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  1. Thankyou, I appreciate the help. Those are some great points for her to consider. Unfortunately, she has moved on in her writing assignments in order to finish up the school year so she doesn't have much time to rework the paper. However, she may revise it a little if she gets time. Thanks again!
  2. This is my 16 year old daughter's Tapestry of Grace literary analysis assignment from Year 2. I am having a hard time grading this, and I could use some feedback. She would really like a specific grade on this and I'm really lost on how to give grades on these literary analysis papers. Thankyou Love’s Invitation “Love†by George Herbert describes a Christian’s spiritual journey in a way that the common man is able to identify with. Using a combination of dialogue, symbolic characters, and first- person narrative, Herbert achieves a poem that describes a pilgrim Christianâ
  3. We started with IEW this year and my 10th grade DD HATES it. We started with the SWI-B(I thought it would be good for everybody to do at once) but then discovered it was to easy for her. So I ordered SWI-C. She still complains that it is to easy, she hates Mr. Pudewa, the key-word outlines are pointless, and she just wants to get on with the writing. DD is a natural writer. In 8th grade, an outside tutor she had told her she was writing at a college level. Is IEW something you would use for a natural writer? Should I make her do it despite of her bad attitude? Is IEW considered advanced or ave
  4. What is best to use for Calculus and Stats? I've looked into Chalkdust, but they are to expensive. I've also looked into LOF, but I don't know if I would want it as a spine text... maybe a supplement. I've also looked at Saxon. I'll probably have her finish the year with Apologia Chem since I already bought it and money is tight. I did look into getting CAmpbell's Bio or Scanlon's A&P from half.com and they were pretty affordable. Would these work as electives on the side of Apologia Chem? Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. Thanks! We did think about doing Campbell's Biology. Would it work as an elective since she already did Apologia Biology? Does Campbell's cover phisiology? She did Latin in 6th and 7th grade and HATED it so I let her off the hook but that probably would help her in the science area... She just started Spanish so she is not fluent, we've done very little foriegn language so she's a little behind in that area. We haven't researched schools yet, she just came up with this idea a few months ago so it's not set in stone. What's recommended for Calculus and Statistics? I thought ab
  6. This is dd's highschool plan for the next 3 years. She thinks she wants to be a neonatel nurse. How does it look? 10th Grade TOG Y2 -Theological Studies (1/2 credit) -World History II (1 credit) -Honors Classic Literature(1 credit) -Composition II (1/2 credit) -Government/Philosophy (1/2 credit) TT Pre-Calculus (1 credit) Apologia Chemistry (1 credit) Spanish (1/2 credit) Easy Grammar, Classical Roots Vocabulary 11th grade TOG Y3(includes His
  7. This is my plan for my dd in 10th Grade this coming schoolyear. How does it look? Bible, History, Literature, Geography, Writing and Philosophy: TOG Year 2 Math: TT Pre-Calculus English: Rod and Staff 10 Government: Teenpact and TOG Logic: Critical Thinking Book 1 Science: Apologia Chemistry She also wants to do One Year Adventure Novel, but I haven't decided about that yet I am also thinking about doing Institute for Excellence in Writing instead of TOG writing. Any thoughts??
  8. I have a 3rd grader, 7th grader, and 9th grader along with two little ones. It seems like we are running around in chaos and can't get everything done in the day. 3rd Grade DS TOG Bible,History, Art and Literature(Upper Grammar) Teaching Textbooks Math4 Well Trained Mind First Language lessons and Writing w/Ease Apologia Science(Botany) A Reason for Handwriting Spelling Workout 7th grade DD TOG Bible, History, Art,Literature,and Writing(Dialectic) Rod and Staff English 7 Teaching Textbooks Math 7 Spelling Workout Apologia General Science 9th grade DD TOG History,Liter
  9. I am using GLA this year with my older girls in 8th and 6th grade. They have had some latin from Latin for children book A. My younger dd really needs to just go over it all again. It just didn't stick for her all the declensions and conjugating. All she did was memorize the vocab. My older dd got more out of it and remembers the vocab but she can't translate anything so I am really excited to see how GLA works for them. I think my oldest dd is going to run through it fast since she is starting to get a grasp on it and hopefully it will finally be the thing my younger dd says OH I get it now.
  10. This is a great idea. Thanks for mentioning this. I didn't realize they had a website. I suppose most things do, I'm a little slow to process things this time of year. LOL! Trying to make make a tight budget stretch enough to get a full year of curriculum and then make a workable schedule out of it stresses me out. :eek: Ha ha! Thanks Kristin
  11. I wanted to thank everyone for sharing their experience with QMM. I greatly appreciate it since this is a very expensive program and I would have been very sad to think I spent that much money on something so simple. UGH! I think spending the money on singsong latin for ds is a better trade. Wow. I can't believe no one has had a good experience with this after buying it. The folks at Timberdoodle think it's wonderful. Sheesh. Talk about missing the mark. Thanks again Everyone!! You all have saved me lots of money. I am so thankful I came to these boards and asked for input before putting
  12. Thank you for the tip on this program. After reading all the bad reviews on this program, I am really glad I came here first before spending 90 dollars! Phew. I will go check this program out. Thanks again. Julie
  13. I do have the first two calculadder books but my kids balk at more timed drills on paper since saxon has them do a sheet per lesson so I got alot of complaining about more "seatwork" I guess you could call it. This is sort of why I thought QMM would be a good fit for my dc since it does cover all the levels I need and it isn't like another timed worksheet drill.
  14. Oh my goodness isn't that always the case. LOL! Ha Ha! It is definately frustrating to think we have finally found something that is going to help with our school issues and it is a flop after putting money in it. UGH! I have heard so many rave reviews in various catalogs, including timberdoodle, that I figured I would bite the bullet and buy it. With a 2 yr old and a new baby, I just don't have time to sit with my older dc and go over math fact flash cards so I figured this would be a good independent method for them to review on their own. Hmmmmm. I wonder if there is an alternative opti
  15. Hi, I need some advice on choosing which quarter mile math program to buy. My intention in buying this program is to help cement math facts in my 12 yr old dd's brain. We can drill and drill with her and if she takes any time off practicing, she forgets. Especially multiplication. She will be in 6th grade this year and I just can't imagine her going much farther in math without having her facts comitted to memory. She was using tally marks last year in her math homework for her problems that involved multiplication. UGH! I will also be using this for my 7 yr old ds who can review his addit
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