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    Mother of 8. Homeschool veteran of 30 years.
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    Native Floridian now living in Ohio
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    Finally have time to look at hobbies, post on forums, and start a blog.
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    Retired School Principal
  1. We're going to the water park since most of the kids in the area have returned to school. We'll bring our viewing items in with us.
  2. Yes. We have two but use to have three. Before moving to Ohio we lived in Florida. Hurricanes and other storms would knock out our power for up to two weeks. It got old - and hot. Now, if we lose power it's up and running within minutes.
  3. My husband just purchased a car bumper and other large car sections.
  4. I wouldn't think anything negative about it. Friends frequently change their profile pics from family shots to just themselves and vice versa.
  5. True. However, in my former profession, there is little tolerance for certain dialectical variations. When relaxed, it flows easily, naturally from me. My use of the word ridiculous was mainly aimed toward myself and how hard I have to work to not speak naturally in certain situations. I don't think people who speak in a similar fashion are ridiculous - even though I may have placed my sentences in the wrong sequence (typed my response fast and casually). Interestingly enough, I also add "Rs" to words in which they do not exist (warsh instead of wash, for example). As mentioned above, I'm in the "door needs fixed" club, as well.
  6. If I'm speaking without thinking (casually talking to another), I will say "might could". I also say things such as, "He is trying to get sick." Of course he really isn't "trying" to get sick it just means that he is on the verge of getting sick. It's ridiculous, but it is the way many speak in the area in which I lived for nearly 50 years. It takes a lot of effort to make my speech more formal (removing the frequent "y'alls and might coulds").
  7. Onion rings dipped into a hot fudge sundae. It's been years because I can't eat like that any more, but if I could, I would. :drool:
  8. Based on my personal experience and that of others that I've known, yes.
  9. I have a couple questions that I am asking for a friend concerning the Sonlight 100 American History curriculum. She has the 2014 History guide and the 2013 Literature guide (purchased used). It seems that SL uses the 3rd revised edition of History of US (Hakim). She has a set of the 2nd edition in excellent condition. Will it be doable using the 2nd edition instead of the revised 3rd? Through my searching I found that SL may have emailed users a guide on how to use 2nd instead of 3rd. Unfortunately with her buying it used, I don't believe SL will assist her. Does anyone still have a copy of this letter that may be emailed to me? I appreciate any help/advice. Thank you!
  10. I'll be happy to assist you. Looking at the samples it seems well-suited for my son.
  11. Thank you, everyone, for sharing your advice and thoughts. It is so extremely helpful. I'm going to show my dh this thread. We'll definitely measure our current oven's interior prior to choosing a new one (to be certain it is big enough - at least one of the ovens). We have a large family living at home, still, so size really does matter. I knew that I could count on you all. : )
  12. In the near future we'll be replacing our stove/oven. I've been looking at the double ovens. Those are the ones with the smaller oven on top and the larger on bottom (replacing the pull-out drawer). If you have one, will you share your positive/negative thoughts with me? If you have/had one and didn't like it, what type of stove/oven do you prefer and why? Thank you. I really appreciate your thoughts and opinions.
  13. I'm not sure about all the gyms in the area as I haven't searched, but one charges $75 a month for one hour weekly class (so roughly four hours a month). This is for children 9 and under.
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