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  1. Have you looked at ContentBarrier by Intego (I think that’s who it is)??
  2. Not alone. I wouldn't expect DS to pay for those things either. The one thing I have made him pay for recently was a Nintendo Switch which was completely frivolous (who needs 5 game systems?!) which he put a hefty down payment on and he is currently working off the rest of his loan. DS also doesn't get allowance. He earns what he has by selling our chicken eggs and cleaning houses with me.
  3. I would let DS do it if our priest would still let him serve in the liturgy. I know he would be given a hard time by our deacon, but I don't know if there are any hard and fast rules about it.
  4. @froggerGot it!
  5. Harp mom here. There is a book of Irish harp music - not at home and the name is escaping me. But it goes through various techniques and chord variations to put your own twist on the music in the book. That might be something to try - see if she can work up to applying knowledge on the fly which is essentially what jamming is.
  6. I was never an authorized user; I went to wells fargo and got a student credit card. I think it had a limit for $500. I know that Chase also offers cards like this. I would rather go this route; things can get hairy when mixing-not-mixing two accounts.
  7. Dude. Aretha Franklin as a waitress is singing in it. Prisoners are singing. If it's not a musical, neither is Les Mis.
  8. The professor knew about the problems I was having; he knew I was out with the flu and I had gotten an extension because of it. i can’t turn it in anymore because he already closed it with a grade of zero. there is another assignment coming up that is meant to become our portfolio for all our school work and other work. I wasn’t sure if he would actually be looking at our work we list because that’s not exactly the assignment (the portfolio site is) but maybe I can do something to draw attention to the project there...
  9. I know - it's fantastic! I've got lists going of all the things I need to buy, but not right away. So I don't have to keep them in my brain. And I can see visually how busy each day and get rid of events/tasks as they're done - that's even better for my mental state than I thought it would be! The only things actually on the calendar are my homework due dates set 2-3 days before they're actually due (with a note saying when they are actually due) and my work/church schedule.
  10. I voted twice (I know, I know); both times I said that I do not have a degree but God willing, by the time that DS graduates high school, I will have a bachelors. Anyways, I voted for both skill labor and bachelors degree. If he wants to go into a trade, great! But he will also take classes at the same time towards a BS/BA because your body only lasts for so long and when it breaks down/gets injured, he absolutely must have something to fall back on.
  11. So I did not complete an assignment in one of my classes. It was a rather significant project and I didn't complete it because 1. I just couldn't get it done after having the flue 2. I was having significant issues with a piece of software needed to do the project. Well, I just looked at the assignment requirements and there was actually no requirement to use that specific software. Now I'm guessing that we were instructed to use it because it was free for students. I've also recently completed a project (paid client contract, not school-related) that meets the school project requirements x10. Goes way over and above what we were told to do but demonstrates my knowledge and expertise in that specific area. Should I email the professor, giving him the work project just so he knows I know what I'm doing, even if I didn't get the school assignment done? Not asking for a grade or anything like that, but just demonstrating my knowledge.... I don't know, it kind of bothers me that he might think I don't know my stuff.
  12. Ok, so far, that Summit calendar app is amazing. I can already feel my mental load decreasing even though I've only inputted a single event.
  13. Shark vacuums. I hate Dysons and their "automatic" suction adjustment that supposedly accomodates going from carpet to hardwood. It doesn't work right and I currently use 3 different dysons at work. I have 7 Sharks and have had zero problems with a wide variety of floors. I personally use one on my carpets and laminate and I have a 100-lb long haired dog and 6 cats. Big puffy heart love the Shark.
  14. If it doesn't work out for some reason, will you be stuck there or will you have the resources to move?
  15. Good for him, that's quite hard to do. Aside from a shorter commute, are there any other bonuses to this living situation?
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