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  1. I've been thinking about video games a lot since I'm in the middle of making a couple games, and what my ethical responsibility is, both as a human being influencing other human beings and as a Christian. I think that a lot of sin/problems come from three areas related to the fall in the garden: union with God, union with each other and work-since God gave us work before the fall occurred, I believe that work is meant for our good. But micro-managers were born in the Fall, so to speak. So now we work in futility, others take credit for our work, we are stifled and oppressed, goals are always changing, etc. Video games take that and, for better or worse, give us clearly defined goals, paths that leads to actual rewards, rewards that cannot be taken away by others, and the autonomy to choose how to best play the game. I think they also give us the feeling of making a difference and ridding the world of the bad guys. You know that quote from CS Lewis? - "Let there be wicked kings and beheadings, battles and dungeons, giants and dragons, and let the villans be soundly killed at the end of the book. I think it is possible that by confining your child to the blameless stories of life in which nothing at all alarming ever happens, you would fail to banish the terrors, and would succeed in banishing all that can ennoble them or make them endurable" - I think these are the "mature" themes that really do appeal to adults (and kids) because they give a semi-tangible outlet to our emotional/spiritual needs. Now I'm not saying that some games go severely overboard with the gore and languages and sex...anyways...enough rambling. If you aren't opposed to violence per se, you might want to look into the Gears of War series. It's probably one of my all-time favorite franchises and you can turn off the language and most of the gore (which is mostly why it has an M rating). The story line is great, the characters have some depth, and the violence is against invading non-humans.
  2. It has to do with what goes into making good open-world games. They are far more involved and time/labor intensive so to make one, the game studios need to make sure that they will sell well, and unfortunately, peaceful-happy doesn't sell as much as more mature themes.
  3. “What’s wrong with you?!” ”You’re funny; we’ll kill you last.”
  4. Ark is pretty violent at times; you have to kill dinosaurs/creatures and hear them screaming when you do it. I mean, you don’t have to kill them, but you won’t get very far if you don’t have any meat.
  5. We spend $4.25/pound for a backyard turkey butchered 4 days beforehand/not frozen.
  6. Well....Zelda is pretty much the only game like that on the Wii. Animal Crossing would be the next closest but not really close. I would honestly recommend getting a different console, or seeing if your computer works with PC games. Would she like games like Buildings Have Feelings Too? or Gorogoa? Or Journey? Or a Hat in Time? If you had an xBox, Arise (not yet released) looks really sweet. EastShade, Stela, Sole, Fell Seal, Ghost of a Tale, I and Me, Yonder, Scribblenauts might be fun as well and hit some of your points. (Some also might be available elsewhere like steam but I know for a fact they are on xbox). Your game requirements are a little limiting 😉
  7. DS does about 6 hours, but 1.5 hrs are mandatory music practice. He also does a few languages. The time does not include sports practice or independent reading.
  8. I find it weird that every item that has a review has 5 stars. I mean, I've never seen any clothing that was so amazing that EVERYONE gave it 5 stars.
  9. @PrincessMommy is she off in all the tones of just a few? I've noticed that our choir sounds so much better in some than others. Has she been around long enough to see a correlation? If so, maybe request that additional practice be made in weeks with certain tones so that everyone has a chance to work on the weird ones. (Please note, I am not in the choir; this is just outside observations and listening to the ramblings of my godmother who is our choir director 🙂
  10. We've had some people donate their old tablets to the choir so that the music can easily be passed around to people not right at the stands. Would something like that be helpful or are your directors/priest anti-electronic during service?
  11. I *think* I have an idea what it looks like...could you post a picture??
  12. Is there one director that has more experience outside of the church with singing/choir/music in general? If so, I would go to that person, explain the situation and ask if there is anything you can do to help the situation on your end - not complaining or putting the burden on the newcomer at all, ya know?
  13. I'm a cleaner and I charge $25/hr for regular customers.
  14. WendyAndMilo


    Love love love Baby Driver.
  15. Looks exactly like all of my fingers when I've broken them. Get it checked out.
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