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  1. When I was first married at 19, I asked my new husband what his favorite dinner was because even though I had zero cooking experience, I figured I'd be able to make it. How hard could cooking actually be? Ha! He was a southern boy with a southern mama who could make the most amazing fried chicken you've ever tasted. Years later, I actually saw her preparing her fried chicken and it was an all day event. Anyway, I completely burnt the chicken. We sat down to eat it anyway, figuring we could pick off the burnt stuff. One big bite later, my husband was spitting out the raw, still bloody chicken. Gag!! I cried.
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    A babydoll that pees Roller skates
  3. Tello also uses Sprint. My child pays $6.40 a month for unlimited text and 100 call minutes. They also have data plans but he just uses wifi. You build your service based on how many minutes, data, and text you want. We've been happy with them.
  4. I only read through the first few posts so sorry if this old news. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a child. At 13, I had a bone age x-ray done and it had me at 10 years old. Yes, I was about the size of a 9-10 year old. Once I starting taking synthroid, I started to grow again but I was always the tiniest girl in my class. At some point, I started to catch up though and continued to grow until I was about 20 years old. I am now 5'5". I was never offered growth hormone shots that I am aware of. Based on my experience, she will catch up and I wouldn't get the shots. Good luck and I hope they get her thyroid levels figured out soon so she can feel better!
  5. Thanks everyone for the Cera Ve recommendations. I will definitely try that first as its much cheaper. Also, I forgot I could order samples from PC so thanks for the reminder. I will do that. Wow, I had no idea!
  6. So I always read on these boards how much y'all love Paula's Choice. I need help for my face! I've always been a minimalist when it comes to taking care of my face. Pretty much soap, witch hazel, and sunscreen. Well, the last couple of years as I have reached my 40's, my skin has changed. It has gotten dry and sensitive. I have rosacea on and around d my nose. Ugh! After trial and error, I have found a soap I love. But I have wasted so much money trying to find a face lotion. They either burn my face, stink, or just have been ineffective. So, I'm now looking at Paula's Choice and trying not to freak out at paying $30 for two ounces of lotion. I like the looks of the Moisture Boost Hydrating Trearment. Anybody use it? Id love to hear what are your must haves and wants. Also, should I use something different for night time? I have some fine lines around my eyes that are getting deeper. I'm fine with getting older and looking older but I want it to feel good. I'm tired of my face burning. Tia!!
  7. Milovany and Patty Joanna and a couple other ladies made a serious impression on me starting about 5 years ago. In threads about religion and various hot button issues, they always came across as so humble and truly caring about how others felt. They were so gracious with people. They didn't have to be right. Through them, I discovered Eastern Orthodoxy and now this many years later, my entire family is Orthodox. They were truly a blessing to me and helped in changing my life forever.
  8. So I took the kids to Dairy Queen, as planned. I ordered a sundae, as planned. But then they gave us an extra blizzard because someone messed up. So of course, I helped to eat it. And now, I am kicking myself. I hate that I have NO self-control when sugary stuff is in front of me. I hate that I wake up before everyone else in order to exercise uninterrupted, and then I negate it by eating crap. To top it off, I overate at dinner too. So, any tips on how NOT to give in when it's in your face?
  9. Your lunch sounds delicious! Exercise: 10 min solution boot camp(40 minutes) B: smoothie L: carrots and squash w/ hummus and 2 spg squash/baked eggs muffins S: watermelon and a spoonful of parfait D: Mediterranean pasta salad w/ corn-on-the-cob Taking kids to Dairy Queen tonight. I will probably get a small blizzard even though I know I shouldn't get more than a cone. Sigh
  10. Cardio kickboxing this morning. B- smoothie L- 3 black olives, 2 baby tomatoes, 1.5 chickpea patties, and herbed potato salad (no mayo and so good!) S- 3 small peanut butter cookies and an apple D- Happiness soup and veggie flatbread I have read that people who fidget burn up to 300 more calories a day than those who don't.
  11. Could you swing a kettlebell? When I broke my foot last year, that is what I did to get my heartrate up. I found it to be very effective and even now, I will swing the kettlebell a couple times a day just to ramp up my metabolism.
  12. 10 pound slimdown extreme by Chris Freytag. It's on YouTube. It's strength and cardio together. This is what got me into strength training. I didn't realize that strength training didn't have to look like bodybuilding, and so I was never interested. Also, lots pf people use resistance bands successfully but if you have a bad back I would suggest skipping them. I have an old back injury that flared up while trying to use the bands. I have a strong core and I'm pretty sure I was using them right. Just FYI. Good luck!
  13. 30/30 HiiT B: smoothie L: 2 baked eggs over spg squash, 3 olives, 5 baby carrots, watermelon S: 6 french fries and 9 rice crackers with mustard D: rice with shrimp and mushrooms and cornbread
  14. New to this but I sure do need accountability! Thanks for starting this up. Did a dumbbell workout from PopSugar this am. B- smoothie L-1 fried egg over hash browns, 3 dolmades, and watermelon S- rice crackers with baba ganouj and olive tapenade D- planning on grilled chicken thigh, buttery rice, and some sort of veggie I switched protein powders this week and though the taste is amazing, I'm finding myself very hungry a couple hours later. Not sure if I should switch back or maybe add a nut butter, but I don't want to add too many extra calories.
  15. I was diagnosed when I was 12. I had just had a physical the week before and passed it. My grandma came out for a visit and was shocked at the size of my goiter. My mom took me back to the same Dr and he tested me and than apologized profusely for missing it the week before. Looking back at pictures, I had a noticeable goiter by age 9. My other symptoms (that I can remember) when diagnosed: I was tiny, like wearing size8 girl's clothes. I was tired a lot. I was constantly being accused of being lazy. The heat killed me. No sign of puberty starting. I'm sure there were others but that is what I remember(this was thirty years ago). If you think Dudeling could have it, I'd insist on having him tested. Good luck! Ps. I was tiny in stature and weight. I want to emphasize that in children, one does not have to be overweight to be hypothyroid.
  16. This is really neat, but I don't think it worked for me. I love, love MM. The quiz scored MM as my fourth lowest.
  17. Tonight is chickpea sliders, crash potatoes, dolmades, and a salad. The sliders is a new recipe so haven't tried it yet.
  18. Avila is my favorite place to visit in California! It's in a bay so it's more protected from bad weather and rip currents. Plus SLO and Morro Bay are real close and there are some fun things to do there. Morro Bay is great for finding really good shells, as someone already said.
  19. I took a bus from Virginia to Texas when I was 19. I would not let my daughters do the same... not in a million years.
  20. 1. National or state parks 2. Richmond, VA- it's central to the beach, mountains, and history 3. Avila Beach CA 4. Niagara Falls, Canada side 5. Europe and Russia tour
  21. Math Mammoth and Life of Fred. Love both! We read LoF together on the couch and answer the questions orallly when possible.
  22. I would look. I don't think it is unethical. We fostered, and I have every intention of looking up a sibling group we had. I will wait until they are adults and probably won't contact them. I saved pertinent information that will make it easy for me to find them as long as they are in the US still. Good luck and hugs to your mama. I know the heartbreak she is feeling.
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