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  1. I'm more of a lurker, I read often but don't post often... But... I have struggled with acne for years! At first I was all about using all of the products marketed for oily skin and acne. It was expensive, and frustrating. Mostly frustrating because none of them made a difference and I was left with a full collection of skin care products that are basically all of the same ingredients in different packaging anyways... Then, I realized... most of us with acne just make our poor upset skin even more upset, instead of nurturing it. Water and maybe a little bit of very mild soap is more than enough to clean your face. Really, what do we think is on our face that needs to be cleaned so harshly anyways? If she likes to use a toner, just try a little bit of witch hazel, if needed. It's probably best even to only use on particularly bad or red pimples. Then, moisturize! Avoid mineral oil moisturizers, instead try using EVO or pure virgin coconut oil. I like to do this on damp skin of at least with damp hands. If you like the EVO but don't care for the smell try adding an essential oil that you like. A lot of essential oils are also really good for acne. It is a common misunderstanding that acne comes from oily skin. I think the opposite is true, oily skin is caused by acne. Usually, acne sufferers over dry their skin. In return, your poor skin is trying to keep up and over produces oil. I used to think I had oily skin. The funny thing though was that I couldn't stand to go without lotion on every other part of my skin. I actually have dry skin, even my face. Ever since I've been properly moisturizing my skin my face has not been oily at all. My skin in general has been much more clear, with occasional mild breakouts with my cycle. So, if you're not ready to try even heavier treatments and like the idea of a more natural gentle approach - please consider taking it easy and moisturizing. I wish you good luck with your daughter... I know how much acne can affect the way she feels about herself.
  2. I don't mean to sound snarky, but the OP asked for suggestions of good movies and you've only pointed out ones that you dislike. Now you've got me curious if there are any that are actually "good". :lurk5:
  3. Check out some books by Dr. Laura Berman. She's an awesome Dr. with great practical advice. Try to catch her show on TLC. I watch her show and there have been a few couples on that have these same problems. One thing I would suggest is to have your husband learn how to make his tea last longer. This will help both of you in the long run. I agree, you don't sound like the selfish one. You could stand to be a little more selfish! You need to tell him how you like your tea, and ask him to make it for you just the way you like. He'd probably love for you to ask for it, and then he'd enjoy knowing that he's making you tea just how you like it! You letting him know how you like your tea will only improve tea time for both of you. And he'd be tickled if you enjoyed tea time, because chances are - you'd be having tea time more frequently! It's a win win situation. If you're not sure exactly how you like your tea yet - then you need to experiment! There is nothing wrong with that! There is no one - right or wrong way to have your tea. Everybody has to figure out exactly how they like their own tea! Good luck, and have fun with it!
  4. So emotional so far! Sawyer is just breaking my heart! I've came to tears in both episodes so far!
  5. http://www.windowtoppers.com/s3910panels.html ? Maybe? Good luck! Sounds like it will be a very inviting space! Can't wait to see pics!
  6. I've never purchased this, but I have received it and I loved it! Fairytale Brownies! Ummmm!!!
  7. I wanted a pair, but they didn't have one big enough in the patter I wanted....
  8. Hmm, could you get a cheap one and spray paint it or something? Or even the colored hair spray you can find so easily around this time... I am not sure how well it would hold... but it's worth a shot if it's a cheap hat. If that didn't work could you just recover it in some green felt or something...? I can't wait to see pics of all of this!!!
  9. Make Monte Cristos! YUM!!! Maybe you can make like a funnel cake type thing?
  10. I thought it was a great show! The baby shower looked like a lot of fun. I thought Jim Bob and the littles was cute and funny! It's just Dad trying to keep his feet on the ground... He usually has lots of help, so sure it's going to be a little different when he's holding the fort down by himself... The lunch was nasty though! He could have at least done some PB&J or something... lol. The homebirth did seem to be a very last minute decision, but it seemed to have gone very well and I was proud for them. She handled it very well I think. It was sweet to see all of the camera crew and everything holding the baby too. Michelle just looked so tickled and excited to be a part of it. It's probably pretty neat to be on the other end of that situation for her. She looked like she was trying to just be really supportive. It was a nice feel good episode and I liked it. :)
  11. I got a pretty decent pump for around $100. And yes, I think it would be worth it in your situation. Since she's still pretty young and hopefully will be getting breastmilk for around another 6 months to a year or so... I would say it would be worth it. Not only will it help keep your supply healthy, but it will give her the milk during the time she is away from you if she needed it. On some days she might not need it, but on other it might be a godsend for the sitter. Think of during growth spurts or such when she'll be hungrier... To be honest, I have pumped quite a bit, and my guy was never one for a bottle... but he did take them sometimes, and I'm sure my DH was grateful for those! A lot of my milk went down the drain... but at least I kept my supply up, the bottles were there if they needed them, and I got some relief from feeling like I was going to burst out of my bra! :D
  12. My grandma did! Actually... anything she could fit in there would go in there... haha. I have great memories of spending the night with my grandma and when it was time for bed - she'd walk to the side of her bed and just sort of lift her bra out and out would fall... change, money, receipts, notes, etc... No joke, she's had toys in there before! You know when two littles are bickering over a toy and the best thing to do is just remove said toy from the situation? Into the bra! I now also keep things in my bra! Money, cell phone, grocery list, etc... If I don't have pockets or if it's because I'm still in my pj's! Hey, at least I have a bra on at all!!! :lol: Great thread, good memories! ETA: I've actually had change in my bra and went home - took my bra off - and the change was stuck to my books... after peeling the coins off I then had presidents faces on my books... LOL! I also onetime I put an entire set of keys in my bra and you'd think that would be uncomfortable... but no, I forgot all about them and was surprised to find them later... Woops!
  13. You took two of mine... But I haven't seen... Wait for it... Wait for it... Circumcision! DUN DUN DUN! Co-sleeping Breastfeeding in public (To cover, not to cover, how much exposure is ok, etc etc etc...) Abortion (eek...)
  14. Wanted to add a few things... I also usually try to remove the tape as soon as I'm done while the paint is still a little wet to get a cleaner line... IF it's dried already - I score the line between the paint and the tape with something to try to get the tape off with a cleaner line... I just use my putty knife or whatever I have that will work... That's worked pretty well if I didn't get the tape off in time.
  15. House!!! I loooove House... The season premiere made me both laugh and cry! I love his sense of humor... That's the only show I really watch besides stuff on TLC and HGTV. I love TLC... lol.
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