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  1. The Tale of Despereaux? Beautiful story for all of you
  2. I grew up with brothers who hunt, shot 22s at tin cans, and the like (I have no problem with that). I currently live in a neighborhood that has seen lots of gang and drug related violence. I am baffled when people argue that regulating guns won't help. Making certain weapons illegal would reduce the ease with which people could be killed in great number. (c'mon, what good reason is there to own an assault rifle?what purpose do they serve, other than to kill people? You don't hunt deer with one, that I know.) Why not make it harder to get guns? I am not advocating an all out ban, but I have seen too many people's lives cut short to think we shouldn't try to make some changes. And please don't tell me they'd just use knives. If someone comes at you with a knife, at least you have a fighting chance. You can't hold back a bullet.
  3. I wish and hope we could have discussion about this without nastiness. I wish we could listen (surrounding this issue and so many others) with respect and then ponder and think. I wish for creative solutions that work toward the common good. I am so dismayed by the polarization right now in our country and the lack of doing the hard work of listening, brainstorming, compromise, and problem solving. I wish we (as a country) had the humility to consider that we do not always have the best way and that looking at what works elsewhere is not "unpatriotic". I'm not directing this at anyone here, just grieving the happenings of the last day and tired of the perception that we can't do anything about it....
  4. San Francisco has good public transit...lots of people here live without cars. The cost of living is very high, though.
  5. I also liked Ann Voskamp's post. If you'd rather not read it, there is a petition to the White House mentioned in the article that I'll just link to here. If you want the US government to welcome more Syrian refugees, please follow the link and sign it:
  6. Actually, the thing that is gross to me about this is that it is about exerting power over someone else...watching girls squirm who are already uncomfortable, making parents uncomfortable. This is not a friendly invitation. Completely inappropriate.
  7. To me, the frat signs were threatening, not funny. To me, they implied that the frat boys were going to make sure that incoming girls got "experience."
  8. Thanks. Mine all still live at home and attend college, BUT my youngest started yesterday. This is the first time in 15 years that I haven't planned a school year. Youngest is already navigating a few bumps. I just keep saying that the disappointments and struggles will teach him and make him stronger in the long run. The house is really quiet today...

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  10. I am all for the church being inclusive, even to offenders. However, how they are included is up for question. The church should ALWAYS protect the vulnerable. In the case of children who have been sexually molested and abused, unfortunately the church's record is not one of listening to those who have been hurt and protecting them. For many years, this was not taken seriously and adults were naive about people turning over a new leaf and being sorry. (Not just at church, but also in society) I have seen the fallout of so many children who were not listened to and protected. Churches and all adults need to make certain that children are kept safe in this regard. If that means that a sexual predator is inconvenienced for the rest of his/her adult life, that is the consequences of their actions. It doesn't necessarily have to mean that others see them as less than human. Churches and people of faith can find ways to be a supportive community without endangering children. If one has to be chosen over the other (and I don't think it has to be that way), the safety of children always wins over the feelings of a sex offender. I know this isn't in response to the OP, but I feel so strongly about this after working with many kids over the years who were molested and whose trauma is something that they need to deal with even in adulthood.
  11. I've lived in the Mission for 17 addition to the things in the broader, lovely San Francisco, here are some things to check out in the Mission: -check out the murals. You can get a tour through Precita Eyes on 24th St (maybe around Harrison?) -get some of the best ice cream I have ever had at Bi-Rite on 18th between Dolores and Guerrero -Tartine Bakery on 18th and Guerrero: pastries worth the line -Dandelion Chocolate at 740 Valencia makes their own chocolate from single source cacoa farms. Free samples in the store, plus try any of the desserts and the drinking chocolate. You really can't go wrong there with anything. -826 Valencia--The Pirate Shop. As a homeschooler, you will be fascinated. This is a front for a writing tutoring center run by local author David Eggers. So fun to poke around the shop. Humorous pirate shop in front, writing classes in back. The shop is really fun to explore, I promise. -get a Mission burrito. Everyone has their favorite Taqueria; ours is El Metate. Favorites in the rest of the city: -walk along Crissy Field. -take a ferry and explore Angel Island. State Park with natural areas and former immigration processing center similar to Ellis Island. -Golden Gate Park, pretty much everywhere -hike at Land's End In the Mission, you will be close to the BART station, which will get you downtown, to the Embarcadero, or close enough to China Town or North Beach. If you want to drive to Crissy Field, Golden Gate Park, or Land's End, parking won't be much of a problem in those places. Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions or anything you really enjoy and I can steer you more specifically, perhaps.

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