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  1. I was just curious who else was doing WTMA Exp. Writing 1 this fall. We had signed up for Kayla's class, but found out she won't be teaching this year:( I am sure it will be just fine though. I don't know why but I am a tad nervous for my daughter, but am excited as well!
  2. Thank you!! I wish I had the strength to take a year off of grammar.... ugh... believe me, I have been thinking about taking a year off for awhile now!!
  3. Did ya'll feel that the grammar in EIW was enough, or did you supplement??
  4. I am considering Essentials in Writing for my 4th and 7th grader next year and was wondering if the grammar portion is truly enough. They have done grammar since 2nd grade with a mix of Rod and Staff and CLE. Opinions?
  5. found the 1st grade planning thread... so ignore this one! UGH!
  6. Looks good to me... I used Rod and Staff Phonics and Reading for 2 of my children and I thought it was a solid program. It does teach sight words in addition to phonics It got my child reading quick and they are all strong readers.
  7. Feel free to share that with us :lol: I also wanted to chime in here... I was able to get all 6 books for a steal at Mardel last summer. The books get VERY deep as you progress. We did not use Fix-it! this year because I had already bought CLE Language Arts and went ahead and used it. I was a bit scared that Fix-it! Wouldn't work. However, while the children were pretty much getting all the exercises correct in CLE, it was not transferring to their writing. My 3rd grader was STILL writing fragments, not capitalizing things ect... My 5th grader did better, but I think it was more due to using IEW US History each and every week. She was still making mistakes that was covered in CLE. I am going to ditch CLE for next year and give Fix it! a try. What do I have to lose???? They are not retaining the other grammar programs anyway!!
  8. I am kind of wanting to go the textbook route from here on out for history. My daughter will be in 7th grade this fall and we plan to start with Notgrass Adam to Us. We will also be using their literature with a few books used with Progeny Press guides. I was going back and forth between textbook route and the 4 year sequence. Going with Notgrass is just plain easier for me, but I feel like I may be selling myself short. My plan is to use Notgrass Adam to Us for 7th, America the Beautiful for 8th then the notgrass high school texts. I know she won't get as much detail, but I am wondering if the nit picky detail will go in one ear and out the other if she is not truly into that particular topic. I feel like an overview of history is fine. Am I wrong on this?
  9. Hmmm... I suppose you could. It is honestly made to specifically go with HOD. The manual tells you exactly what to put in each box.
  10. I think there is so much emphasis on the 4 year cycle of history in the homeschool world, that I feel like I HAVE to do it too! UGH!! That is where my pressure is coming from. But, my daughter is just plain tired of everything being so centered on history! She just wants it to be another subject. All of our read alouds and all of her readers have been history based. Then most of her papers/summaries have been about history. I think she just wants a change. She LOVES when I read aloud, but has requested some "fun" books.... or really just any books that are not focused on history! LOL!! Thank you for the advice!:)
  11. I am going crazy trying to decide on a history program!!! I used Sonlight Core D last year, and while it was good, I feel like my kids need to be separated for history now, and I feel like they need some accountability by way of actual question needing to be answered on paper, and paper maps. My 7th grader has actually requested this;) I had considered Biblioplan Y2 since they have the new Remember the Days for K-6. My 4th grader could use that book, while my 7th grader could use the companion. Then they both have map work and questions to answer. Mystery of History looks good and seems easy to implement. BUT, then I saw Notgrass Adam to Us and I really like the looks of it and my 7th grader likes it A LOT. We borrowed it from a friend to look at and she likes it. Soo... here is the deal. Notgrass looks so easy to implement, but would I be selling my daughter short? I mean, it is a one year world history, so it obviously isn't going to go too in-depth. But then I wonder, hmmm, does it truly matter for 7th grade? Is it ok for her to just get a general flow of history, or should we really be studying in in depth? Part of me feels like I should go with Biblioplan and do the 4 year sequence, which she would not finish until 10th grade. Then the other part of me thinks I should go with Notgrass and do Adam to Us for 7th, America the Beautiful for 8th and then continue on with Notgrass for High School. But then I come back to "am I selling my daughter short"..... She enjoys history, but it isn't her favorite thing to do by any means. Help me make a decision PLEASE!! LOL!!!
  12. Here are my plans... which are subject to change!! LOL Bible - Rod and Staff 7 Math - Saxon Alg 1/2 Language Arts English - Rod and Staff 7 Spelling - Rod and Staff 7 Writing - WTMA Writing with Skill 1 Reading/Literature - CLE Reading 7 and literature scheduled in Notgrass From Adam to Us History - Notgrass From Adam to Us Science - Apologia General Science Logic - Art of Argument I am still wavering on the History. I may go with Biblioplan Y2 but cannot decide! Ugh... My daughter wants to do the Notgrass. It is quick and easy to implement and she loves the pictures;)
  13. At this point, my goal is to enrich vocabulary and grammar. However, if they want to continue to learn it more in depth, then we will go that direction. I will learn along side them:) I am thinking I will need a dvd program of some sort!
  14. I am wanting to begin latin for my 10ds and 12dd this fall. This will be our first year for latin. What have you had success with. Oh, and I need lots of hand holding for sure!!!
  15. We jumped in at CLE LA 3. We did a little Rod and Staff 2, but honestly not much. It was fine. If there was a concept that he did not know and they assumed he did, we just took more the time to go over it.
  16. I know there are some creative moms out there and I need your co-op ideas!! Our classes are broken down by these age groups - k-2, 3-4, 5-7 and 8-12... Give me your fresh idea's!!!
  17. I have an upcoming senior who will begin the CRAZY audition process for Musical Theatre. I NEVER knew how competitive this program was. I am shocked and scared for my daughter who has a passion for musical theatre. I would love to hear your experience and would love to know if you hired a coaching service.
  18. I really like the looks of Illuminations, but have yet to truly find many people using this program. Would LOVE to hear some reviews. We are using Sonlight Core D right now, but I really like MOH and am wondering how Illumination compares to Sonlight. Help!
  19. Thank you! That is exactly the answer I was looking for. I don't need help in the grammar or lit department, but need it for writing. I think I may go with WWS. I have read through most of the WWS book and plan to continue it. It makes so much sense to me and I sure wish I had been instructed the way it is taught.
  20. I have looked at both of these and they seem very different in the material covered. Potters School includes literature, composition and grammar, but they mainly focus on the 5 paragraph essay. WTM Academy uses WWS and covers grammar but seems to cover quite a bit more than just the 5 paragraph essay. I am so confused as to which class to go with!! ANYONE have experience with both????? HELP! :) My daughter is 11 and will be a young 7th grader next fall. She will turn 12 in July if that helps any. We have been using IEW thus far and CLE Language Arts. Thanks:)
  21. wow..... what a wonderful thread!!! Would LOVE to hear an update from the original poster:)
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