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  1. My 5 year old son just started public school kindergarten. We homeschooled last year for prek and he did very well. He began reading last fall and now LOVES to read! His writing is average (he finds that very boring). But he loves to read, tell stories, and ask tough questions. Last week he started kindergarten in an advanced scholars program in the public school system. THe idea behind the program is that can/will individual learning based on where the kids are. This week the handout from home explained that they were learning 6 sight words and counting and writing numbers up to 10. (my son has no problem doing addition and subtraction up to 10 in his head and already can read the sight words through 2nd grade) I have a conference with the teacher for next week to discuss all of this. But here are my questions.. SHould I have my son be tested for "giftedness"? If so, where/how do I do that? Should I keep him at school and continue to afterschool? I could use some guidance. THanks
  2. He does draw a little. But he doesn't enjoy it much. He wants everything to be perfect and he gets upset if his drawing isn't "just right." How can I help him
  3. My son just turned 5 last week. We started doing a very relaxed preK this year. He is very bright. He reads well by himself, does addition, subtraction, learning german, etc... the only thing he hates is writing. We are doing explode the code which he enjoys - until it comes to the copy and writing parts. Is this normal? Should I back off the writing for a while or push him to do it more? I thought next fall we would start HWOT. Should I back off until then? Advice please!
  4. Thanks for sharing! The preschool printable sheets are great. My son will LOVE them!!!
  5. This was me this year!! My son went to a 3 year old class at our church last year. This year we decided to keep him home. I wanted to give homeschooling a try and I figured this was the year to try it. I'm so thankful that we did. It has been a wonderful experience. Challenging, yes. But great. It was difficult for me to tell people. My family (mom, sister, etc) was especially hard. But I just told everyone that we feel that this is the best decision for my 4 year old and for us as a family. Most people didn't ask any more.
  6. Unfortunately there is no testing going into kindergarten. There is one school in the county that offers an accelerated program and we are going to look into that. It is a charter school so we'd have to apply and provide transportation which we would be fine doing.
  7. We started weaning at 12 months, but were done breastfeeding at 15 months. We had issues with cows milk as well. He did not tolerate it. We tried lactose free, but he was still having issues. Now he drinks almond milk 3x a day. And water the rest of the time.
  8. Thanks for all of the responses. This makes a lot of sense. I think the worst thing would be for my little guy to get labeled as a troublemaker just because he is bored. What I wasn't sure of is if he was truly ahead or if I was just being an overly proud mom. But it sounds like that he is academically ahead.
  9. I have a 4 year old son that turns 5 next month. We have homeschooled this year for Pre-K. We have been very relaxed this year, but we have done explode the code, various math books/activities, and tons of reading. My son is a very quick learner. At this point he is reading on his own (level 1 readers), He can count to 40, do addition and subraction with numbers up to 10, etc.... So at this point we are trying to decide what to do about kindergarten. Our son loves to be with other kids and in that aspect I wonder if sending him to school would be good for him. However, is he advanced? DO you think he'll be bored? I mean, if they start with the alphabet and sight words I fear he'll be bored and then get into mischief. I'd love your thought and advice!!!!
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