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  1. Help me fill my ds's workboxes so that he can do school like his syblings. The little guy wants worksheets like the older ones. Any workbook suggestions for a bright 3 year old?
  2. What if any curriculum will you use in the summer? How often and when will you fit it in? Also do you have any experiences from past summers that succeeded/failed with homeschooling? I considering LOF and Khan... And something fun on the LA end.
  3. If you had to choose between CWP and SIP, which would you choose to get a kid pondering?
  4. Should I use this at the same grade level of math? And will it still work if I'm switching from SM to MM next year?
  5. I'm planning on using khan for the summer. I'm just trying to get my kids email addresses legally :). I'll have to look into the programming site. CWP is my best guess so far, so it's good to hear someone else recommend it. Anyone else? Maybe something with a workbook and pen and paper.
  6. I've never used any supplemental books to get my mathy/ logical girl thinking. I want her to have something that makes her ponder. Plus it would be ideal if I didn't have to be super involved (I'm super involved with quite a few curriculum currently.). Suggestions?
  7. Do you have a favorite app for practicing addition/subtraction facts?
  8. We're making the switch:). What level MM would you recommend after Singapore 4b?
  9. By first grade dd was reading fluently. I did read alouds and had her read for several hours a day. We did 1 weeks worth of math for the entire year (enough to realize she was above level in math.) If my other kids are reading well I would like to have an unschooling year for first grade. I did second and third grade math, and massive amounts of flash card math in second grade. And third grade is all around vigorous lasting most of the day with lots of grammar and writing added in. My main agenda for first grade is a rock solid reader with a passion to learn.
  10. I always read about Kilgallon as an aside for LA. I just want to say I think it's amazing-my new favorite subject.
  11. What are your favorite picture books for the words? I would like the kids to do some of their poetry memorizing in the early years through good books. I was inspired the other day when I heard a 4 year old reciting Where the Wild Things Are. My favorites are almost anything written by Cynthia Rylant. Her books can be rather real life though and I am hoping to get more poetic and imaginative books.
  12. I want to conclude my core subjects a month early and really did into a unit study exloring a subject from lots of angles. I would love your suggestions. Does anyone else do this?
  13. How is 4 more advanced than 3? And did anyone jump from WWE3 to WWS? DD is loving WWE3, but wants to write summaries entirely on her own now. The quality is just as good as when she dictates them aloud.
  14. I'm going to buy most of the books in Town for next year. Do I need the TMs or can I get away with only the TMs? Also do they ever have sales?
  15. My 9 year old and I are headed to Florida to spend a few days with my grandmother who just got out of the hospital. I think she might enjoy a read aloud. Any suggestions?
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