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    Out in the tulip fields.

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    DS16, DD14, DD10,DS3 Married to DH 19 years
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    Northwest Washington
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    Reading, taxi driver to 3 kiddos
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    CEO of household
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    <p>For the wonderful ladies of our state!</p>
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    <p>Whether we call them crockpots or slow cookers, whether we use them them for soups or desserts, we are united in our loathing of cream of cr*p soup as an ingredient.</p> <p> </p> <p> So, post about your crockpot or slow cooker here. Post your tried and true, or tried and goo recipes. But most of all share your abilities to cook a great meal in an electric device without having to resort to cream of cr*p soup.</p>
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    <p>This group will consist of various "Challenges" and/or "Contests" pertaining to diet, exercise and weight loss. You may join any of the Challenges that interest you. Some will run for specific lengths of time, others will be ongoing. Are you in? :)</p>
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