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  1. Be kind to retail, food service, and janitorial workers. Be mean to everyone else. jk. but seriously, when you are ordering food and the waiter/ff worker comes to you with a delay/problem, it goes A LONG WAY to give them a smile and a “no worries!”. Stuff like that.
  2. When I was there a couple years ago, I found that Midtown was the perfect location. I stayed at the Waldorf and while it wasn’t next door to anything, it was central to everything I wanted to see. I walked from the majestic theater on broadway back to the hotel at midnight one night and felt completely comfortable.
  3. Ah, that's where the confusion is. It is a one-day car rental, so I was going to rent the car in the morning, drive to Gettysburg, then come back to return the car in the evening. It was going to be from Philly, but as PP have said, traffic is ridiculous and it's actually closer to DC but I refuse to drive in DC. So I think Gettysburg is just going to stress me out too much - it's off the official itinerary, but if it works out and we are just bored to death one day, we'll do it. I think the plan now is to have set days we are in each city, a list of things that are possible to do, and then just wing it. 😉
  4. Renting a car for a day isn’t enough for Gettysburg? I guess I don’t understand. Is it going to take longer than a day to see?
  5. There is no parking at a couple of the airbnbs so I doubt I will get a car. And even though I grew up driving in LA (car and motorcycle), East coast traffic freaks me out 🙂 No, I was going to rent a car to go to Gettysburg. No train.
  6. DS will be at the end of 13 when we go. He doesn't care. Seriously. I asked him today if he'd like to see where/what we're planning on, and he said "surprise me". Now that I'm kind of less stressed about including everything, a part of me wants to do half historical, half fun...Because I'd really like to do all the zoos and gardens, which we like to do wherever we visit..
  7. So, if I were staying at a $59 hotel further away from anything...I would have an additional min $50/day eating out ($25 for two people, twice a day) because DS practically eats his bodyweight everyday. So that's more like $110/night, plus another $100 for days on either end. The Airbnbs I'm looking at either have kitchenettes or full kitchens for roughly $400-500. But for a little more, we can eat healthy, real food and be closer to where we want to be. The small savings a hotel would provide doesn't make up for feeling like crap eating out day in and day out (which I do, no matter where I eat). Plus, I can use my regular grocery money and make it go father if we are actually buying groceries and not eating out. That's the reason why I'm looking at AirBnbs more than hotels. Except for Boston - that place is ridiculous.
  8. Oh man! We might have to do things in reverse order and move dates a bit, but that looks awesome!
  9. Now that i'm thinking about it, I wonder if we could take a morning train to Williamsburg and catch a later flight out of Richmond that same day... Also, is Valley Forge worth going to?
  10. It did look really cool! I suppose we could always make a day trip of it, either by train or car, from DC.
  11. There is the Native American Smithsonian and the National Museum of American Indians in you think either of those would be suitable? I was rather looking forward to the village in Williamsburg.
  12. Ok, I think I got this. Williamburg is out. Friday - Monday: Boston Monday - Friday: NYC Friday - Tuesday: Philly Tuesday - Monday: DC Mt. Vernon is only like 2 hours by train/bus from DC, so that's doable. And I realized that Hershey is in between Gettysburg and Philly....I'm guessing it's unrealistic to do both in a day...So the itinerary for Philly is up in the air right now 🙂 I guess I could always take a day from DC to go to Hershey...
  13. I took a different approach when finding a gym. I decided what kind of body/athleticism I wanted, figured out what kind of people had that/worked toward that, then found the type of gym those people work out at/a gym that caters to those people, ya know?
  14. Have you browsed the wikipedia page on intervals?
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