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  1. This! Excellent program. My kids watched it all the time when they were little. I even enjoyed watching it, entertaining and gets the point across.
  2. I monitor all my emails from my phone, rarely my computer anymore. I have 2 gmail accounts, one for online shopping orders/coupons/junk and the other I use for personal (sports, church, kids' school communication, etc). They both operate under the same email icon so it's really easy to access either one. It's also nice to click on any dates mentioned in emails and enter an event on google calendar. DH has his own, no way would I want to sift through his. Any kids related activity gets both of our email addresses when signing up.
  3. Yes, definitely a second opinion, even if for just ease of mind that the plan is on the right track. I would seek out a spine surgeon, even if you have to travel. Ask around, ask everyone you know for recommendations. DH bulging disk finally felt better after about 2-3 weeks of ibuprofen every 8 hours consistently, muscle relaxers, epidural injection, frequent PT and PT massage and alternating heat and ice. He had numb and tingly feet, so he was very close to needing surgery but the inflammation finally decreased before that point. The surgeon recommended micro surgery with very short rec
  4. I would say it's more awkward and mildly uncomfortable. It's only been painful when I had a tender cyst and even then the techs were as gentle as possible.
  5. I have the same hair type and I'm still trying to figure it out! What doesn't work for me are shampoos and conditioners to soften the hair; they are too heavy and end up making my hair limp. I also prefer mousse, it defines the curl best versus creams that can be too heavy. My favorite products are Kenra platinum and TIGI/Bed Head head (I do like their creams). These are more expensive, but Ulta runs really good sales every so often making them fairly affordable, as well as keeping a point/reward system that helps keep cost down as well. I also avoid ANYTHING advertising protein in i
  6. Totally unprofessional. However, unless they were actually called a name (versus using the swear word as an adjective) I'd let it go.
  7. Definitely soft cover! The covers on hardbacks are annoying and they generally cost more. So much easier to toss a softcover in a purse too.
  8. I would contact your local office on aging, I assume most communities have them. They are a great resource for answering your exact questions. They may even be able to connect you with adult day cares and other such offerings. I completely agree with getting legal paperwork in order as well ASAP. Perhaps even start inquiring about assisted living facilities; that would make me nervous to leave her home alone with memory issues, if indeed that's what it turns out to be. Our area has an excellent geriatric medical clinic, but that may be a rare service. They are fantastic at doing extremely
  9. In this case I would refund his money. Then relist it and be specific that it will not be disassembled and buyer is responsible for that at time of transport.
  10. I received a package from Target yesterday from UPS. I happened to be right by the door when he delivered, and I'm pretty certain I heard him snap a pic of the packages sitting there. I was surprised but wasn't creeped out. I actually thought it was a good idea as we have had packages disappear in our neighborhood recently.
  11. I love Soma for myself. They last a long time and the sales reps are very good at helping find the best fit/size. Dd is too large for Soma (cup size F or H at last check), so I'm off to go look at Bravissimo (suggestion I found on FB).
  12. Hempz is my favorite. All the ones I've tried smell so yummy! You can find them in salons.
  13. I'm so glad someone else remembered it too! Now I'm going to have to look up the theme song. :)
  14. The only one I remember specifically after school was After School Specials. Others that I loved: Muppet Babies Punky Brewster Today's Special (Nickelodeon) Sesame Street Bozo the clown Pee Wee's Playhouse Brady Bunch Reading Rainbow (at school) DeGrassi Jr High (at school) Just the Ten of Us Facts of Life (favorite)
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