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  1. Hits: Integritas Academy's Literature and Composition for Underclassmen with Cindy Lange. This is for my 14 year old 9th grader, and it is going very well! So glad I found Cindy!
  2. My son has enjoyed Galen and the Gateway to Medicine by Jeanne Bendick. He said that's his favourite book, and my son is picky and doesn't enjoy reading in general.
  3. Thanks for the subscription ideas. I didn't think of that :).
  4. Thank you very much, OKBud! I'll look into these suggestions :).
  5. Thanks, SilverMoon. I'll look into both of these 🙂.
  6. She is almost 13, but is a bit behind due to hearing impairment (asking for a friend). Interactive means hands-on projects or activities, or high interest. They don't necessarily have to be manipulated. Usually and adult will work on the projects with her or supervise her. Any topics really, as long as they are interactive for her. Thanks!
  7. Hello, I'm looking for interactive projects and activities for history and science for a child who likes hand-on activities. Any recommendations? Thanks!
  8. A bit hit this year for ds13 is Integritas Academy's Intro to Persuasive Writing Through Literature. His writing has improved so much, and Cindy Lange teaches writing in incremental steps that work very well for ds. He could barely write a proper paragraph last school year, and I'm just not good at teaching writing. I only wish I had registered ds for her course the year before. Even though it's expensive, it's worth every penny. We just put money aside each month to be able to pay for it.
  9. We love doing the chicken mummy (and used a cornish hen as well), and the Egyptian feast. My kids especially loved the payaya stir fried rice (I think that's what it was called.
  10. My ds 13 is also doing Rainbow Science this year, and he has also had trouble coming up with answers to some of the questions. What we do is answer the questions together like a discussion, then he writes down the answers on his own afterwards. I do use the TM to help with some of the answers while we are discussing, and I will even read some of them out to him. Basically, I am having write the answers in his own words (as much as he can remember) after we have talked about it.
  11. When I did Professor B with my son, he preferred that I taught him from the TM rather than the CD.
  12. My ds (13) will be finishing up CLE Math 7 this year, and he is doing okay with it. I was wondering if it's possible to to go Algebra 1 next, or if he should really do pre-algebra first? I am considering an online course like Derek Owens or Mr. D Math or Jann's math class. I had him watch some samples of Mr. D and Derek Owens prealgebra lessons, and he found that he already knew a lot of the material (of the samples he watched), and also found that the way they explained how to do something (such as finding percent of a number) made it more complicated than necessary. Thanks.
  13. This is great, especially with our election coming up this fall! Thanks!
  14. If you pay it all before August 31st, you get $250 off, so then it would be $1000 for the year. That's still expensive, but it might help.
  15. I don't know anything about Writers in Residence. I was just looking at their online courses. They have several AP courses in high school, and their middle school courses lead students to take the AP courses. The only teacher there that I have heard about is Lili Serbicki, and I've read that she is a terrific teacher. I've emailed her with questions, and she replies very promptly. Another lit/writing course for middle school is Integritas Academy's Intro to Persuasive Writing Through Literature. It's expensive, but I have read only good things about Cindy Lange (the teacher for this cour
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