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  1. iTunes has the books for $10.99 which is cheaper than an Audible monthly membership.
  2. I have also looked at the Apologia videos. I think these would be great - except I think that they are not quite as engaging as they could be and for that much money, I think I'll stick with the you tube videos we find to correspond to the lessons. :) Still, the new videos may fill a need that a lot of families have. :)
  3. We used RWT live for a year. Mr. Rosenoff is a bit abrasive with students (and parents). I would not ever do another live class with him. I also toyed with the idea of getting the flash drive through Rainbow Resource at a discounted price (now no longer available) for two reasons only: 1 - the fill-in the blank notes 2 - the help with writing a formal lab report I am not sure Mr. Rosenoff's instruction is as wonderful as some others make it out to be, which is why I would only buy the flash drive at a deep discount. Don't know if that helps at all. If you follow his company page on facebook, you'll get a good feel for who he is. I stopped following a few months ago if that tells you anything. Seeing his back and forth rants with customers on his page turned me off. I think that he is not a well man. That said, he may be a genius with science. I don't know. But I do know that I would rather have a teacher who is only "so-so" with science but who has a teaching heart and strong moral character over a man who is brilliant with science but demeans those who disagree with him. Anyway... ;)
  4. Which social forums do you see discussion of his product? He seems to follow one and talked about it, but I don't know where it is. :confused1: Also, he and Dr. Wile have parted ways! Dr. Wile still says that Mr. R is a "master teacher," but that's as far as he goes. They had a very heated email exchange and that led to a separation. :hurray:
  5. Conceptual Chemistry looks like an amazing book and class videos are available for almost every unit! offers access to these videos for only $30. It's a great academy. We are using them for Conceptual physics. Love it.
  6. We used DIVE for biology. Not a good fit for us - at all. The lectures were sort of dull. Not engaging for my son at all. I understand that not all college professors will be engaging, but I feel like while my kids are learning at home, we should look for the materials that will capture and keep their attention. DIVE didn't do that for us.
  7. And I have heard that the videos are dull and boring. Not so? We were toying with the idea of purchasing Red Wagon Tutorials flash drive for biology. Can you talk me into the Apologia DVDs?
  8. I HIGHLY recommend Tyler DeWitt's videos on YouTube. He explains a lot of Chemistry concepts, but some of it can roll over into physics. He's pretty awesome!
  9. What an insightful post!! We use Sonlight for history and a few years ago we read two historical fiction books on the Civil War. Each book presented viewpoints from both sides. Because we are from the deep south, we've always "favored" the rebels...solely b/c that's part of our heritage and history. However, after reading each book, we walked away with new insight, compassion, sympathy and respect for both sides (leaders, soldiers, and the families of each). Finding a good balance is important. Developing critical thinking skills even more so.
  10. UPDATE TO MY UPDATE! :huh: :huh: This is 100% true...and so, so frustrating. So, my son submits his first formal lab report last week from his personal email account, which he doesn't check every day. On Wednesday Mr. R emails my son and tells my son that the email did not have the correct subject line and the paper could not be graded until the email was RESENT with the CORRECT subject line. :confused1: As my son didn't see the email ... he didn't resubmit. On Saturday, Mr. R. emails my son again and says that because the paper was not resubmitted (due date was Friday), the paper could not be graded! :cursing: HUH?! :crying: FOR SURE we will NOT be back to use his program again. No way. A good teacher HELPS students along...he doesn't bark orders and expect perfection the first time around. A good teacher will teach to the heart of a student. For a man who proclaims his devout Christianity, I would think that following his Master's way would be at the top of his priority list. *As an aside, he allows students to send in a report draft that he will review and suggest corrections or revisions. If our subject line was incorrect on the draft, THAT would have been a perfect time for the teacher to correct it ... or at least remind my son to review the student manual or go back through hours of lecture videos to see what the correct format should have been. Wow. Just wow. :thumbdown:
  11. Update and response to the above: My husband sees great value in learning how to write a "proper" lab report for college. He was never taught how to do that in high school and had to spend a fair amount of time learning it in college. He felt that if Mr. R. could prepare our son for just that very thing through RWT, then it was worth the money. *I* am the enforcer of this program at home and there is a LOT of hand-holding for my son since this is his first exposure to strict guidelines with an online class. I agree with EVERY. SINGLE. THING. you said above. I have emailed a few questions to Mr. R. and to be honest, *I* am totally afraid of the response I will get! Mainly it's "If you will read the instructions you will have your answer." or, "If you paid attention in class you would have your answer." <---so, a few times we have had to go back through hours of lectures to find the 3 seconds it took him to answer the question. I appreciate the accountability he puts on his students, but c' some point it might be easier (for his paying students) to simply answer the question! His lectures are not incredibly enlightening and I have found that sometimes videos found on the internet can be more informational and effective in explaining a concept. I think that we have benefited from the deadlines he gives (chemistry is the only class we are on track with this year in school) and from the formal lab reports, but I'm not positive that we will use his class in the future... Here is one example of his most recent behavior ... Some parents reported that while their student was taking the online test, the server crashed, or something happened and their student was unable to finish the exam by the deadline. He wrote a mass email to all of us and said "It's not my fault that happened (technology at its finest). If you would have taken the test earlier in the day, you would have had time to fix the problem. Too bad for your student." and then... last week...our LIVE lecture was disconnected... He emailed saying that his system was down and that students needed to watch last year's lecture. Funny how technology glitches are not his fault but he wanted understanding from his paying members for the error on his end. I don't know that he apologized for his glitch, but it would have been nice if he had. Just that one example made me think...humility in all areas of life go a long way. :)
  12. We have a reserved spot with RWT for this coming year for chemistry, but something is not feeling right about it now, and I don't know what it is. I watched his sample video of his lecture and it's really that...a lecture while the students look at screen shots of webpages. I emailed the teacher and asked if the students are supposed to read the text on the screen or what. Example: He shows a wiki page on Newton and talks about Newton. There was a lot of text on my computer screen to look at while he talked...if he just wanted to show a picture of Newton, he could have chosen something more appropriate for that. Anyway, his email response was a tad was basically, "I'll do what I think is best. Mind your own business." That didn't really turn me off since, let's face it, he is the expert and I am not, but the thought of spending an hour looking at wiki pages for science and knowing that my teacher is demanding near perfection might be a bit much for me...and my son...thereby sucking the "fun" out of science. I honestly don't know what we will do as fall approaches. Obviously RWT has quite a following or they wouldn't have full classes up through the year 2016! The only reason we looked at them was because Dr. Wile made the suggestion that we look into RWT. Anyway, that may not help much, but that gives you and anyone else reading an idea of what we have seen so far. We LOVE Dr. Wile's books - but we are also considering Conceptual Chemistry since it has free videos to correlate with the book lessons made by the author himself. :)
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