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  1. Singapore has a banner saying there is a new series coming out this spring. The only information I could find was this and this forum comment: "It is similar to Primary Mathematics, prior to the Common Core edition, but better..., at least for grades 1-5. It will be true to Primary Math more than to Common Core topics, though. There are periodic practices, reviews every half-semester, some challengers in the workbook. You will have to keep an eye on the web site for when samples are up. The one problem is that the Home Instructor's Guide won't be ready this year, though textbooks, workbooks, teacher guides for grade K-1 likely will be by April. The Teacher's Guide will be usable, though, by homeschoolers. There will be a Home Instructor's Guide for grades 1-5, but later." Anybody have more info? I'm in the market for new curriculum.
  2. It really does drive me insane, but I at least feel somewhat better if she's not alone in this. Part of the problem may be that my oldest is the complete opposite - when she gets it, she gets it and she's done. I still suspect dyscalculia. She has had a terrible time learning math facts and I have thrown the kitchen sink at it. She has mild dysgraphia and ADHD, which I hear are often co-morbid with dyscalculia. For years, we could only do math if I wrote for her. She still prefers it if I write for her.
  3. I just sat down with DD9 to do a chapter review with her. So this is familiar material. She said she couldn't understand the question, which was asking her to show the area of a larger rectangle as the sum of the area of smaller rectangles. Working on this with her, I realized that she remembered how to derive perimeter but had no idea how to derive an area, despite having done this before many times in many ways. So we re-derived the meaning of area vs perimeter. We did it with rods, she watched a video on it, we did lots of examples, she said she understood it really well. We solved the original problem. I strongly suspect that if I give her an area problem in a couple of days, she won't be able to solve it. We moved on to the next problem, which was a basic double digit multiplication. She has completely forgotten how to do it, despite having been taught it multiple times and having solved many problems correctly in the past. I think the problem was 60*30. In addition to forgetting to pad a leading zero in the second row (and we stopped and re-derived why we would do that), she then tried to say that the 3 times the 6 (being tens) would result in a 180 and tried to write that portion in a third row because that's where you deal with hundreds. She then proceeded to correctly solve 4 problems using the algorithm. In the 5th one, she again reverted to thinking about what each multiplication would produce and dealing with just that piece in a different row. I am so frustrated and I am having difficulty maintaining my patience and not just freaking out, which is unfair to her. I feel like we need to be doing something fundamentally different.
  4. I've been thinking tagging would be REALLY useful. Here's a to a video on tagging in OneNote, if anyone is interested.
  5. We had a side-by-side that broke and we decided to spring for the Samsung Flex 4-door. I thought I would like it but had no idea I would looooooove it! So organized! So easy to find things! Thought I’d share [emoji2] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. I am a Google Drive lover, but I have so many things for so many grade levels and topics, I have to break it down more. Now I’ve got OneNote set up like a binder, with a tab for each grade level, a section for each subject, and subpages for topics within subject. It’s much more tree-like in structure than what I used to do, which helps me find things [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. It was this image that really got me thinking about how I could fundamentally use it differently (post here). I'll dig up video links later today.
  8. I'm a Gaiman fan, but he can definitely be unsettling for kids. My very brave DD9 who is constantly begging me to watch scary movies was utterly creeped out by Coraline, both the book and especially the movie. It's the one thing she says she'll never watch again. Same for DD12. They also hated Nightmare Before Christmas. Can't say I blame them though.
  9. Apparently posting clarifies my thinking because I went today and watched videos on how to use OneNote more efficiently and completely reorganized what I was doing. It's not perfect, but it's WAY closer to what I wanted. Yay!
  10. I'm trying to figure out how to better organize and track resources we aren't using yet, and do general future planning. I have a tendency to find great books or threads or blog posts and know that I'll want to use that in the future, but even though I collect that information in my OneNote, it's not well organized and gets lost. I'm usually better off with a digital organizer and I'm vaguely visualizing a graphic organizer where I can drag-and-drop resources within a tree-like structure. So like I could have 7th grade, with subjects below that, and topics within that, and resources pinned to topics. I'd also like to tack on notes because I often find myself doing micro-unit planning in the moment, etc. Something sort of like Trello, but not optimized for team work. Wow, I just described something way more specific than I thought. Anybody have something like this? If not, how do you keep track of all the great things you find that you want to use at some point and ideas you have about how you want to use them? TIA!
  11. More than either of my older kids did. We maybe came close to that with my oldest. She's in 6th now and she's doing fabulously, so I don't think we missed the boat. 4th grader turned out ok too ;) You're doing a great job!
  12. Thanks! This is great info. Unrelated, I'm pretty sure my daughter in enrolled in your daughter's Herp class coming up :)
  13. Thanks for this info, it's helpful. The next workshop in our area isn't until July and I was hoping to get started soon with some of this before her habits get more entrenched. But maybe we could figure that out. Does HWOT require transitioning to cursive or could we use to stay manuscript all the way?
  14. They have some new stuff too. Just passing along!
  15. Anyone used Print Path before? I came across this in Googling and it seems to be sort of a HWOT knockoff. Cheaper to use and seems to go up through 5th without transitioning to cursive. I went down this rabbit trail because my 5yo is shaping up to have grip, reversal, and general writing issues similar to my older daughter and so I started looking at HWOT, but she already knows all her capital letters very well and a lot of the HWOT primary stuff seems like overkill at this point. Print Path seems like it might be an nice way to pick up the methodology at a higher level and lesser price point, but it's kind of hard to tell, never having used either. Thanks for any input!
  16. Thank you SO much for all of this fantastic information. These are great leads for us!
  17. Thank you for this information! Biology is full and Biomes seems a little light for her, but might be worth trying just to check out an Athena class. We have not taken any there before.
  18. I haven't heard of this before! Thanks for the tip. How did you find mentors for your daughter? That is something I am struggling with, particularly since we don't live in a coastal area.
  19. DD11 at the end of this semester will have exhausted the genetics and marine science options at Next Level Homechool, which she has loved with a fiery passion. I'm looking for something for her to take next semester that is of a similar style and quality. These classes have worked so well for her because they are deep but really fun and interesting for a kid. So far I have not found anything similar. I really want to enable her to keep going deeper with marine biology, which is a serious area of interest for her, but she very much wants to do it in that way, not on her own by just reading books,etc. She has a very solid grasp of taxonomy, 101 genetics, and has been through invertebrates and vertebrates including dissection. Anyone have any leads? Thanks!
  20. I believe Inspire is new and I've heard some iffy things. We started with Sutter Peak last year and I have been *very* happy with them. Their funds are almost as good as Inspire's at $2500 per child (elementary) and this year they are offering free laptops in addition. They only require 1 work sample per school year. My favorite feature is reimbursement. No vouchers required, I can buy anything from anywhere, or pay anyone for lessons, and as long as it is academic-related, they will cover it. In response to parent requests, they also did away with limits on how we have to spend our funds. So, for example, I can spend it all on piano lessons if I want to.
  21. Thanks for all of your input. I decided to go forward and my materials arrive today. Let the planning begin!
  22. I have been asked to take over teaching SOTW 3 next year for the 3rd-6th graders at the local co-op, and I am feeling angsty about it. Last year's instructor was well-intentioned but the kids found the class very boring. Most of the parents weren't making sure the chapters were read in advance, so she was mainly reading the chapter and having them do coloring and worksheets. My kids begged me to teach history myself at home this year and we were going to do American history to coincide with our travels. I'm somewhat baffled that I've been asked to teach it as my strength is much more math and science, but the director insists I'm her first choice. Head-scratcher. If I were to take it on, I would want to make sure it was engaging, fun, and worthy, and I am having a hard time imagining how to accomplish that in one hour a week with 20+ kids who probably don't come prepared with the reading done. Ideas? Experiences? How would you approach teaching it?
  23. Generally speaking, you will be free to use whatever level materials you think are appropriate for him, particularly if you are not buying them with charter funds. I have not been with South Sutter, but I have been with 3 other charters (currently at Sutter Peak) and at any of those, I was free to do pretty much whatever I thought best. I'm unclear whether you are planning to try and enroll him in a higher grade level than his age grade, but I would recommend sticking with the age grade. It won't affect your teaching and it's more years of stipends for you. One word of advice: if you are going to go with South Sutter, start the enrollment process in the spring. They are notorious for their very very slow enrollments.
  24. I just listened to the commencement speech. LOVED IT. Exactly what I needed to hear :)
  25. I encountered the ToC for this Apologia book and loved the content, but I can't do Apologia. So far I have not been able to find anything similar in depth and scope. Any suggestions?
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