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  1. This makes me so mad and sad. No advice, but praying for your daughter’s friend, and I’m glad you can help. Concerned for the younger kids too.
  2. Yes! As a homeschool parent, I always felt I should take this into consideration for high school. The learning environment is very different and there were definitely times when I felt there would have been an advantage to have an in person teacher to interact with and ask questions etc..., or an in person teacher who knew more about a subject than I did (if my student and I are basically learning together, that's not the same thing as having a teacher who studied that area etc...)
  3. Found the info under FAQ's: Should I test again?
  4. I don't know, but I will say that I saw some discrepancies between practice tests and actual tests for one of my kids. And my one that retook the test didn't have a drop, but also didn't raise the score, despite a lot of studying and some tutoring. So, I feel your disappointment. I saw a graph on the ACT site that said while many students improve, some stay the same and some will have lower scores...I'll have to see if I can find that later.
  5. I've seen public school teachers do the same thing (and I'd venture to say that they have "planned" extra credit options built in because they've learned over the years that some students need it. From that vantage point, I don't see the point in "penalizing" a homeschool child because it's our first time teaching that grade or subject. Penalizing by not offering the same types of opportunities other similar courses might give for achieving a decent grade I mean.) I personally like to see the extra credit relate to the subject and be something that helps the student learn something--wheth
  6. I used workboxes to set up my kids work. To record what was done, I kept a teacher notebook.
  7. My ds is at a school of around 20,000, and transferred in as a junior, so he has very few large classes. The prof's for his major and for his foreign language class all know him. Your adviser doesn't know you exist - that's probably true for my son's "college" adviser (college of liberal arts) but his "major" adviser knows him. your adviser is a no-show even for scheduled visits - that's awful! Hasn't happened for ds. you wait for walk in adviser hours and are told to get out because it's Friday afternoon...by the same lady who just told you that his scheduled adviser was a n
  8. Honestly, I think it sounds like she's doing pretty well. With regard to college, the general rule of thumb is 2-3 hours outside of class for ever credit hour--so for 12 credits, that would be 24-36 hours a week. She really may do just fine.
  9. My dd and I always felt the physics math problems on the test were harder than the examples in the book! I did have to work through each one when my dd did this course. If you have the time and inclination, that would be one way to "save" it. You could also do more "open book"--if a test doesn't go well, let him go back through the book to find the answers and try again. (unless it's just the math questions.) I remember that some levels of Apologia have a multiple choice test option, and you could contact Apologia to see if they still have those. If I remember correctly, some of the late
  10. Yup, completely normal! For outside writing, focus on his content and what he's trying to say and just encourage him. Spelling will come in time :-). When students are writing outside of spelling time, they have many more things to focus on–content, creativity, organization, punctuation, spelling, grammar, capitalization, what kind of audience they are addressing–it’s a lot to think about at once! Many kids are in junior high before they are able to put these skills together more effectively. Since he's doing well with AAS otherwise, just keep going. Here's more info on how to handle spelling
  11. Are you sure your daughter actually needs a spelling curriculum? Why not just have her write, and use any spelling mistakes in her writing for learning opportunities? Natural spellers often don't need anything more than that. Maybe her time would be better spent focusing on something else?
  12. My oldest at this age wasn't ready to take over the schedule or to be self-motivated. I just used workboxes--one subject per box--to organize the physical materials, and required an hour of work per day per subject. If need be, collect any devices--they are not available until school is done for the day. I didn't have to do a lot of work keeping him on task--I could just say, "where are you with your workboxes?" if I felt he needed redirecting. But with devices not available, staying on task was easier! If an hour a day, 3 days a week isn't enough time to get the work done, you may have to com
  13. I would just play around with some magnet letters for a few minutes each day--keep it short and fun! Make simple CVC words and show him how to sound them out. Change one letter at a time to help him read new words: cat-sat-sap-map, and so on. Have fun with it, and if he starts to catch on to blending, then look at getting a program. If he doesn't quite get how to sound out words, then you can wait awhile.
  14. I started my kids on AAS at ages 9 and 11. You do start at level 1, but the first few levels go quickly--my oldest almost finished level 3 that first year. It lays an important foundation for them though. Here's a review I did back when I started them. I hope you find something that's a good fit for you and your kids!
  15. I think it's a very positive sign that he doesn't confuse these when writing! If he has the sounds connected with writing the letters, I would have him air write when he misreads a word. "What sound would this make if you wrote it?" Have him use large arm movements from the shoulder down to the pointer finger, like described in this post on reversals. Unfortunately there's no "magic bullet" type of answer for reversals. I would plan on it taking short, daily exercises, possibly for a year (that's how long it took to help my dd "undo" her reversals--she was actually 9 though. For kids und
  16. We didn’t do it, and the colleges we considered didn’t have an economics requirement.
  17. True, I forgot he was 4, LOL! I would only work on it if the child was asking at that age☺️
  18. (((Hugs))) I hope your daughter is feeling better soon and that time at home really helps.
  19. The suggestion doesn't keep kids from experiencing that joy--they get to see the pictures as soon as they read the page. It's just to help them focus on decoding instead of ignoring decoding and guessing based on pictures. Many kids don't need that strategy. But kids like the child of the OP who isn't decoding and IS guessing based on pictures--covering them temporarily can be a big help.
  20. He's young and this is very normal for his age. I would probably use a blank index card or paper to cover the picture until he reads the words. Then show the picture as his reward. Sounding out words definitely takes lots of work. Hang in there, he'll get there!
  21. That doesn't sound like much reinforcement. We used All About Spelling, which is also OG based, but the word lists always went with the new concept, and there were 10 main words plus reinforcement words for most lessons. Here's a review I did back when we first started. Hope you find something that's a good fit for you and your little one!
  22. I feel your pain! But yes, very normal. (I changed majors several times myself.) Both of my kids changed--well, my oldest never declared but thought about several possibilities and pursued coursework in each, only to decide they weren't a right fit. He graduated with an Associate's Degree (took 3 years with all of the class experimenting) without ever deciding and took a gap year before he really knew what he wanted to do. DD changed from pre-nursing to early childhood ed--and yes, that change did impact how long it will take for her to graduate too. But kids really need the freedom to explore
  23. You’re welcome! There’s a lot to the form so it’s possible to miss something that’s for sure!
  24. Are you sure? We did the FAFSA renewal on October 1, and it asked for the bank balances.
  25. Can she drop the class, still transfer to the university, and do the class online next summer to finish the associates degree? I’d like to do something like that if she can’t take it at the University. That guy sounds like a real jerk.
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