physiology at the local community college for dual credit. Have any of you encountered difficulty getting a college to accept home school high school labs? What did you do? All your advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks, Denny
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