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  1. I'm trying to figure out what to do for Bio for next year. DS will be 9th, potentially college bound, but not science fields. Money is definitely a consideration. We already own a microscope and quite a few pre-prepared slides. We are looking for something with fun labs including dissection. He isn't what I would call a really science-motivated student. As much as I'd like to say, "oh, hey, I can cobble something together!" the reality is that I really just can't right now. (And by fall, we'll likely be providing care for my MIL in addition to my medical/special needs 6 year old, so I'll b
  2. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. We'll wait until a bit further into the year to decide, but if there were major drawbacks I wasn't thinking of, that would obviously have changed our thinking significantly. My hatred of geometry has probably biased him a little, but I think he's actually also digging Algebra + recently realized he really likes sticking with something.
  3. I'm honestly not sure where he'll go after Alg 1/2 and Geo are finished. I doubt pre-calc, unless his goals change. He isn't thinking college at this point, but then doesn't really know what ELSE he would do. He is a lot like me - good at math, but doesn't like it one itoa. Unless he falls in love or changes plans, I'm thinking we'll move to something less rigorous for 11th and 12th to make room for more rigorous other things.
  4. Is there any reason not to do Alg 1, Alg 2, Geo? DS is in 8th and doing Alg 1 (Lial's) this year. He's really wanting to do Alg 2 next year and put Geo off until 10th. I've noticed a few online Alg 2 courses have Geometry as a prereq, so that would be one drawback, but not insurmountable.
  5. Well.... I've had a blog post from the IEW guy bouncing around in my head for a while about love of learning.... And though I have some trepidation here, we decided that we're going to sit down and together generate a list of science topics, cross out the ones he is not at all interested in, and try to put the others in some sort of order by relative interest. For science next year, he is going to pick a topic, generate a "What I know, What I want to learn" sheet, then spend as much time as he wants learning. He'll need to generate some evidence of learning every week and some sort of end pro
  6. Except that our local coop does require algebra to be completed before taking biology so doing biology next year would mean removing the co-op class from the picture. (which obviously you can't read my mind there, sorry. I'm Interneting While Distracted today.)
  7. He is ambivalent. He chose General in 6th and was enthusiastic about Physical in 7th. He asked to do Botany again, but I don't think it's out of a strong desire to learn about how plants work - rather, that he still remembers a lot of the botany he learned in 5th and thinks it would be easy. (I think that because he gave me his lopsided I'm totally lying to you half grin when saying that he'd love to repeat botany and when denying that it was because he wanted something he already knew, lol.) That said, he is ready for something a bit easier. This school year has been challenging for him, not
  8. OK. For whatever reason, we got a year "ahead" in Apologia. It's been fine. DS did General Science in 6th and he's doing Physical Science this year. Now I don't know where to go next year. I don't think that he can tackle biology next year. Plus he hasn't done Algebra yet. There's really nowhere else to go with Apologia, but we were wanting to maybe move away from Apologia anyway. I'm looking at BJU, but can't figure out where we'd go. Earth Science? Then Bio in 9th, and continue on in a more or less regular progression from there? What else is out there that is both interesting for the
  9. I feel like this is entirely too much: Math. Lials Algebra Science: Apologia Biology History: NotGrass America the Beautiful His Request. Latin: Second Form Latin Logic: Continue Art of Argument from 7th, then The Argument Builder Foreign Language: I don't know. He's doing DuoLinguo Irish this year. He wants to continue Irish, but I'm not sure he's really actually learning anything with DuoLinguo. I want to say I feel this is expendible, but then I feel like an ugly American. But he really wants to learn Irish even though I can't think of any situation where he would use it. He has no
  10. We started in 5th, actually. The 6th grade year (year 2) was pretty brutal, though. He/we got through it, but there was some level of "ok, good enough." I don't think that was his age so much as I just honestly started feeling like we were both sick to death of diagramming sentences. If I did it again with my daughter, I actually might think about doing season 1, then season 3, then season 2... I don't know.
  11. I know this is old old old, but we just hit lesson #14 in WWW1, and there's this list of sentences. What the heck am I meant to do with those?
  12. IT's possible that what I want doesn't exist. I ended up chatting at Rainbow Resource, and she said she didn't know of anything, lol. I've never stumped Rainbow Resource before.
  13. In our experience, gathering labels has been only positive. When I finally sat DS down and said, "here's what asperger's syndrome is (we didn't get into DSM semantics with him), what do you think," he all but said, "I have found my people." It was a good day for him. We later talked about how it isn't asperger's any more, it's called autism spectrum disorder, and there is a WHOLE spectrum and what that looks like, and he's on the very high end of the spectrum... We discussed pursuing a formal label, and he wanted to do that, so we did. (Which we then ended up a Tourette Syndrome diagnosis in
  14. DS has requested doing creative writing next year (8th). I'm terrible at creative writing. We've had success with IEW for report writing and whatnot - I noticed they have a creative writing program of sorts - is that good? Or what else would you recommend?
  15. They have their own accounts. But I'm providing literally no supervision at all on their foreign language.
  16. Just my 2 cents. My DS was similar. Always does it in his head, or using the calculator (older) but without needing to write anything down. And I always let him do that, because he was getting the right answers. This year - 7th/pre-algebra - suddenly he's not always getting the answers right, and part of it is that the work is just too complex to keep straight in his head, and part of it is that sometimes he makes a small error somewhere and that gets compounded as he completes the problem. He gets to the end, has an answer that he knows isn't the right one/doesn't make sense, and yet he has n
  17. I'm looking for something for my will-be 8th grader. We did FLL 1-4 then moved from there to Analytical Grammar, which we're finishing up this year (season 3). And we loved it. Me more than him with all the diagramming, lol. So I feel like he's got a good handle on grammar basics. But some things we've either not covered at all, or he's forgotten/I've forgotten we covered: tricky words (affect/effect), things like subject/verb agreement, etc. Is there a resource aimed at this age that would catch things like that? I don't mind review of basics, too, since we can kind of speed through those
  18. Thanks for all the ideas! I'll be doing some reading up on them all. :) As for Christian/Secular... We lean towards Christian materials, but I'm not opposed to something non religious.
  19. What is everyone doing for middle school history? We're just finishing up book 4 of SOTW this year (6th) and I'm a bit at a loss about what to do for 7th and 8th. Does everyone follow the recommendations in WTM? Or what other options are there for middle school?? I know what we want to do in High School (we're going to follow a more or less "regular" high school course, I think), I'm just more or less uncertain about 7-9.
  20. >>(published by CAP, though I know VP uses it)<< Oh, duh. Thanks.
  21. Is VP's Logic I similarly dry? Do you feel VP's "other" track (the art of argument/discovery of deduction/etc series) is adequate?
  22. I'm looking to start DS into Logic next school year. I'm going to get Memoria Press's Traditional Logic, but not sure we'll start off with it right away. I thought we might start with informal logic, and was looking at Art of Argument and/or Fallacy Detective. I don't know a lot about either book... Are these meant to be used together, or one after the other? Or are they completely separate? Do you need both? If not, which one would you recommend? I emailed Veritas with some questions and they basically just said "Our standard program is Logic I and if your student is bad at math, then con
  23. Well, what I'd do for science for her otherwise is just develop a list of topics she might be interested in and delve into them via library books, so it's not too terribly much more work than it would be otherwise. All last year (oldest did Chemistry and Physics), she did almost every experiment with him, or watched him, so I thought this might capitalize on her keen interest in what he is doing. (Meanwhile, she's not been too interested in her OWN science experiments...) Have you used Apologia General Science?
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