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  1. Love it when your three year old learns to share. But not the flu! Cough, cough.

  2. My ds16 was chosen to go on a mission trip to Guatamala! So excited fo him!

    1. swellmomma


      That is fantastic! Congrats to him!


  3. Dinner's done, in laws have gone, bring out the wine!

    1. Alenee


      I'm on my way! ;-) Down here in SW WA drinking wine too.


    2. Robin M
  4. Nope victim number three just threw up. And our power went out for about an hour.

    1. 5LittleMonkeys


      Wow, that was some vomiting...to knock your power out and all. ;)

    2. Pixjen
    3. TraciWA


      Ha! Thanks 5 I needed the humor. No, we are just getting a wind storm. Funny thing though, our power usually doesn't go out in wind storms. Not good timing.

  5. Lovely, the stomach flu has now claimed its second victim. At least it waited until after her piano recital. Urgg...

    1. SJ.


      I hope she feels better soon and that the flu does not claim everyone in your family!


    2. Pixjen
  6. Great! Huge weekend comming up and my three year old just started throwing up. Lovely!

  7. Preparing to judge a speech turnament. Never done that before! Should be fun.

  8. Who fed my three year old vinegar pills this week? Ugh!

  9. Love that my kiddos are old enough the put the tree up!

  10. Waiting for the novacaine to wear off....

  11. We did a coop called First Class in Skagit county for about ten years. Great group to get involved in. www.firstclassskagitcounty.org

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