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  1. Thank you for your suggestions. I haven't updated my sig so she's is 7th now and will be 12 soon. I know that it doesn't really matter about time. It's just that it matters to her because she feels so self-conscious about it. She has really low self-esteem in academics and that affects her motivation. I guess the thing I'm finding is that if she had the attitude that she could be successful then it would help her so much. Of course the frustrating thing is that she is gifted which makes it seem like a yawning chasm between her abilities and the things she struggles with. She can see the gap between what she thinks and talks about and what she can achieve on paper. I guess most of this is now dealing with her self-consciousness. I would be happy calling her a 6th grader or whatever, but *she* would not. :)
  2. Hi there, My 11yo dd has dyscalculia and my plan was for her to do TT5 alongside remediation with Ronit Bird's book using Cuisenaire rods. She's also doing remedial spelling work for stealth dyslexia. I'm starting to wonder if I should just do remediation. She complains that she just doesn't understand multiplying and we've tried it multiple times. I thought that going through the ebook on Cuisenaire rods would help lay the foundation for improved learning. Do you think there's much point in carrying on with a math program when she doesn't understand what she's doing? My reluctance in stopping the math program comes because she's already 2 years behind. She's very frustrated with her lack of improvement and feels like she will never learn how to do basic math. To complicate matters I have appointments for her sisters' medical condition that interfere with regular school time. Should I keep trying to do both or just work on the remediation?
  3. Yeah, a diagnosis is in the future, I just have to wait a bit to get through the waiting list. I don't think it's NVLD as she has the more characteristic dyslexia problems. she had speech delay, struggles to memorize, is a big picture thinker, can think through math word problems just can't remember the facts, struggles hugely with spelling- breaking it down into the individual phonemes and such. She always struggles with right and left, time-as in yesterday was ___ and today is ____ etc. I know I can't truly say she has x until we get the official piece of paper but time keeps ticking away and I need to have some sort of plan in place without spending lots of $. thanks for the input I'm going to look at dynamo math ....
  4. So, I have a question for all you helpful souls out there, My dd11 has huge issues with spelling and math, looks like dyscalculia and a type of dyslexia based on her wisc results and my experiences with her (as well as her teacher at the school she went to for 3 months while in hospital). Anyhow, she is currently doing TT5 and it is working but she has no clue about division and can't remember multiplication and addition facts to save her life. My plan for the fall was to remediate using Ronit Bird books and keep doing the TT on the side (she had 8th percentile on wisc for computation). Is this too much? She will also be starting AAS level 1 to remediate her spelling (4th percentile on wisc). I am planning on having her use the ipad to demonstrate learning hopefully using the speech to text, so she can make some progress on composition without frustrating her too much with having to think about spelling stuff outside of spelling time. I don't want to overwork her on areas that she really struggles in but I also don't want to let things slide when a consistent nudge in the right direction might be helpful. She is also going to be studying the microscope, programming using her Ollo, and doing some projects on Canadian history and geography-cause incidental geography just doesn't stick. Any thoughts about the work load in the trouble areas? Thanks
  5. I just bought this on the weekend and it's really good. We played it as a family and it hurt my head, lol. The level one cards are simple and good for the person working on following one instruction. The level 4 cards really work my brain. I had to sit and try and picture the actions that I had to do and the room needed to be absolutely quiet for a while. So I think we'll pick another game for family time as we ended up using devices while waiting in silence for each person to finish their turn. If you're on the fence and wondering if it is too young for your child no worries. It's good for any age.
  6. She wasn't officially tested before getting sick except for the CTBS-Canadian test of basic skills. I know that she was below grade level in math. She can think through problems, it's doing the computation she struggles with.
  7. Hello there, It's been a while since I've posted anything but I have been reading stuff :001_smile: . My dd 11 has had some testing by a Neuropsych to look and see if there was anything that may be contributing to her current health concern. She has developed a chronic pain condition that necessitates the use of a wheelchair, among other issues, as it hurts too much to walk. They're wanting to see if learning deficits are aggravating her condition. She has always been weak in spelling and her math memorization was problematic. I was looking at getting her tested before she got sick 16 months ago. Anyhow, her spelling is at 4th percentile and math computation at 8th percentile (WIAT-4). So, I'm trying to figure out how best to help my girl. In her testing it was noticed that there were inconsistencies in her spelling, being able to spell more advanced words and missing easier ones. This may be due to anxiety and she also has a very low level of confidence in her problem areas. She has agreed to work on the problem areas a little bit each day, but she wants to write and be independent. So, I'm considering using something to work on her spelling, as well as a program on the computer for spell checking for dyslexics. I'm hoping that this might help her feel successful and increase her confidence. BTW, her reading is really good so that's not an issue. Any ideas on a spelling program? She's tried SS with some success but didn't like it too much, SP absolutely hated it. As far as math fact memorization-HELP!! I feel like I've tried so many things and it just doesn't stick. She still hasn't memorized addition facts and only the 2's in multiplication. She uses her fingers to count. I've tried Times Tales, writing them out, singing them, leaving it alone in the hopes she'd get it when she was older. She tries really hard and gets discouraged because she's unsuccessful. She'll get it one day and then the next day it will be back at the beginning. She just started math again after being on a 1yr. hiatus due to her pain issues. She's using TT5 and she seems to be doing really well, although she's only finished the first 20 lessons. Any ideas on how to help her? Strategies that might work? Websites that might be helpful? I'm really trying to boost her confidence as it's disproportionately low in relation to her overall abilities. TIA
  8. I used the first of Ellen McHenry's chemistry with my then 5th and 7th graders. It worked out really well and my older dd who has to be dragged kicking and screaming to do science retained the stuff she learned. Well, at least she retained the elements she memorized:) The Jeannie Fulbright text was not out at the time so I didn't have to choose between the two. We have used those in the past and have liked them. My older dd says that she likes it better than doing apologia, but she doesn't have a choice right now. BTW, she said that she hated it at the time but that is probably just her anti science prejudice. HTH
  9. I've been looking throught the first few lessons and I have a question. SHe says that you should memorize the basic elements. What are the basic elements????? I need a bit more direction since it has been ever so long sincwe I've contemplated chemistry in any formal sense. What would you consider the "basic" elements, or more importantly which ones should I have my dd's memorize? TIA
  10. I would recommend doing SOTW. You can add in lots of books from library or otherwise if you find the chapters are too short. He can then do a narration and that would only be about 4-5 sentences which is not onerous. SWB outlines it all in WTM. You might also want to check out the MP3's that Peace Hills has on writing. They are recordings of workshops that SWB has given at various conferences. I have found them amazingly helpful in fleshing out writing instruction in 5th grade and above. HTH
  11. I used FLL for the first 4 years with DD1. I found FLL 1and 2 to be very age appropriate with short lessons. It was not hard for her to progress through the lessons. THe memorywork was easy for her and she still remembers it. FLL 3 and 4 are more work which is appropriate for the age. I found the explicit instruction helpful. Last year we started another program but it didn't fit us. I ended up leaving grammar and started up with Rod and Staff 6 this year. Although I wish I could have FLL all the way through, R&S should work well. I haven't seen a deficit in skipping R&S 5 as of yet. With DD2 we ended up only getting halfway through FLL3 last year. nSince we didn't end up doing grammar much in 5th with her sister, we'll progress through FLL 3 and then part of 4th this year. That leaves the other part of 4 to do in 5th grade. This DD is not a natural memorizer and is a bit clueless with things at times(I think due to not actually putting effort into thinking;)). I personally find that spending a short time on grammar when they're young is helpful. They're much happier memorizing lists when they're little. Their schedules are also more open so you can slip it in more easily. HTH
  12. There is a website called Paper Scissors Stone that sells all sorts of Waldorfy things. They have lots of their craft supplies and I believe they have some of the individual books. I haven't actually purchased from there....I've just drooled on my screen;)
  13. I just wanted to add that focusing on the basics is just fine for now. If you give your young students a solid foundation in english and math then they will be able to pick up the science/history/art/music knowledge later. I did sotw at the beginning and I have to say that my dd didn't remember that much when we did ancients again this year. She remembered a few activities but not much for the amount of time we spent on it.;) Once your girls are reading independently they pick up all sorts of information. Just keep making strong foundations and reading to them lots. HTH
  14. Congratulations Colleen! and Colleen's sister:) I have twin nieces that are 4 months younger than my #2. I wasn't much help as I was trying to keep my head above water:) I think my sis-in-law found that the practical aspects were the hardest to keep under control. Having someone to push laundry through, hold babies, and make meals were the most helpful things. It was pretty tough for the first 2 years and she had two older dd's that were big enough to help (10 and 8). My advice to new moms is to consider what habits you start. If you want to keep your baby happy by holding him all the time then don't be surprised that the baby wants to be held all the time a year later. I have no personal problems with holding babies but parents should be aware that choices have consequences. I know everything will be about just getting by for the first while and that's normal. I hope she has a wonderful time with her babies and remembers more than the feeding and trying to sleep. Take care and let your sister know that we're praying for her.:D
  15. See, I knew if I asked you guys I'd get the perspective I wanted.:thumbup: We're okay with a bit of glitz and glamour but it sounds like Monteray Bay is more up our alley. We're starting our holiday at the north of CA and going south. My dh wants to see Alcatraz so we'll be doing a day in SF. I don't think it would be appropriate for my kiddos so we'll have to find something else to amuse ourselves with while he's gone. I want my kids to see the ocean and the giant redwoods. Since we live in the prairies we've seen lots of grasslands, mountains, and deserts,(went to Utah) but my youngest was not even two the last time we were at the ocean. We also want to do the zoo in SD and probably the wildlife park. I think we might also do a waterpark and amusement park while we're down there. I can pretty much guarantee that it will be hot enough for a waterpark so that should work out well.:D We're planning on doing the crazy driving thing there and back so we can spend most of our time in CA. My dh also wants to go to Death Valley but I'm not so sure about that.;) It's soooo hot in August.:ack2: Anyhow, thanks for your input. I'm sure I'll have more questions later. Oh, BTW what recommendations do you have for occupying ourselves in SF for a few hours in a family friendly activity? Thanks
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