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  1. Does anyone know if these can be used in any order or if the get progressively more difficult?
  2. I posted earlier about FIAR and now I've done more research and have a more specific question: If I use FIAR for 1st and maybe 2nd grade, will I be over-extending myself if I try to include a healthy dose of history? I don't think so, but I don't want to over do it. Has anyone else done this?
  3. I'm actually looking for documentaries and long, educational movies b/c I decided to take on this crazy time-consuming craft project and it's killing me to think of all the time I'm not using to read. Thank you for your suggestions! I might look at the shorter one first, get some books, then dive into the longer one. Of course, isn't it funny how in any religion there are 50 different opinions on what "really" happened? I will definitely keep that in mind when watching it.
  4. Would you recommend it as a historically accurate series? I would like to see something like this just to learn more about Islam. I'm assuming you're posting this b/c it is a good quality series, right?
  5. What are your thoughts on this series? If you have the parent/teacher guide, is it good? Is it an later addition or was it written by McGuffey himself? Do you prefer the 1830s version or the later version? I'm leaning toward using the later version b/c from a review on Amazon, I get the impression that the earlier one is a little "fire and brimstone" which isn't my style. I just want an old-fashioned, good quality series that teaches basic reading and writing skills. Does this teach grammar also? What is the scope? Thank you!
  6. I don't think it's necessarily that one has to be good at word problems per se, as much as you have to know how to use the math you know to solve problems. That's the whole point of a word problem, imo and I think THAT is ESSENTIAL. When you have a real life problem and you need math to solve it, you don't already have the formula written in front of you w/ "solve for X" as the directions, so sure, you may be good at math, but what's the use if you can't apply it? If it's dyslexia that's the problem, I assume you're working extra hard on helping your child learn to read and write, and I also assume that it's the actual reading of the word problems that is the problem? I don't see why you can't do oral word problems, or just try to find ways to practice math in every day life, so in cooking, have your child double the recipe if you want to make a double batch, have them help you with the grocery budget, plan a garden w/ a map, etc.
  7. My dd is only 3, but I'm already using extra money that I earn and some of my Christmas money for hs stuff (is that sad? lol) and there will always be educational gifts for her for B-day and Christmas. I have been researching and pricing stuff for about 7 months now (it's my new hobby). I will be heavily relying on the library for literature, audio books, an online language program, and Bob Books. Even so, I could easily spend $1000 on her first grade year. BUT, a good majority of that would be on programs that will last for more than one year and more than one kid, like Math on the Level ($300), which is pre-k to prealgebra, and reference books. I am really holding myself back b/c I have been able to find some awesome things at yard sales and on forums like this one where I know I can find good quality stuff that's gently used for cheaper than new.
  8. I suppose I should clarify: I didn't think there were any fairy tales, but was more curious about the history. My concern was that w/ this focus purely on literature, I wouldn't have time in the day for fairy tales and history. I think I'm going to try it... it's such a good price for what you get imo. Please keep the feedback coming!
  9. I looked at FIAR a while ago and wasn't that impressed. I thought "I could come up w/ those ideas". But, now I'm realizing that for the cost, it would be a great resource to add depth to books that we're reading anyway. So, here are my concerns: I am leaning toward doing FIAR and Before FIAR for Pre K and K, but at a very relaxed pace. I was hoping to focus on fairytales, American History and basically any good classic literature in K and Pre K. 1) I recognize many of the titles and authors as good ones, but are there any that are "twaddle"? 2) I'm thinking that I'd have to supplement quite a bit if I want to focus on American History and fairytales, am I right? I'm ok with that... just trying to figure out what I want to do.... And then I was considering doing it for first grade literature, art and social studies and science if it is congruent w/ what DD likes. But I kind of wanted to focus the literature on the historical time period that I want to do - the Ancients. But, am I being too rigid? I guess my concern here is that if I DON'T focus on the Ancients w/ the literature as well as the history, I will have too much curriculum on the shelves and be scatter-brained and overwhelmed. But on the other hand, I don't think I should exclude stuff like Peter Rabbit and Winnie The Pooh for the sake of keeping with the 4 year history cycle. Also, for the early elementary years I really didn't want to invest too much in an art program, but rather invest in the supplies and either follow a blog or do something free online for art. If you've used FIAR for art (not art history), have you been happy with it? Is the cook book any good? If you've used the Biblical supplement, did you like/dislike it? Thank you so much for sticking through all my rambling.....
  10. I would like to see some pics too!! For those of you who are using notebooks, wouldn't that be more limiting? You wouldn't be able to add things like worksheets and pictures the kids draw. Or is it more of a journal type of thing?
  11. Looks like you have a few options. First, do you have any storage anywhere else in your house that you can store ANYTHING that isn't used on a frequent basis? If so, store whatever you can somewhere else. Second, get rid of the secretary. It's pretty, but it's not working for you (from what you say about it). You could use the money from selling it to buy organizational stuff that you want. If you're only hsing one child, thn you could use the table as your desk and just move your laptop to a designated space for it somewhere else. You can also buy some kind of small, portable "work station" for your stuff, even if it's just a magazine holder or a cubical fabric bin -- but something that can fit on a bookshelf. Third, if you like IKEA, go to IKEA!! Where you have that secretary, get a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf (or something similar) with bins or boxes that you like that you can organize things in. For instance, one could be for your bills and things, one for your hs planning, one for the stuff your son is currently working on and a space for your computer when not in use. -You could get a matching shelf to coordinate with the bookshelf that you say is to the right of the couch, I believe? And you could get something matching for the TV. Pricey, I know, so it might not be an option. BUT, this is where you spend most of your time, right? If you get them to coordinate, you will get that IKEA "feel" and it will make the kitchen and living room look like they flow into each other. Fourth, I see some space on the coffee table where you have some loose books. Get some baskets or bins and place them there. Finally, until Jan of this year, we had a kitchen light that we'd hit with our heads also. It was not pleasant. If you or your husband is handy, MOVE IT!! Or hire someone. You will not regret it. All these small things add up. Also, why don't you use the fireplace? Is it working? Just curious.
  12. Do you by any chance live in a Cape Cod style house w/ 1 1/2 stories that was built in the '50s? lol... Just asking b/c I live in one and it's in a neighborhood of quite a few of them from a time when they mass-produced and built them. Just had to ask!
  13. So then, it's missing drills and hand holding... is that the big difference? Do you really need more than a page or two to teach a concept? I LOVE the whole check list idea and the 5 review a-day. And, I swear I just came across a site that has tons of free math drills. As I said to the previous poster, I'm just trying to figure it out.
  14. I don't think it's expensive at all when you figure you can use it for 8 years. It's $355 w/ the extras which is $44/yr. RS, MIP and Singapore are all $100 - $250 per year Saxon is $70 per year (approximately). I know there are a gazillion others out there, but I've found that the typical range is $40 - $250 per year. I'm not trying to be contrary... just trying to understand!
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