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  1. Hi Not sure if I saw this list here but does anyone have a list/schedule combining Story of the World with Sonlight Year 1? My friend has both and wants to be able to incorporate them. Thanks.
  2. Hi Kissy We are using Apologia Chemistry. She did Abeka Biology last year with DVDs and a coop lab. The text is okay but I think she is bored and is going very slow. We started this mid-year because we were wrapping up Biology. Thanks again Actually another question for everyone: I noticed other sciences, do we have to do Chemistry and Physics for her high school credits? Or can we do different sciences: Marine Biology; Astronomy? Does it matter as long as it's three years of science? THANKS again
  3. Has anyone put together a non-textbook style science curriculum for high school? or middle school? If so, please share what you used. I am very interested in doing this with my 7th grader and my 10th grader. We are dragging right now through textbooks. Thank you.
  4. I love all the input. I am looking forward to putting something together. Thanks again.
  5. your suggestions. I was looking into the BF guide. : )
  6. Hi I am interested to know if anyone has put together a science curriculum using real books with science kits for 7th grade. I would love to do something like this now with my 7th grader. We have tried textbooks and are not happy. Please share if you have put something like this together. THANKS
  7. I can print maps out in any size. I believe I saw this posted here. Can anyone help? THANK YOU!
  8. Quick question how important is it ??? How my child holds his pencil when writing. I have realized that he is holding his pencil/crayon resting on his ring finger versus his middle finger as the writing instruction suggests. I have always written on my ring finger. Should I re-instruct him on holding it on his middle finger? He is 5 soon to be 6. Comments/suggestions welcome! : ) THANK YOU!
  9. I was looking for a completely different program. The TTC dvds are only for supplementing? Can they be used as a complete program? THANKS
  10. We have Apologia but it is slow going. Can you please offer some other recommendations for Chemistry that you have used? Is there anything possibly free online or is that pushing it? THANK YOU for all your help.
  11. Would those of you who use Truthquest please breakdown exactly how you use it? Do you read to your children out loud the summaries and then have them do the readings? What do you do after they read? Narrations? How about for high schoolers? THANKS for all your help. It is greatly appreciated.
  12. Do you use the books suggested by Charlotte Mason to teach grammar? If so, how do you plan it out and implement? THANKS
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