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  1. Seconding Kurt Seyit ve Sura. And also Etrugul: Resurrection. Kingdom. The King. The Tudors. The Duchess. All on Netflix (except Kurt Seyit). ETA: The Witcher has some great costumes. just saying. But probably not for general viewing 😉 ETA2: The Last Kingdom. One of my favorites.
  2. Does your church parking border any other property or does the church property extend well beyond it? Maybe there is a property line dispute and they were taking pictures of all the cars that are in the disputed area? Were they going to each car specifically or was it a "group" photo of several cars at once?
  3. I think there are screwy things going on with their system because my stimulus was direct deposited and then about 3 weeks later I get a letter from the IRS asking me to please cash the stimulus check they sent out because their records show that I haven't yet. There was no paper check at all. So I think somewhere someone checked the wrong print box and the wrong people got paper checks and then the wrong people on top of that got mailings like I did.
  4. That's pretty much the same for us. We started Phase 1 re-opening on May 1, Phase 2 on May 16th, and on the 22nd had the highest spike since before the lockdown. The numbers themselves have been higher overall. During the lockdown, they seemed to hover between the high-teens and low-twenties per day. For the past week (maybe 2), they've been in the thirties and even forties per day. There are so many loopholes i.e "OR this OR that OR..." clauses in the reopening structure as far as what the numbers have to be that it's pretty much guaranteed that we won't be stopping any phase of reopening.
  5. DS got SSI for 10 years and I never had to prove or justify anything. Once a year when I got the report to send back, I just wrote in that I used the entire amount every month - nothing was saved - and checked the box that said it was all used for his care (which included everything from rent to birthday gifts). It ended 3 years ago So I don’t know if things have changed since then.
  6. The series of 7 books that starts with Dragon Wing by Weiss and Hickman. It's an adult series but nothing objectionable. It's one of my favorite series of all time.
  7. Bolt's advice seems spot on. I think all emotions are valid - even the "bad" ones like anger or fear - it's only when they are able to grow unchecked and become something more that they become actually "bad". So I think that recognizing the emotions and evaluating the situation and yourself is the ideal place to say "Ok, this is happening, this is what I'm feeling. How am I going to process this?" The rubber band, IMO, is the exact opposite of good mental health because it prevents any true introspection and processing.
  8. I had to start reading her posts in a southern accent so get it to stick that LA is not that L.A.
  9. You are still trackable with your flip phone, just FYI.
  10. Yes, turning it off works, but you'd have to not make any calls ever with it to be truly not trackable.
  11. His name is Ahmaud. Not Maud.
  12. Actually, almost all of Idaho. I live in Boise and it fits the bill perfectly.
  13. I don't remember much of a smell when I smoked pot in my 20s. It's definitely different when you are just smelling it, not smoking it.
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