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  1. Update: No surgery necessary!!!!! He actually had one fewer breaks than the ER mentioned. Thanks for all the input. Now to figure out what to do with a cast all summer : )
  2. That's really good advice! Thanks, betty! I'm totally not thinking right.
  3. DS 6 fractured his radius, ulna, hand/wrist on a fall from the monkey bars today. We visit the orthopedic specialist tomorrow. We are moving in 3 weeks to another state. Insurance and doctors will change. I'm wondering about everything. What to expect tomorrow at the appointment. If he need surgery how long until that happens. Recovery? Anyone? I'm feeling fairly sad about it right now. Plus I'm a wedding photographer and have a wedding tomorrow and the next day so DH will take him to the orthopedic while I shoot a wedding. I'm sure I'll have so many questions and won't get to ask them. What questions should DH ask? ahhhhhh.....
  4. Hi, staceyobu. I saw a previous post where you asked about Collingswood. We are going to be moving there. Did you end up moving there?

  5. What do you think is the easiest kindle font to read? I'm specifically wondering about this for a 7 year old.
  6. I haven't given a lot of thought to the specifics of how dd will/won't interact with the opposite sex down the road; I just know that the next few years are not IMHO a good time to be engaging in romantic (even innocently romantic relationships.) And I think she understands that intuitively. What I want now is to give her a vision for how to view romantic relationships. I want to put words to the intuition in an understandable and compelling, but not forceful, fashion. She has some great friends who are boys at church and with cousins; it's in other extra curriculars that this comes up.
  7. I don't believe in dating until you are close to an age that you "could" get married. The boys know her age and are the same age. She is NOT boy crazy in the slightest, but is around boys who have not had training. This always happens in some type of class setting. I passed it off as a fluke the first two times, but now realize I should address it a bit more wholisticly. Meanwhile my husband wrote a letter to the boy who was professing his interest regularly. It read something like this: "Dear, Cohen, DD is not allowed to "like" girls until she is much older. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. DH"
  8. So wherever she goes, boys seem to like my DD 10. She's not flirty and handles the attention well. I'm proud of her. We have had lots of talks. We aren't in favor of any relationships until much, much later. She has already turned several boys away. Recently I have been thinking that I would love to have her read something to explain romantic love and dating/courtship from a Christian perspective. Is there anything out there that you would recommend for this YOUNG age?
  9. I live in central pa. I really don't know how much tapping happens here.
  10. This is cool! Do you have a link for the Vermont farmers? Thanks for all of the imput, ladies! I wish we liked honey in our yogurt. It looks like Aldi and ravaging the countryside are my best options. So far the best I have found it for is $53/gallon locally, but I have to buy 4 gallons. I'm going to call the phone number listed above tomorrow. Do you ever get nervous about products from Amish? I have heard I can drive for about 45 minutes and maybe get some from the Amish. There's no way of calling them, but if I write them, and they can call me with details. We buy raw milk from a raw cheese farm that sells to the expensive health food stores. I have always been a little leary of the amish products.
  11. We've been going it through maple syrup really fast since I started using it to sweeten my homemade yogurt. Thanks, Hive!
  12. People.... Buy lots of people. And maybe a ship or two. And some fencing and horses. I love the Noah's ark set too. My kids got into them after playing with mine from childhood. I get overwhelmed with toys so we only have 2 kinds in our house: Legos and playmobile. My entire Christmas plan for my 4 kids ages 4-10 (boys and girls) is $50-$75 worth of people and horses. Their website will probably run a sale on Black Friday. Often their website has better prices than the stores. Stores tend to mark them up and then run a sale that is still more expensive than the website. I always compare with the website.
  13. For my family to have wisdom in what big steps to take next in DH's career...
  14. We homeschool in PA now, but are thinking about moving into the city. What has been your experience been with that?
  15. We did 2 and 3 and then took a big, long break and did 1. I know that sounds weird, but it was really helpful. I have come to think phonics is excellent when used as somewhat of a review in the reading process. I think it's best when it's not painful and slightly below their reading level. That seems to be somewhat of how the schools use it. It's one of MANY tools to teach reading, and used as a stand alone it's rather insufficient. That's just my experience though. I think DD got the most out of it when she wasn't at the painfully sounding out words stage.
  16. I would not trust the seller to remove it themselves unless they hire professional asbestos removal company to remove or encapsulate it. If you even move it a foot you have a much bigger problem on your hands than what you have now if a particle gets in the air.
  17. We would be moving several hours away to a state school ( in the top 100) that costs less than 20k. I don't know if he would get any aid. This past year's income was very low because he's the director of a non-profit. We have two residual income sources that we would try to expand on (a rental and an online business that are already solvent) and I would do contract work. We would want to move back where we are now, and practice law for a time. He's insanely networked already and respected in our city. His ultimate goals are not actually practicing law, but the kind of positions that are often held by people that have JDs or PHDs in their background. This is the tricky point; We're trying to think about 20 years from now. His past experiences are in ministry, elected office, business, and leading a non-profit. He's a skilled and fast writer and loves public speaking. We're not risk-averse. Basically he wants to expand on his ability to lead in our community and perhaps beyond. To be honest, out of the three options were considering, in some ways this seems like the easiest, though it feels somewhat indirect. I think he would love law school. He thinks like an attorney more than anyone I've ever met (including attorneys.) Some of the appeal to this route is secondary for me: children living near their grandparents for 3 years; living somewhere for several years where we know fewer people and he is committed to fewer extraneous committees/boards. Our current plan is to have him take the LSAT and see how well he does. At the same time we're watching to see how the other two options develop. This option is probably a long shot (but the other options feel that way too.) Then there's the fourth option of just getting a decent paying job based on his already substantial work experience and trying to think a little bit less like a visionary (though that seems like the least probable.) Ahhhhhh!!!! It's all so exciting and confusing. Im loving all of your advice, especially the negatives.
  18. This is really helpful. The prospect is definitely scarey. Dh is good at boundaries and setting his own schedule. He has worked long hours in jobs that don't sleep (ministry and high level management.). I wish there was a way to know how it would compare. We're used to living on a small amount (but kids activities are important to me and braces are coming in that time.). We would also be moving a lot closer to very helpful family... And the kids would be living right near their grandparents for several years. If you have any more advice, keep it coming.
  19. My dh is considering going back to school full time to get his JD. Has anyone had any experiences like this? I'd love to hear any advice.
  20. Seems like a lot of people use lesportsac and Vera Bradley bags
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