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  1. :iagree: Teasing is fundamentally hostile. My husband was totally picked on by his dad and brother. And still is. My FIL tries to tease my kids, so far my oldest daughter just tunes him out and distances herself. It's sad that he's missed out on so many good opportunities for relationships because of his inability to communicate.
  2. I cut 10 inches off my hair and completely redecorated the two front rooms of my house.
  3. testing as well.... http://jssgallery.org/index.htm hmm still working on making the quote box show up
  4. I remember the dispropotionate pleasure I felt when I was shown how to select text and make it a link - I was beaming! [if you want to try it: you select the text you want to have be a link and then click on the icon with the globe & link (4 buttons to the left of the quote button) and then enter the url you want... the button with the link X-ed out in red removes the link. testing as well.... http://jssgallery.org/index.htm
  5. I've been lurking for about a year, and it took me forever to get the acronyms down, so I'm going to type them all out in case there are some simliarly shy newbies. My daughter will be 8 this June, so starting 3rd grade in the fall. Math: Saxon 5/4, maybe a Life of Fred Language Arts: Writing with Ease 3, New American Cursive II, First Language Lessons 3, and All About Spelling (first time on the spelling, kind of excited!), and English from the Roots up. Foreign Language: Getting Started with Latin, Portuguese with Dad (reading the scriptures with him in Portuguese, working on
  6. Society at large allows minority groups the privilege of self-labeling. So when Mormons say "Yes, we are Christian" and other groups say "Nuh-uh" it's pretty hard to get anywhere else in a conversation. It's like if you were against abortion, and you labelled yourself as "pro-life" but media or others insisted you were "anti-choice" that wouldn't feel very good would it?
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