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  1. Is anyone else excited for another year of music lessons and getting to listen to NEW MUSIC?!  Out with the old...!

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    2. Violet Crown

      Violet Crown

      No. By the time we get to new music, we've played the Suzuki recordings so often I grind my teeth to the melodies in my sleep.

    3. FuzzyCatz


      Haha @Violet Crown my kids are older now but relatable!

      And yes, I do get sick of their current music.  My oldest musician is heading for college this fall so I bet I'll miss it!  My younger is preparing to travel overseas with her orchestra and I'm going too.  That music will get REALLY old!

    4. dmmetler


      When I taught at a Suzuki school, I would hear the recordings in order in my sleep, and if I happened to hear a melody out of that context, my brain would play the recording. Sometimes including whatever missed notes the most recent student had been playing.


      One of the best things about restarting my program as an independent studio is that I’m now able to pick my own materials and songs, and am largely going with things that are new to me as well as to the students. Part of this is that there are a lot of really, really good piano materials for younger kids that have come out as self-publishing has become more common, and part of it is that there are songs that I would happily never hear again. 

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