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  1. There wasn't an option for multiple choices, so I buy DVDs, Blu-rays, Amazon digital, Redbox that never get returned so I buying them, and VHS from the thrift store because yes, we still have a vcr and I rent movies from Amazon and Netflix.
  2. I think I am spoiled. I have all my passwords saved in either Chrome or via facial recognition on my iPhone so buying movie tickets takes about 1-2 minutes (because my cc number is also saved with my passwords). Same with amazon or any number of other places I buy from regularly. My grocery stores all have more checkers than self-checkouts but the self-checkouts work flawlessly. I've literally never had a single problem. My only peeve is when people don't design their websites properly so I actually have to do something on my computer on their timetable vs. on my phone.
  3. Honestly, I would hate that job and would gladly turn it down. I am a severe introvert/homebody and need to be able to compartmentalize my life. I could not function if I lived where I worked (working where I live is something different and is generally OK).
  4. My house will eventually be historic. Might as well start accumulating dated decor now.
  5. I just bought 200 ft of wallpaper for a living room, kitchen, and computer room. I am seriously in love with Spoonflower.
  6. DS will be doing high school latin that uses the oxford book at CLRC this coming fall and he will be in 7th grade. He started latin this past year (6th grade) with MP First Form. I talked with Anne and she said that there will be a lot of overlap and redundancy because of MP, but because it's a high school course it will go faster so he'll get into new material quicker. Prior to this, he had zero latin exposure (although he did have several other languages under his belt).
  7. IME, it's always quicker to have the pharmacist call the doctor's office for refills. So I would take the bottle in, have them check the refill status again and then if there is still a discrepancy, they can call the doctor's office.
  8. If the tree is still alive and healthy and they are just nervous about it, let them pay for it. If the tree is at the end of it's life and will likely need to come down in the next few years, offer to split the cost.
  9. I big-puffy-heart-love flying. Anywhere, I don't care. Stick me in an airport and then an airplane and I'm a happy camper.
  10. The Flowers of War (lots of possible triggers, but excellent)
  11. The times I've gone back for a second showing have been to measure something specific for a particular piece of furniture or double check appliances/hookups. Pretty much already sold on the house but need to get my wheels in motion on how to make certain things work. Fingers crossed for you!!
  12. Ok I think I'm going to try the Purina One stuff... do I get the large breed food or the 7+ food? Also, is there any benefit to canned food?
  13. I'm seriously lost as to how to compare different foods and then how do you balance out budget vs quality? I know one of my cats did really well on Science Diet for a problem he was having so I'm assuming they're really good quality, but with how much my dog eats, I don't want to spend $100/month on dry food. She's been eating the costco brand food for quite a while that is like $35? I don't know the quality of it though. She is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever/Golden Retriever mix and I would like something that will help her age gently (she's 7 now).
  14. Anyone play Animal Crossing NL? I need friends...

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    2. Lilly's Mom

      Lilly's Mom

      There are some really good how to's out there. I've been playing for years my daughter for maybe a year. Mostly she just goes and whacks her villagers with a net and catches butterflies. 

      When you can visit towns my dream address is 4D00-010B-5AB1

      PrincessB. 2466-8311-3471 

    3. WendyAndMilo


      haha nice 🙂

    4. WendyAndMilo


      5D00-0147-9DF2 is my dream address.  Took me a minute to figure out how to get it.

  15. I just don't see anywhere here or in the other thread comparing skilled labor (or unskilled, whatever) with jobs that require a degree or apprenticeship. So I'm completely lost as to why this even came up.
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