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  1. Good morning Monday! ❤️ After our brief foray into waking up at 8am and thus having weekend/evening homework, I told DS that I was so done he could stick a fork in me so we are back to waking up early. And it feels good 🙂 I washed a sink full of dishes, animals are mostly happy, and DS is working away at his tasks. And it's only 7:30! I am also very glad I switched around our daily load so that monday is review and fun project work, instead of diving head first into the hard stuff. And after work, we get to spend time with friends. Today is a good day.
  2. We are using science textbooks from the UK. No notebooks needed and lots of free supplemental materials available online. I don't know if that would be helpful.
  3. I found something....I knew I had seen a series of books like what you are looking for and it turns out that my friend had it. It is Christian though. It’s called Circle C Beginnings by Susan K Marlow.
  4. I think this is my favorite one yet, although it's quite far from what actually happens in our homeschool. ETA: this is going on my hard drive in case DS decides to homeschool. It's well worth preserving.
  5. Less time. There's always rabbit trails in history and specialized history that may be more interesting later on.
  6. Sorry! https://www.amazon.com/Gris-Grimlys-Frankenstein-Mary-Shelley/dp/0061862975
  7. Have you pulled up any of the carpet yet?? Usually the wood under carpet isn't the best quality - basic plywood. So you'd want to put some sort of finishing wood on top of it before painting it.
  8. I don't know if this counts but I just got a graphic novel of Frankenstein that keeps the original language - that might be something. The dragging, descriptive bits are cut out, but the dialogue and whatnot is still there.
  9. The Wagon of Responsibility lost its wheels a long time ago....
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