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  1. We are headed in the statistics direction because we will not survive Calculus yet we need 4 years of math.... So I have been searching high and low for a good stats book. This is what I have finally found! A book for specific for highschool - so many of them are also used in college. Statistics and Probability with Applications by Daren Starnes and Josh Tabor. The publisher also has this 180 break down of the book with potential activities and comments for the classroom. The publisher also has videos of all the examples in the chapters which I think will be helpful because that is less reading...
  2. I have a son in a similar boat. Junior, 17, just finishing up geometry. Here in MA you need 4 years of math to get into state colleges. : ( So I am going to try statistics after or while we struggle through Algebra 2. But the book I have found could work! Introductory Statistics - college text ( I believe) but written as applied statistics - intended for students who do not have a strong background in math - prerequisite is elementary algebra. Introductory Statistics by Prem S. Mann published by Wiley
  3. Do all on line classes? That is what we are doing to get around kids that are not to interested in doing school. They are doing more for the outside class than they would for me and I don't have to put them in school.
  4. Wondering what you did with this class? I remember looking at your question and noting it as my son is taking the Life Prep Biology. Today he took a test. The only material to study was 3 one hour live classes - no reading. There were 16 true false questions. My son did not do well. He told me all about it. But the interesting data is that out of 3 hours of class the teacher spent about 6 minutes on cranial nerves - just read each of them with a little discussion - and there were 4 questions about them on the test. So 3 % of time on in class on subject and 25% on test. In the teachers defense he did say make flash cards and study. But my son is perplexed and bewildered by that comparison. Is this typical? Going back to the earlier bolded quote: I think the important thing is to learn the material & learn how to study. The tests should capture understanding, IMO. I don't think his tests try to capture if they are understanding. It is more of little minutiae with some T/F questions that might get at a concept. Is this representative of higher level learning tests?
  5. I am so thankful for this conversation!!! My non math guy is doing DO geometry and I was thinking we were moving onto DO Algebra 2 cause I love the self paced but corrected by others - but reading all of this we need to do something else!
  6. Oglethorpe University in Atlanta. For homeschoolers. It has the following " A portfolio recording all high school work completed (including courses studied, textbooks, assignments, and extracurricular achievements) " in its requirements for homeschoolers on its website. Did you need to do all of that and how did you do the assignment part?
  7. Thanks so much for the review of LOF - saved us time and heartache!! We will get one of those introductory texts...... Thanks so much!!
  8. I have been thinking about doing Statistics for my non math son since he needs 4 years for the state schools here.... LOF - I did see that for high school statistics you don't have to do the whole book. Completing the first five chapters would do. So then the question is - were the first 5 chapters super hard as well?? Other things I have found: and crash course had statistics.
  9. I was just thinking about this... my son is a junior right now. But I don't think he will be going to college directly. Gap year(s) will be good for him. I look forward to seeing what others are doing!
  10. Lori D. - a little rabbit trail - Your comments on your DS #2 are so encouraging. In many ways sounds like my DS #1. I have been thinking about Algebra 2 and wondering how this child will ever do it. And then was thinking about Consumer Math as well. I think I have decided to go ahead with Derek Owens Algebra 2 and if it takes us 2 years so be it. But maybe the way to do it is weave in Consumer Math?! What did you use for Consumer Math? Lori D - I really appreciate your insight and depth of replies!! Thanks!
  11. So I also wanted to ask about this! I have been reading Launch by Jeannie Burlouski (great book!) and she recommends aptitude testing using the following: "Strong Profile, College Edition and Strong and MBTI Career Report." (page 141 in her book) I think that is a combination of three tests: The Meyers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory and Strength Finder 2.0. So my question is that I too had found the Johnson O'Connor Research Foundation and was wondering what would be better. They each cost enough money that I think we would only do one. Opinions on which aptitude tests to take?
  12. Thanks so much to everyone for their advice! I also did not know that the pass might be commuted to a C! And I appreciate the vote of confidence that the work is worth the A. You ladies are great. : )
  13. Do you give a letter grade for PE or just a pass/fail? For PE in 9th grade he ran winter track at the local high school (worked hard, learned hurdle and high jump) and then we hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. So 9th grade would be: PE:Track and Hiking 10th grade he has been going to the YMCA in the morning and working out, learned about all the machines. So 10th grade would be: PE: Fitness and Weightlifting If I were to give him a letter grade he has worked hard and I would give him an "A." He is a soccer guy - that A would be his only A for 9th grade. It would be a true reflection of the year! Great in sports, not so great academically! I was thinking I would do a year of PE for 9th and 10th and then .5 for 11th and 12th even though he would be probably doing more than 1/2 a credit of work. So for the purposes of the GPA what are most doing? Letter grade or Pass/Fail? Thanks!
  14. We have used a few: 7th grade son watched most of the Daily life in the Ancient World. These were good! 9th grade son watched Great American Bestsellers: The books that shaped america. We liked the profs presentation. We also started The Life and Work of Mark Twain. We did not like Railton's presenting. Lastly, I am doing a little physics class for mostly 8th graders and as part of that class we are watching Understanding the Word's Greatest Structures: Science and Innovation from Antiquity to Modernity. Very good. Some of it goes over their head but I think they are all learning at ton. Professor Ressler is a great presenter and there are great demonstrations. As a homeschool mom I love the mix of history in there as well!
  15. Glad you found that out! : ) I had emailed him as well and gotten a response that said he had worked out solutions.
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