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  1. My two homeschooled twin girls are now at UC Berkeley!!!

    Still have 16 years old, 11 yrs old and 7 year old homeschooling. 

  2. I am hanging in there. Mourning the death of my oldest son. 

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    2. Stacia


      I am sorry. Sending hugs to you & your family.

    3. Penguin


      I am so sorry.

    4. Rosie_0801


      It comes and goes, doesn't it? But it never goes very far.

  3. My life is not really back to normal after having the baby 4.5 years ago LOL

    1. happycc


      When you have children with special needs or developmental delay that babyhood/toddler stage seems to just elongate. It goes on and on and on.

    2. MerryAtHope


      I was going to say my life never did get back to normal--I think we have to find a new kind of normal after kids! But especially with those that have developmental delays. (((Hugs)))

  4. When will life ever get back to normal since the birth of baby about 20 months ago?

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      I read in a Parenting magazine... many moons ago, that around 18 months life gets more normal. How is it normal when my 2 yr. old is climbing on everything?

    3. happycc


      It's still not back to normal and he is near 4yrs old.


    4. RootAnn


      Welcome to the 'new normal.' I have one child who changes the whole mood and activity in the house when she is home. I wonder if you welcomed one of those special (Ramona Quimby) children almost four years ago?

  5. Found the Kindle in the garbage can and Legos in the toilet! Baby loves the garbage can and toilet! Working on training older kids to shut the bathroom door. Can;t lock potty chair or else 4.5 yrs old will flip.

    1. Erica in OR

      Erica in OR

      At least the objects/locations weren't reversed. :)

    2. kiana


      I gotta say, that's better than finding the Kindle in the toilet.

    3. happycc
  6. Baby is now walking. Feels like I am chasing after him more than anything else!

  7. Baby is now 3 months...and things are starting to swing back to normalcy. HA!

  8. trying to figure out this new forum set up..how to change my signature at the bottom...baby has been born

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