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  1. shelleysboys

    Biology Textbooks

    Glad you found that out! : ) I had emailed him as well and gotten a response that said he had worked out solutions.
  2. shelleysboys

    Biology Textbooks

    Thanks for the feedback on the physics book. Answers without them worked out could be a deal breaker so thanks so much for giving me the heads up!! I will ask the publisher - if/when I get an answer I will post back. ; )
  3. shelleysboys

    Biology Textbooks

    I don't have a biology text book for you - but I would love to ask about the Centripetal Press "Introductory Principles in Physics." My sophomore age son is doing Derek Owen's physics - I think it a very solid course but he is buried by the homework problems. After seeing your post I am wondering about switching over to your text. I asked the publisher if they would send me a sample of their mathiest homework page and a test. Any additional thoughts you have on Centripetal's book would be super helpful.
  4. shelleysboys

    What types of writing?

    So after all this great conversation about what writing a kid needs, if you want to buy an on line class what would you recommend!?? My sophomore son is taking an English class at HSLDA - it is good for him at this point. But I would like him to do more writing in the 2nd half of high school than he is currently doing. Or is the way to go a private tutor and just hand them this thread?! And of course cost is a factor too. sigh.
  5. shelleysboys


    Anyone know of a high school on line class for Portuguese?
  6. shelleysboys

    history class participation percentage

    Sorry, yes, I wanted to know what percentage of a grade should go toward class participation - you answered my question: 15%. Thanks!
  7. What percentage would you give for class participation for a 9th grade history class? I paid someone to come and talk about that weeks history. Thanks in advance!
  8. Interested in Funda Funda's ( US History course. I have not found any reviews... anyone used it? Thanks!
  9. Thanks Ladies! Thanks for taking the time to help me in my thinking process. : )
  10. The Potter School is offering a US Military History class. It of course appeals to my son. Do you think this could count as the traditional US History class - or must I add something to it and then what to add? The class is using a book called, "For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States from 1607-2012." Your thoughts would be appreciated! Shelley in MA
  11. shelleysboys


    Thanks so much for taking the time to write all that up - I am getting the feel for it. Need to add some things into this 9th grade year so that I can do what you are saying but I think that is OK. It is all hair raising and crazy when you don't really know that you will need it in the end! Again thanks so so much for writing that up! Happy New Year!
  12. shelleysboys


    I would love to hear about how you fill in NCAA records for a non traditional Spanish class or a Derek Owens class. I don't really know if my son will play Div 1 or 2 soccer but feel like I need to have my ducks in a row in case he could. Crazy.
  13. Where did you find the deals on Great Courses Plus?
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