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  1. My son has Downs and he loves Sequence and a modified version of Yatzee!
  2. I love Christmas shopping all year! I find that when I wait until Nov, I stress out over the cost of everything. If I spread it out over the year, it doesn't affect me. :tongue_smilie: I have finished for all 4 nieces, 4 siblings, 1 nephew, and 3 sets of parents. I still have 1 sibling and 2 nephews left, plus my own kiddos and dh.
  3. I'm Giselle! I have 3 I homeschool and 2 wee ones who want very badly to be schooled like their older siblings. I have been a lurker on the boards for about 2 years and am so thankful for all the wonderful advice I have received here. I finally joined when I felt the need to pm someone. I like camping and being outside on sunny days.
  4. My daughter was also still wetting the bed at age 6. We bought her one of those alarms that attach to her panties. As soon as it senses wetness, it makes this awful, loud noise. She woke up and finished going on the potty. It trained her very well and it didn't take too long either. :grouphug:'s. I know how frustrating it is!
  5. My daughter used them, but she struggles with math. If your daughter "sees" the problem in her head, than you may not need them. Could you borrow somebody's book to check it out first?
  6. :bigear: This looks perfect for us! I hope somebody who has used it will chime in.
  7. I love A Sunday on La Grande Jatte. This is kind of silly, but I first saw it as a kid on Ferris Bueller and every time I see it, I hear the music from the movie. lol
  8. :grouphug: Praying for full recovery and peace for the whole family.
  9. I have no advice. I just wanted to let you know you aren't alone. :tongue_smilie: Every single day, I want a baby and then I don't. I am running out of time to decide for sure as I will be 39 this year. I want so badly to experience the birthing process again., to fall asleep holding a baby on my chest, to take in the smells and newness. And then reality hits me and I remember sleepless nights, postpartum depression, 2 year olds. :lol: I figure as long as I am not totally on board with it, I probably shouldn't plan for one. But if it happened, I'd be totally okay with it.
  10. I'll let you know on Monday... we are leaving tonight for a 43 hr cross country trip. :tongue_smilie: 5 kids ages 2-13 and no sleeper car. We are excited. I realize it may not go perfect, but it is an adventure of a lifetime. We have a bag packed with food so that we only will have to purchase 2 meals the whole time. Our decision came down to cost and convenience: Even renting a car when we get there, its only $500 more than driving would have been. It would have taken us an extra 2 days each way to drive. The wear and tear on our van would be awful. I say go for it!! :D
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