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  1. California and Arizona banned adding food dye to their oranges so I buy the ones from those states.
  2. My son has a sensitivity to food dyes. We need to stay away from all artificial dyes, including caramel coloring (in most breads). Yes, white marshmallows have blue dye to make them look whiter. I recently discovered that Florida oranges have dye added to make them look better depending on when in the season they were grown. It is so frustrating. My nut allergy girl is easier to shop for.
  3. They also have a free App that has all the sounds on it. If I remember correctly it is basically the same as the CD that is in the kit.
  4. Thank you for the ideas. I'll be looking into them this weekend when I have some spare time. Again thank you very much.
  5. I am looking for some type of logic activities for my soon to be 8 yr old. He loves things where he can try to figure things out. Some thing hands on with manipulatives would be great. Is there anything like that? I want him to be able to play around with stuff like that while I am working individually with my other child. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I see all you in PA and I am wondering is anyone anywhere near me? I'm in Ridgway School district.
  7. A while back someone posted a link to a youtube video of breastfeeding in a restaurant to the some my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard. I can't find the video to the song. Can anyone help? Thanks
  8. Would you mind sharing your sloppy joe sauce recipe? I've been trying different ones to get away from buying Manwich (no one likes it but me). The ones I've tried so far everyone likes but me.
  9. I'm looking to make BBQ chicken (shredded) sandwiches. I thought I had sauce in the pantry, but I don't and I can't go get any so i need a recipe for BBQ sauce. Every recipe I've looked up calls for ketchup as the main ingredient for the sauce. I'd rather use the tomato sauce or tomato paste I have tons of. Does anyone have a good recipe? We usually use a sweet honey BBQ sauce so something like that. Thanks.
  10. I don't know what is up with kids' toys at night. I got rid of a Chicken Dance Elmo that did that. Every night I stayed up later than everyone else it would turn on and do a dance for me. It never did it any other time unless the button was pushed. And only for me. DH could stay up and nothing.
  11. I agree with all of this. From personal experience, I know a child doesn't always tell everything and will deny things and may do so for years. I say you should go now and protect your kids.
  12. Forgive me, I haven't read all the posts. I do tip the pizza delivery person more than 15% because we only tend to have it delivered if the weather is not the nicest and the poor person has to climb 32 steps to get up to our house. I also make sure to thank them very much.
  13. I have the spines cut off and spiral bound because I like the books to lay flat. I thought about putting them in binders, but decided against it because it would take up to much room on my shelf. I don't have a lot of room.
  14. Nope, it was a regular wave. The judge said as as long as the neighbor perceived it to be harassing it was harassment. We don't wave at people anymore.
  15. My DH was ticketed for waving at the neighbor.
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