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  1. Thanks all!! I just ordered Phonics Pathways. I also have Alpha Phonics and have used Progressive Phonics with my 5yo. That should be a good start. I really appreciate all the help!
  2. Yes! He is listening to audio books and trying to learn on his own.
  3. Background: J, a 30yo man at our church was brought up in inner city Detroit. Both parents were drug dealers. They claimed to "homeschool" their kids to get out of bringing them to school. :crying: Dad died when he was 14. Mom entered rehab when he was 21 and became a Christian. Now all 3 (adult) kids and Mom are totally different people; they moved out of Detroit to our city to get a better start. J is a great guy, smart, and a hard worker...but he can't read, so has no GPA or drivers license. We have people in our church willing to teach him, but not sure what book/program/curriculum to use. Would any of you lovely ladies have some suggestions or advice? Thank you!! :grouphug:
  4. Which would you choose? I have a 3yo begging to learn how to write letters. He's also beginning to sound out simple 2-letter blends. He knows all his letters and sounds very well. He also LOVES workbooks. We do 2-3 pgs a day now and he'd probably do more if I let him. I'm not sure if I should get the "Get Ready for the Code" A, B, C books or the Pre-K HWT book or both? We're already doing the HWT activities (wet/dry chalk/homemade letter "blocks"/etc). TIA!
  5. Soooo excited for this! Thank you so much for posting!
  6. Thanks for the ideas! It's good to know about the preschool workbooks. I see them at the dollar store all the time. For the HWT PreK pack, what all do you need to get started?
  7. Looking for some help here...I have an almost 3yo little boy (my oldest) who is begging for "school". He knows all his shapes, colors, letters & sounds, and some numbers. He LOVES books and will sit and listen to non-picture books too. He's not quite ready for blending sounds yet. Lately though, anytime he sits down to color all he wants to do are "make letters". I've occasionally done some printable sheets with him on tracing lines and he does really well with both lines and circles. I haven't done all that much with him up till this point because I've wanted to focus on playing and just being a toddler. :-) I also have 14mo and 3mo boys - busy! I don't know the "proper" way to form my letters myself. haha How big of a deal is it to teach letter forming the right way? Should I get anything from HWT or ETC just for fun (and more for me)? Goodness, I thought I had awhile yet... :tongue_smilie: TIA!
  8. I've taught music privately for over 10 years...and YES! There is a huge need for this type of curriculum. Sign me up! I've tried to put together my own over the years...so have other teacher friends of mine...but it always ends up being pretty scattered. First of all, please please please don't follow the 4-year rotation. :tongue_smilie: Music is more like...math. Especially the music theory route. I think it's the only way to actually teach what "music" IS. Music theory is what music is on paper (off the instrument). It's the grammar of music - crazy important too because if you're going to put the music puzzle together you have to understand how the pieces all work together. Sooo...teach theory, but build in music appreciation and music history as you do it. You always need music examples, right? You could teach music form (AB vs ABA), music notation, basic composing, compound/simple time (feel 3 or 2?), and on and on. Check out a college-level Music 101 class, look up their contents and then simplify it for kids. You could include a CD of the classics, or even just put in required listening (gotta love youtube) to make it cheaper. I always have to be careful when asking kids to research different composers...their lives weren't always all that...uh...research-worthy. :tongue_smilie: btw...first time post to the boards here. I've been stalking for awhile. Hi everyone! :001_smile:
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