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  1. Can you make your own popsicles? Plain Greek yogurt with fruit pieces or a little honey would probably be better than the pre-sweetened ones.
  2. @soror take full advantage of your rest day!! Maybe down some vitamin C as well... @Matryoshka that sounds fun! I like it when we have partners and tag team exercises! Friday and today (and probably many more MWF classes) we are working on mobility, specifically in hips. Friday, we did a jujitsu move (starting at 1:50 in this video) which I absolutely loved - it was just plain old fun. Today we did some curtsy lunges with kettlebells and these things that are kind of like spiderman push-ups, but you lay completely on the floor with your arms extended to the side. Raise one hip a little and swing your leg out and try to touch your foot to your hand and then bring your leg back in one controlled movement. Alternating the mobility movements with hip/glutes/ham resistance band exercises. I'm loving this change-up.
  3. You cannot adequately spend energy on the other major stressors in your life if you are not investing energy into your own well-being. You need this especially if other people in your life are telling you this.
  4. I don’t about second and third place; I don’t remember seeing anything about it though. Good for you!! How awesome!
  5. Maybe you are fighting an actual bug not just allergies?? Ugh, I’m sorry. It’s the worst when you feel almost-sick. I hope it passes quickly!
  6. Do whatever you have time for/feel like. The best workout for you is the one that gets done and gives you results, not burnout or injuries...and that you actually like doing! The *only* thing I would say across the board is to start any weight training with at least 5 min of cardio to warm up the body. Don’t lift cold.
  7. Ms Angle, math teacher at CLRC, broke her hip a couple days before classes began so they started a week late. But she has been absolutely amazing and DS loves her. We got an email from her tonight saying that subsequent tests for her injury revealed bone cancer. If you are the praying type/have experience with CLRC, please remember her.
  8. My supplement shop has a 9-week fall transformation challenge and the winners (male and female) get $1000. The basis is a combination of body fat % lost and muscle mass gained. You just have to go in weekly for the body scan which I do anyways. I went in for a new flavor of amino acid and the guy that’s been helping me for weeks encouraged me to sign up so I did. I didn’t really think I’d have a chance but I looked up the winner from the summer challenge and it seems like it might be doable! A little extra money would be really nice 🙂 I went to my first Saturday class which was mostly sparring and I was the only girl amongst rather large men who, judging by their black eyes and other bruises, actually do some fighting. Not gonna lie, it was intimidating 😁 and a little humbling because my defense goes from technical to swatting flies REALLY quick. I wasn’t too bad at offense and managed to land some punches. But yeah, big change. Push-up form is getting better. Got up to a minute and a half plank (x4 with 2 minute breaks between...eventually they will be combined! 😆) and during the last little bit I remembered that about 3.5 months ago, I couldn’t even do 10 seconds. And that was really motivating 😊 Consistently move forward, no matter how small the steps seem to be because it definitely adds up.
  9. If you get your college kids to subscribe to the nytimes, it’s like $6/3 months or something like that. Maybe try that? It was an interesting article.
  10. Supline planks on an exercise ball squats deadlifts squats box jumps jump squats squats
  11. I was going to say a protein shake.
  12. but...but....FOOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!
  13. Does your university have a Kinesiology department? That's where my assessment is; the grad students run the "Human Performance Lab" for the athletes. Regular students have to pay a nominal fee for assessments and community members pay a little bit more.
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