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  1. I knew I had a dancer on my hands so I had her take gymnastics (which she loved) for 2 and a half years. Now she's 9 and we just switched over to dance fully and in many areas she's head and shoulders above her peers.
  2. I have used picnik to juxtapose pictures next to each other. Any suggestions for this function?
  3. I've been curious how other people do this as well. I want to be more systematic next year about memory work.
  4. I see... I was trying to do everything from the iPad.... Is that possible?
  5. Is there a way to get kiss grammar in PDF format so that I can import it easily into notability? I can only have it in doc format and notability will only open files in PDF.
  6. Tell me more about what you like about this product. Our DVD player is in a room that I don't want paint in. Would that be a problem?
  7. We're heading to Clearwater, Florida for vacation with our 4 kids 3-9 ages. Does anyone have recommendations for activities? I would love to get a couple school field trips in.
  8. I'm in an almost identical situation. It took me a week to realize the kids could not do math together...or grammar.
  9. These are awesome suggestions. I've looked into them all now and stopped pitching my used worksheets for the older ones. You all rock!
  10. I would love recommendations for worksheets/workbooks for my 3 year old to do. He wants to be just like his older 3 syblings. I do the workboxes system and am having trouble filling his boxes with emough tasks that make him feel big. Thanks, Peach!
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