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  1. Thank you ladies so much. Yes, I laughed and than cringed when I read satisfaction. lol She is applying for everything out there that a high school graduate qualifies for. She has not even had an interview, so my mom and I asked her to send us her resume. Since high school, she has only had 4 jobs so I don't think she can get away with leaving that time off. However, Ilove the idea of skill based resume and going with something a little less conventional. There were other problems with her resume also, but I know how to fix the rest. She is really trying to put her life together again, and it has been a struggle. Hopefully things will turn around for her soon. Again, thank you. I appreciate your advice. :)
  2. Hi all! My sister is trying to find a job after many years of working as a stri%p#r. She originally put the club name and her responsibilities as a bartender/ customer satisfaction. But... anyone who looks up the club can see it's actually a str1p club. You guys on the Welltrainedmind are the most resourceful people I know. Please help us come up with something. She can't leave that time peiod off as it is about 10 years. ANy ideas? TIA!!!
  3. And this is exactly why we are no longer foster parents. :( Sorry you're going through this bs.
  4. Re. the bolded We went through Catholic Social Services. They had a wonderful program for the whole family. They take insurance and prorate based on income. I am glad to know there are more books on RAD now. We were pretty limited 10 years ago.
  5. When Love is Not enough by Nancy Thomas This book, along with 1 1/2 years of therapy and family counseling helped us immensely. Good luck to your friend!
  6. I have one. We named a daughter after my husband's favorite aunt he had while growing up. She passed away when he was young. Well, one day while his other aunt was visiting, she asked why we picked daughter's name. Yup, not even thinking, I said it. Oh because Aunt soandso was his favorite aunt. SILENCE. more silence. Somehow we got through it with much groveling on my part. I was mortified!! She still jokes about it now and I want to disappear everytime she brings it up. lol
  7. My little one turned four in Nov. She was very specific with how she wanted her party- what to play and do. We invited 3 of her friends, all of which had siblings. We are good friends with all the parents. This was the first party we had where the whole family wasn't invited. If everyone had brought siblings, they would've been left out of the game and crafts, as I only had enough for each of her friends. All this to say... she probably has a good reason for not inviting your other child. While I don't think it's rude to ask if she can come anyway, I do think it could put her on the spot and make her feel uncomfortable or even bad. Good luck!
  8. I think it's a great idea. Really, I expect people to ask for help when moving. We have, and we always offer pizza afterwards and everyone has a great time. Good luck with your move!
  9. I voted other because mine get to drink soda only on special occasions, like birthdays. :)
  10. We plan on staying here when we go. She is only a mile from the metro and she'll drop you off and pick you up. I have heard wonderful things about her hospitality and home: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/4726
  11. Did you buy the Extra Practice sheets? We use CLE. When a concept is not really gotten, we pull out the Extra Practice sheets and work those. Then we move to the next lesson. You could also try working 1/2 the questions in each section one day and the other half the next day. Granted, you won't finish all the workbooks in a school year, but hopefully spending more time with each lesson will solidify his understanding. Hope this helps . Sorry I don't have more for you.
  12. Good for you! I lost 20 pounds and got muscles w/ TurboFire. I think Chalene is very motivating!
  13. :iagree: They also have an extra worksheet book that you can buy for if your kiddo needs extra review. I recommend it, at least for this first year.
  14. For us, it's toasted cheese sandwiches and a salad(or whatever veggies I can find). Yup, tonights dinner.:D
  15. :grouphug::grouphug: Hopefully you are all sleeping peacefully now.
  16. WARNING: Don't read this thread while eating breakfast. Gag!:ack2: Seriously, hope you figure it out and none of your other food is infested.
  17. :iagree: + I missed the one on nirvana, which I should've known. :blush:
  18. Last of the Mohicans Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium Pretty Woman Anne of Green Gables
  19. [quote name=BibleBeltCatholicMom;4386020 So' date=' things that would be hard for me to make fit under the rules are things like spaghetti. I usually use pkgd pasta with homemade sauce. It isn't many intredients but takes a while for the sauce to simmer. It might do, though, if I didn't let it simmer so long or if I just tossed with diced tomatoes, basil and garlic w/o making the sauce. FYI> I make sauce with veggies, seasoning, diced tomatoes, and a small can of tomato paste to make it saucy. It doesn't take long because the paste thickens it without waiting for the tomatoes to reduce. HTH
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