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  1. Thanks all!! I just ordered Phonics Pathways. I also have Alpha Phonics and have used Progressive Phonics with my 5yo. That should be a good start. I really appreciate all the help!
  2. Yes! He is listening to audio books and trying to learn on his own.
  3. Background: J, a 30yo man at our church was brought up in inner city Detroit. Both parents were drug dealers. They claimed to "homeschool" their kids to get out of bringing them to school. :crying: Dad died when he was 14. Mom entered rehab when he was 21 and became a Christian. Now all 3 (adult) kids and Mom are totally different people; they moved out of Detroit to our city to get a better start. J is a great guy, smart, and a hard worker...but he can't read, so has no GPA or drivers license. We have people in our church willing to teach him, but not sure what book/program/curriculum to use. Would any of you lovely ladies have some suggestions or advice? Thank you!! :grouphug:
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