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  1. Thanks everyone. All of your ideas have given me something to think about. Here's what I have decided to do: We will cover into 15th century. I'm going to use the Great Courses Middle Ages Daileader series and some of both Foundations in Eastern Civilization and Barbarian Empires of the Steppes as a spine. We will listen on Audible to all of The History of the Medieval World and The History of the Renaissance World for Read-aloud. We will not do all of the hundreds of questions in the Student Book. Last year he listened to The History of the Ancient World and was able to answer all of the question quiet easily, so comprehension and understanding is good. We have the Famous Men series and many Sutcliffe and Henty etc books for me to give him to read independently. We will do plenty of outlining, and writing assignments based on the history that will build up to various reports and comparative/contrast essays. This will be instead of writing all the single sentence answers required in the student books.
  2. I have been happily adhering to the Well-trained Mind suggestions for History using a 4-year cycle of Ancient thru to Modern History. We have used all the Story of the World books and last year completed The History of the Ancient World. I purchased The History of the Medieval World to used 2016/17 (year 2 of the 4 year cycle) and I have become quite confused about how to complete the final cycle. HOTW Ancient did not cover the fall of rome which was where SOTW ended. HOTW Medieval only covers to the early 12th century. SOTW Middle Ages & Renaissance went through to the 16th Century. HOTW Renaissance only gets to 15th century in 94 chapters. How are we supposed to get through Modern History again in the 4 years? Should I even be using HOTW? Any suggestions greatly appreciated. I'm really stressed about getting through it all using these texts, but love the writing and the study guides and maps.
  3. DS has worked pretty easily through the grammar content of Rod and Staff up to Book 8. We do all the exercises in the book orally and he completes all the worksheets and tests - this really is a lot of grammar he has managed to complete. My problem is with several more years of schooling, how do I keep his hand in with grammar? I probably will not continue with R&S book 9 as the writing and non-grammar content increases to the point that we may end up skipping over too many lessons. I was wondering about Analytical Grammar. Would we need to work through the textbook lessons, or could we just move directly to either the Reinforcement and Review books or the High School Reinforcement books? We also use IEW Fix-it. DS makes the corrections then later writes the corrected passages as a dictation exercise. I like this and will continue doing this activity regardless of our main grammar approach.
  4. Thank you for the advice. It has really given me something to think about….I guess that's what summer is for.
  5. DS has cruised through Rod & Staff English. He recently completed Rod & Staff 6 and will continue with 7 next year and onwards. Will the Cambridge/Oxford Latin program, or Ecce Latin be good choices for us? The style of these books appeals to me, however, I have the impression that they are lighter on Grammar than MP series. For those with experience with Latina Christina and Henle, where should we start if we choose this program? I am assuming we should not do Prima Latina with the Grammar experience he already has. BTW I have no Latin. Thanks for any advice.
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