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  1. I meant this to be in the k8 regular board! How do I move it?
  2. My daughter is a good reader; however, a horrendous speller. We are currently using Saxon phonics, but honestly just hate it. I'm taking her back to basics with phonics just trying to help along her spelling. Is there anything you would recommend that is somewhat self contained, not a lot of parts, and I could do separate from reading? Thanks!
  3. I am looking at the mammoth math sample pages and this looks like my son could learn in this way. One thing I don't see, and this may be because they are just sample pages, is the extra reinforcement. My son will quickly understand a concept and fly through the problems, but 2 weeks down the road he will need some extra reinforcement problems to help his understanding. Are there extra problems to incorporate this way? Or is there a different program that might be better for this? TIA
  4. Yeah, I'm on of those crazy ones that has to touch and really see in order to make decisions! :laugh: Come on out Cincinnati Singapore users! :D
  5. Or is anything in the CIncinnati area that would be willing to meet with me and show it to me? :D
  6. I just started using it for my kids. My son has done 2 days. At the end of each session, it tells him that he is done and to come back tomorrow because practice is how you get better. I'm confused though, because if I go in and try to check his progress as the parent, it still says he has not completed the placement quiz for addition. How long does that take?? Or is something goofy going on? He has done page after page after page of this stuff. When will it get him finished with the placement quiz?? ANy insight?
  7. I am using the drills, but her speed is so slow that she doesn't get through the page in the time. I struggle with, do I keep the time crisp and move on, or do make sure she does them all and gets more review? We are using the flashcards, but probably should be using them a little more. :blushing:
  8. I am using the drills, but her speed is so slow that she doesn't get through the page in the time. I struggle with, do I keep the time crisp and move on, or do make sure she does them all and gets more review? We are using the flashcards, but probably should be using them a little more. :blushing:
  9. Sherry, we were posting at the same time. :) So did you do anything else to help cement it beyond the skip counting and get it to just knowing them in seconds without the skip counting?
  10. She does CLE and can skip count the 1s through 12s. I find that she uses the skip counting to figure them out. For instance, 2x6: she might either count by 6's to the second one and say 12, or count by 2's to the 6th number and say 12. For that reason, I think she understands the concept. Would you all agree? Times tales, looking that up now. :)
  11. From looking online I just can't tell, what are the benefits of Miquon, MM, and Singapore. What are their strengths, in the opinion of those who have used them?
  12. He has done CLE and Saxon. I've looked at this McRuffy math. Looks interesting, but $$$. But if if would be exactly what he needs, I would be willing to do it, kwim? My DD is not mathy at all (much like me) and CLE is perfect for her. I'm also not sure from just looking at things online if any of them are really that different than Saxon.
  13. This is like potty training and teaching reading, to me. I dread starting and just want to be to the other side. DH discovered that DD, entering 3rd doesn't know, and now the pressure is on. How did you teach them?
  14. I have yet to do Essentials (next year!!), so I won't speak to that at all. However, for Foundations you need the guide. You also probably want to get the history cards. You children will each need a tin whistle. I like to get the audio cd and CC Connected, but that is just a personal preference. I have friends who get just one or the other. There are other things that I like to get, but to my knowlege, the only things you HAVE to get are the guide and the tin whistles. I strongly recommend choosing one of the two, CD or CC connected. :) I'm tired and I'm hoping I made sense. :)
  15. I want to do MOTL. I think he would thrive beyond anything else with that. However, I am a box checked off to make sure I'm getting everything done and staying on track type of person. His love of math is being KILLED by drill and kill. I will be killed with MOTL though. Please, what should I look into besides that?
  16. Thoughts on this curriculum? I found a lot of talk about it in 2008 on here, but wondering if anyone has stuck with it and what their thoughts on it are. I bought it a few years ago at the Midwest Homeschool Convention and loved the idea of it. I stuck with it for my daughter for probably 6 months before I wandered because I was starting to fear it wasn't enough. She was 6. Yeah, just shake your head at two years ago me. I do all the time. ;) Anyway, my son has been HATING math. We did CLE for a while and he hated it. Switched to Saxon and he hates it even more. My child who naturally thinks in logical numbers in every part of his life, hates math lessons. That breaks my heart. I've thought about breaking out the MOTL and trying that with both of them for this year, but I'm so overwhelmed by the starting and implementation. I really cannot afford to spend money on yet another math curriculum, but I just want him to love learning the thing that he seems most naturally inclined to do!
  17. I bought this several years ago, and I LOVE the idea of it. But there are many things that I have loved the idea of, and if it requires me to heavily have to create the "curriculum", I just don't end up doing it! I pulled this back out again though, and want to give it a try, but didn't know if anyone has experience or advice.
  18. What have you done, or are you going to be doing, for your 3rd grader for reading? Do you have a reading list? Do you use a program of some kind? I just would love to hear some feedback on what others do. Thanks!
  19. Ok, I think I will go back to trying AAS this summer. I hung that up a year and a half ago because I wasn't seeing any translation to her writing. It could have been that she was too young then and not ready for it. So, rather than just saying it doesn't work, I will try it again this summer.
  20. She's 8. I just don't know how to redo my signature. Not that that is a huge jump, but yeah. :) Spalding...so the Writing Road to Reading?
  21. Ha. I can scroll down and see on this page that I'm not alone. How do you get through knowing you have an entire year to go to see if you have any improvement???
  22. My dd test results are in spelling is TERRIBLE. She's at 5%. I don't know what to do. I've tried just doing lists and drilling them to death. I've tried All About Spelling. She is not a natural speller. I'm looking at the Saxon Phonics Intervention program and it promises to bring up their spelling and reading by quite a lot. For whatever reason, although she can't spell work a crap, obviously; she is an extremely good reader! I don't want to do a program that spends a lot of time on the reading aspect, but it's obvious we have gone from BAD at spelling last year, to HORRID at spelling this year. I feel like such a failure!! Please, any suggestions for how I can fix this would be so appreciated! I'm a natural speller, so I really am at a loss on this one! But I feel like, if I'm going to fail this badly, I should just send her to school before she falls too low. Horrible way to start the day. :( Thanks.
  23. I'm at a loss for what to read to them that would hold both their interests, but be a decent book! Also, I'm struggling to pick good books for my 2nd grader to read. Any suggestions for where to find a level list I could go off of?
  24. Thank you!!!!! I really, really appreciate the responses! You guys have made me feel so much more encouraged to start again tomorrow with it all over again, with some new ideas as well. :grouphug:
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