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    I am a husband and father. I love my family and friends dearly.
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    Writing children's stories, playing Soccer, Running, Rowing, reading good books
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    Marketing Director of a clinical research company
  1. I looked at the word "by" probably longer than most. And I thought about the number 7. It's always been a tricky number for me. Then I thought, maybe I should just use a calculator, but I didn't allow myself to cheat. I then multiplied each number individually, like a traditional vertical multiplication problem, in my head. Carried the 4 and came up with 282.
  2. Thank you both for the advice. I do have the book, recently purchased. Do you happen to know of any online courses where you can get feedback from teachers?
  3. Hello, I am fairly new to the idea of classical education. I first learned about the Trivium from a mentor of mine that attend Oxford for his doctorate in Theology. The more I read and learn about classical education, the more I feel cheated (both by myself and by the educational system I was raised in) out of my childhood learning. Not that I am bitter, just longing. Now I feel as though I am way behind. I am 32 years old with a busy life. I have two young children and a lovely wife and a full-time job and mortgage. But I am very much interested in advancing my education. Not necessarily through degrees, but more so through self-enlightenment. I would like to learn how to learn, how to think logically, argue properly, and mature in knowledge of God. Basically, to train my mind via the tenants of the Trivium. My hope is that someone can offer some guidance on how I can begin that journey. Are there books, CD or DVD series that beginning adults can pick up to start the process? Are there online courses, etc...? Any advice would be appreciated and well received.
  4. Atlas Shrugged is a bit beefy, but it definitely falls in line with your child's described interest. He might also enjoy The Red Horse - it was voted Italian Novel of the decade in the 1990s I believe.
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