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  1. Thanks everybody. He has had an OT eval, and they didn't find anything wrong. He used to have very nice handwriting. I'm pretty sure he is just writing small and quickly to get it done. I will look at the HWT printing program. Thanks!
  2. My high school ds has miniature, (and I mean miniature) and sloppy writing. I've been lenient the past year or so, but I would like to help him improve his writing.. Any suggestions on a handwriting (not cursive) program that might be tolerable by a high schooler? He'd resist something meant for young elementary kids. It's not a handwriting disability, it's his ADD wanting to rush through it as fast as he can, so he will exaggerate how looooooong it takes him to print larger.Thanks!
  3. We are going to use Easy Peasy Spanish and Biology this year with my 10th grader.
  4. We've had ongoing discussions about alcohol since he was younger. We're not a drinking family, and DS (15) is a rule follower, BUT...the other volunteer firefighters (DS is a junior firefighter) often talk about "going out to drink" (of course not when they're responding to calls) and DS is intrigued by this. Worries me that peer pressure will over rule his adherence to rules. Scary stuff.
  5. DS, now 15, has done this since he began reading. I thought he was the only one! LOL
  6. Our biggest break is after math. That's usually a half hour break, since math stresses him out. The rest of the day we take a short break between each subject. Probably break every half hour or so. Ds is 15, with ADD/ASD combo.
  7. Perfection Learning has a huge list of modern adolescent lit. They're not the classics, but include a wide range of interests.
  8. We are using it for a few subjects this year. George Wolfe, who teaches the Physical Science course, is wonderful. He's a highly regarded science teacher, and I'd say that yes, it's certainly high school level.For Biology this coming year, we will supplement with experiments, and I wish they included some in the program. My ds, who is NOT an academic type kiddo, enjoyed the 9th grade English as well. That too, is on par with a high school English course. We didn't care for the Algebra 1, but math is my son's weakest area. History was a bit dry, so we're not using that either. I did supplement the 9th grade English with additional novels, and we skipped one of their "chapters" if I recall. It's also nice that you can mix grade levels, even taking English 9 and 10 together. We're really pleased with the program. And it's a bargain at 30.00 a month for 4 courses, with additional courses being 5.00 a month extra. I do wish they would add review lessons before their tests.
  9. I agree about trying to find an inexpensive laptop. We just began using TabletClass for Algebra 1. My son is not mathy at all, and he's doing well with it. It's got the lecture part, the teacher is VERY accessible, and for us it has the right amount of examples/practice problems. He didn't do well with Teaching Textbooks, but is doing well with this program. HTH!
  10. The Interactive Metronome Program helped my son with impulsiveness. Not a miracle cure, but it did help. Also, I've noticed as he hit the teen years, he outgrew some of the impulsiveness. His obsessions remain, BUT, his primary obsession with emergency vehicles has turned into his passion. He's now a junior firefighter, hoping to become an EMT/Paramedic. Hang in there, it does get better.
  11. Ds, 15, is a junior firefighter with our volunteer company in town. They guys do a LOT of kidding the juniors, and ds has taken it all in stride. Today he got compliments from the chief and several other firefighters for the good job he did in training tonight! So proud.
  12. At the recommendation of another Forum, we just started TabletMath Algebra and really like it.
  13. Drum roll!!!!! And the winner is....TabletClass Algebra 1. I like how Mr. Zimmerman presents the topics, there's adequate practice,the tests seem reasonable and his lectures are to the point with great explanations. He was very approachable when I contacted him, and I think this will work. I'm glad the worry is off of me having to teach it all. I vow to stick with this, and NOT change throughout Algebra 1. I think if we go slowly (we plan on doing math during the summer) it's doable. Thanks so very much for all your thoughts! MomatHWTK and Tokyomarie, thanks so much for suggesting I look at John Zimmerman's math classes! I'd never heard of his programs. Nan :party:
  14. OK. Math U See question. The sample lesson I looked at made heavy use of the manipulatives, but you guys said they weren't necessary. How do you get around using them? Are they in every lesson? Thanks!
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