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  1. Time Left: 4 days and 27 minutes

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    World History and Literature--2007 edition. Includes all but Experiencing God, Writer's Inc., Cry the Beloved Country, Hudson Taylor's Spiritual Secret, Animal Farm, and World History Timeline book. (Also doesn't include books required from Ancient History. ) $210/media mail shipping + insurance. Please message directly with questions or to purchase.


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  2. Time Left: 4 days and 27 minutes

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    Ancient History and Literature--2007 edition. Very Good condition. Includes all but Old Testament Challenge, Daniel study, Timeline Figures and History Timeline book. (Purpose Driven Life is included but not pictured.) Please message directly with questions. $230/media mail shipping + insurance included.


    BelAire, KS - US

  3. Thank you all so much for sharing your thoughts! I'm probably going to have to stop reading them, though, as I tend to second-guess myself and then take forever on the merry-go-round of decision making. LOL! Unlike her older siblings, this daughter simply won't be able to indulge in a feast of British Liiterature. She'll have a nice meal, and that will be fine...right?( In addition to being dyslexic, she's also extremely gifted in the performing arts and has to have time for voice, dance and theater.) Someone please tell me that a light British Literature course will not scar her for life!
  4. You're so awesome, Lori. Thank you for this list! She's read Pride and Prejudice a number of times on her own, so I'd rather not use that one. Come to think of it, I think she also read Emma! Maybe we'll go with Sense and Sensibility...
  5. I agree that watching Shakepeare really adds to one's understanding. We love doing that! She's read Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night, but maybe I'll look into another Shakespeare. I just happen to already have material that I had prepared for my older kids to study Hamlet (which is my fave) so would really like to use what I've got!!
  6. Thank you so much for that link! I think that will be very helpful. :)
  7. Oh, I really like the idea of reading some aloud with her!! Thank you!
  8. Hi, all! I'm currently putting together a British Literature course for my 16-year old, dyslexic daughter. She reads well, but much more slowly than her older siblings so I've already removed a number of works (such as Paradise Lost and A Passage to India) that they studied. I feel fairly comfortable with this pared down list: *Beowulf *Hamlet *Emma *Frankenstein *Jane Eyre *Tale of Two Cities *Time Machine *The Importance of Being Earnest *Peter Pan *Pygmalion *Animal Farm I'm wondering now, though, if I should cut one or two of those in order to make time for some poetry study? I'm a little tired of thinking about this, so would greatly appreciate it if some of you would kindly share your wisdom and insight! Thank you in advance!
  9. Okay! Thank you for your replies. I guess we'll start with a placement test and go from there. Thank you!
  10. For various reasons I'm looking into switching my very bright, 13 year-old son to Math-U-See. We used Horizons until 6th, then switched to TT7 last year. We had some medical/family situations last spring, though, so he didn't finish the book. Thus, I decided to have him complete the book this summer before staring school for the fall. I'm discovering that he is really not solid on the basics (sometimes even struggling with multi-digit multiplication and long division). I've already had him reviewing fractions with Life of Fred (which is how I noticed all of this) but am feeling that he needs to go even further back. Math-U-See interests me for him, as I'm wondering if it would help increase his understanding of the "why" of basic math concepts. So, having said all that, how far back would he need to go in Math-U-See to cover those basics? Also, how long would it take him to work through those and PreAlgebra? I would plan on working through next summer. Is that at all feasible?
  11. Well, to complicate things, I'll differ slightly from the others and say that I would probably find a way to SL Core H with a heavy American emphasis. I say this mainly because you are considering a B&M school for high school--in that case, your student will likely study one year of world history and one year of American history and both of those may cover only partial time periods. For that reason, I think it would be very helpful to your dc to have studied the flow of history from the Renaissance/Reformation to the founding of the U.S. in order to better grasp not only the sequence of events, but also the connections between the two time periods (i.e. the impact the former had upon the latter). SL Core H already covers a significant amount of U.S. history; perhaps you could add a simple text like the Notgrass America the Beautiful or BJUs text to make it more complete? Just some food for thought.:001_smile:
  12. Well, after homeschooling for 14 years, I still feel good about: Alphabet Island Phonics--It was the first phonics program I was introduced to and worked well with all 6 kids; I discovered lots of other wonderful programs after making that initial purchase, but decided to just stick with what I had-- and now have the joy of knowing that all of my kids have asked me not to sell it so they can use it with their own kids! LLATL--I know this is not well regarded around here, but after having used it all the way through to high school with my oldest two who then received almost perfect scores on the language arts portions of the ACT, I'm fine with it;)... FIAR--Love this gentle introduction to learning; this is another program my dc have asked me to hang onto for the grandkids. Wordsmith/Wordsmith Craftsman--After using these in early high school, my two oldest both tested in to upper levels of composition in their freshman year. Charlotte Mason methodology--I am certainly not a purist, but I do believe that many of her ideas have preserved our love of learning, as well as helped me maintain focus and perspective! I personally think it is grand that we have so many options available to us, but hate to see so many novice homeschoolers thinking they have to use a pre-planned curriculum-in-a-box in order to provide a solid education. My sense of things is that the homeschooling community in general has-- to some degree-- lost its sense of individuality and I find that a little sad...
  13. We just started. We are using: Bible--OT plus Children's Field Guide/AWANAs History--Homegrown Ancients Math--TT/MM Language Arts--LLATL Tan/WWS Science--SL Science E (Electricity, Magnetism and Astronomy) Geography--SL Core F (First half) Fine Arts--I Can Do all Things/Homegrown Composer and Artist studies Extracurricular--Music Theater, Basketball, Middle School Youth Worship Team
  14. :)That's awesome that he did that! I'm really hopeful that my dc will enjoy it as well.
  15. We start tomorrow... Bible--OT using Archaeological Study Bible History--Homegrown Ancient course English 9--Wordsmith Craftsman/Windows to the World/Queen's Language Lessons/Homegrown Ancient Literature List Science--Apologia Biology Math--Life of Fred Advanced Algebra/TT Algebra 2 Life Skills--Career Planning/Computer Skills/Teen Finance/Secrets of World Changers Foreign Language--still TBD Extracurricular--Music Theater; Basketball
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