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  1. Melissa , we just started Homeschooling my son a few weeks back He did 9 weeks in the PS high school and when we noticed his grades, most were F's we realized that he was in trouble scholastic wise. The school also was very big and we were concerned he was starting to hang with wrong groups, being that we were getting calls saying he was not in class.
  2. When we had him enrolled in the PS they tested him on enrollment they too had him take a reading/math test. They said he was behind and needed help on his Math, so they threw him into Algebra 1 (he was failing that class) and then a Math Lab class as well to help him. You are right, hs basic understanding of math is below what he should be in and that is what my husband and I are working on to help bring him back up. I figured by the time we get him through the Pre-Algebra we should be able to move him back to the other Math. When he does do the Math problem sets he is doing much better wi
  3. He is in Algebra 1/2 due to his Algebra being a big struggle. We did original buy him the Saxon Algebra 1 his knowlege of his basic math skills when it came to fractions, decimals and most of what is in the Pre Algrba was frustrtin him and he was not getting it at all. My husband, thank goodness, is real good in math so he works the math with my son. When we noticed the struggle with his Algebra we immediately gave him a test to see where his problems were. We are also having him go onto Khans academy for Math Lab as well to help his progress. When my son does do his work he does fine.
  4. That is what they are teaching the kids in school these days and that is exactly why my son is unable to do his work without thinking he needs to use a calculator..really sad and teaches them absolutely nothing!
  5. My son is talking about going into the military. He says he doesn't like school and it is too hard for him. As far as his school work I am just trying at this time to get him to get through the basic cores so he can at least learn to start to see what he likes. So far he cant stand reading, writing, and math is not fun for him either. Not much interests him when it comes to studies.
  6. You are right I am pretty frustrated with this. and Thank You for easing my mind on some of this. What about the tests? I know when he does do the work, he is doing alright no major mistakes and he seems to be understanding what he is doing. I just don't want to see him have issue later on when it comes time for any of the SAT's or any other test he may come across in his future.
  7. My son is 15 doing Saxon Algebra 1/2 I am seeing that he is starting to use a calculator in his work. Am I supposed to give him points for his work when he is using it? When is a typical time to allow calculators? My husband feels I am being too 'tuff' on my son because I feel a calculator is not needed for simple long division and other easy math problems. When I give him a test he gets frustrated and wants to pull out the calculator because it is too much work, of course I stay firm with my belief that he needs to do it without one until I know he can do it in long form. What can I do, any
  8. :001_smile:Thank You for all the advice. I have been brainstorming and reading lots of things and was starting to feel a little overwhelmed. I guess I will just try to breath a little more and not stress so much on some things. Not easy when I would love to see my son succeed. He wants to go into the military when he is ready. If all goes well in the future my husband and I are thinking about taking our daughter (8yrs old, 3rd grade) out of school when she hits middle school, or sooner, until then we are working with her at home in the evenings on her math and reading as well. She loves to
  9. I am real new to this and need some advice. My son is 9th grade for his curriculum I am using LIFEPAC Language Arts, History/Geography, Health. Saxon Algebra 1/2 (he is not getting the Algebra 1 at all had to move back a little) and Apologia for Biology. I know from my reading that there is a book list he must do? Can anyone tell me more about that . Also, I have a couple books I was going to have him do a lesson plan on, Romeo and Juliet, and a book calld Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson, MD ( it is a parable short story) I am unsure how many books they must do. He is not a fan
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