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  1. WendyAndMilo

    Question for pool owners

    Wow, I can’t imagine having all these rules. The pool I had growing up was 3/4 the size of an Olympic pool with half of it being 10’ deep. From about age 10, I was allowed to swim alone, eat and drink in the pool, and when I was about 13 it was like a right of passage to try to beat my dad’s record of 36 straight hours in the pool so I swam while everyone was asleep too. No gates or anything. The only that ever got me yelled at was running around the pool, especially when I was already wet. Everything else was A-ok.
  2. WendyAndMilo

    Help with metronome work

    Honestly, it's taken DS about 5 years to really be able to work with the metronome properly. I think it may have been an issue with his APD/hearing loss, but I can't be sure. Anyways, we just kept at it and now he doesn't willingly turn on the metronome, but when he does, it's not a mess.
  3. WendyAndMilo

    S/o Getting Rid of it All

    Can you look at it like you invested in your child and the curriculum served it's purpose by preparing him for xyz. Therefore, you've already recouped your investment. Maybe..
  4. WendyAndMilo

    What do you serve soup in?

    Bowls. I've found that plates don't work so well.
  5. WendyAndMilo

    Not wanting to risk it

    I've always thought that that would be the perfect sort of relationship: separate houses, separate everything, but living next door to each other for something of a long-term, committed, friends-with-benefits relationship.
  6. Back in October, I decided to only eat when I was hungry. I didn’t really have a reason to change (I’m overweight but I like me) so I’m not sure why I did. Turns out, I’m only really hungry once a day around 4pm and I’ve lost 20 pounds already. I’ve got 50-60 more pounds to lose to get back into my USMC shape which I’m using as a goal since I don’t really have any idea what I’m working toward. I actually like only eating one meal a day; if I decide to start tracking carbs or sugars or whatever, I won’t be doing it through the whole day which sucks (for me anyways). Food isn’t always on my mind and I have more energy, even during 9 hour days of manual labor. I am going to add in weight lifting in the next week or so.
  7. WendyAndMilo

    Not wanting to risk it

    Yeah, I can see having a good enough one, especially if you don't believe in The One (I don't).
  8. I dunno. DS is my only so I guess I'm saving curriculum (most of it) for grandkids...I say you're fine 🙂
  9. WendyAndMilo

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    Yes....and since she didn’t post during her yesterday, I was wishing her good thoughts. Geez.
  10. WendyAndMilo

    Dr Hive, this is reasonable, yes ?

    I hope this break in posting means y’all are at the hospital and your DH is getting the helps he needs. Keeping you in my prayers Stella!
  11. WendyAndMilo

    Strange thing happened...

    I was going to say put all the snow back onto his walk so that he might think the gray-haired lady in a dress shoveling his walk with just in his head.
  12. WendyAndMilo

    And now her watch is done

    I am so sorry 😞
  13. I moved from SoCa to Idaho. The two things that really stood out were DMV fees which are much much lower in this LCOL area but also the types of stores that seem to be geared towards low income families. Where I lived in SoCa had maybe 3 thrift stores and they were terrible; garage sales seemed to be the same way. Here, I can find amazing thrift and consignment stores for EVERYTHING on almost every corner. There are other things too that make it so much easier to save money, but those really made an impression and still do 10 years later.
  14. So I tried to come up with my GRAND IDEAS list, but there just weren't 52 things that I want to do all year long. Some bucket-list items will be added during the summer when I'm out of school, but for my year-long resolutions list, I've got 29 things I would like to do every week (a lot of inspiration from previous lists!) 1. Spend 1 hour brushing up/extending my Arabic 2. Spend 1 hour brushing up/extending my Bosnian/Croatian 3. Spend 1 hour brushing up/extending my French 4. Write one foreign language poem 5. Pray one akathist 6. Write at least 2 formatted pages in novel 7. Read one non-fiction book 8. Watch one movie with kid 9. Play 1 game with kid 10. Go on one outing with kid 11. Lose 2 pounds 12. Make a card for someone and send it off 13. Spend 1 hour painting or drawing 14. Eat one salad a day 15. Spend at least 4 hours working on graduation project 16. Knit or crochet for 1 hour 17. Sew one item 18. Quilt for 30 minutes 19. Memorize one thing 20. Lift weights for 30 minutes a day 21. Stretch daily 22. One reading night/poetry day with kid 23. Complete all homework assignments on time 24. Take dog for a walk at least once 25. Do school everyday with kid 26. Keep track of bank balance/money with register book 27. Play piano for one hour 28. Compose one full-length song or 3 minutes total 29. Use the brand new planner I just bought!
  15. WendyAndMilo


    According to common sense media, game of thrones has more stuff in it. I haven't watch GoT. And honestly, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of it in Outlander; I mean there were some episodes that were built around specific scenarios, but IMO, it was necessary, not gratuitous. Except for that one 30 second blip in like the first episode.
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